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Curated by androgynous women for androgynous women, veer nyc will be your one-stop shop for style, design, and culture.
veer nyc
Brooklyn, New York
United States
1 Team Member

About veer nyc

veer nyc started as a personal need. We had no place to go where clothing was curated with attention to androgynous style for women, and with the understanding that can only come from fitting the description yourself. 

Over the past year, veer nyc, has evolved from a need, to a concept, and now onto a business. Both Jenny and Allie have a history in different aspects of the fashion industry. Allie is a photographer and works for a high fashion, multi-brand photo studio. Jenny manages the marketing/advertising division of a large, commercial photo and video production company specializing in fashion and entertainment. Simply put, we look at fashion season after season. Personally, our interests and needs for andro-accessible clothing will help give depth and understanding to the collections we intend to curate.  

What We Need & What You Get

veer nyc is about to curate our very first collection! To do this we need to purchase a full inventory of apparel and accessories for AW 13 to sell exclusively online [at first]. We've spent the last few months meeting with designers and brands from all over our country and the world. We've individually selected pieces from men's, women's, and unisex collections that will fit your style, and your body. 

Every penny you donate will go towards curating an impeccable first collection that will be on sale later this year. In order to make sure we have everything ready, our selections must be placed and paid for within the next few weeks. So, we are on a serious deadline.

So far, veer nyc has been 100% self-funded. Jenny and Allie believe so much in this business and this need that we are ready and willing to continue to self-fund as much as we possibly can. We are only asking for what we need right now, and every little bit can be used. 

The more we get, the more you get.

We have spent a lot of time trying to determine what we could give back to you for your support! What we've come up with is a series of coveted personal artwork (some which has been published ONLY for our supporters), gift cards (think of it as pre-buying your new wardrobe!), PIZZA PARTIES, styling sessions, and more. The truth is that we could never give back enough though.

Beyond veer nyc

veer nyc will help you curate your own wardrobe, but it also is an important step for our culture. Gender presentation is not so black and white. It's easier for many to think the solution is offering "menswear" for women, but in reality, we need to get back to just offering clothing; clothing free of men's or women's intentions. 

Fashion is one of the most common forms of self-expression. It is an art in itself and every one of us is a walking masterpiece. 

"…it occurred to me looking around at all of your things and your work and going through years of work in my mind, that of all your work, you are still your most beautiful. The most beautiful work of all." - Patti Smith

For every one of us that begins to break the mold, we will become that much closer to opening the world's eyes to a new understanding of gender and physical expression. Join us in making a difference both personally and culturally.

Other Ways You Can Help

Help does not just come in the form of money! Spread the word, tell your friends, connect.

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raised by 347 people in 1 month
127% funded
No time left
$10,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on March 7, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    *~shout out~*

    Let us thank you publicly on FB/Twitter/Tumblr!

    10 claimed
  • $15USD
    4 print pack

    Over the past 6 years, Allie, has been taking photos with that same, cheap disposable camera we all grew to love and forget. She's been able to capture life in its most raw and honest state. This pack will include 4 4x6 prints from that series.

    32 claimed
  • $25USD
    gift certificate

    $25 towards veer's future collection + personal thank you postcard. Remember, veer nyc is starting online. You'll be able to shop from anywhere in the world!

    75 claimed
  • $30USD
    limited edition t-shirt

    mega-soft, unisex tees. We will contact you for sizing. xs/s/m/l/xl

    154 claimed
  • $35USD

    Jenny and Allie have each made a NYC collection as well as one for LA...that makes 4 zines in total that you can have! Choose between an NYC pack (2 zines) and an LA pack (2 zines). You will also get a personal thank you postcard from us!

    1 claimed
  • $50USD
    gift certificate

    $50 towards veer's future collection + personal thank you postcard. Remember, veer nyc is starting online. You'll be able to shop from anywhere in the world!

    34 claimed
  • $125USD
    tee vee-zine

    1. Super-soft, unisex tee 2. Zine pack of your choice (Jenny and Allie have each made a NYC collection as well as one for LA) 3. $50 Gift Card 4. Personal 'thank you' video.

    8 out of 25 claimed
  • $150USD
    gift certificate

    $150 towards veer's future collection + personal thank you postcard. Remember, veer nyc is starting online. You'll be able to shop from anywhere in the world! We will also make you a personal 'thank you' video.

    7 claimed
  • $250USD
    pizza party pic perk

    veer nyc will give you a pizza party! You let us know where you want your pie from and we'll send you and your friends a large pizza with 1 topping and a couple sodas. It'll be a rager. You will also get a large print from Allie's photo project, $40 to our coming collection, our super-soft, unisex tee and a personal 'thank you' video.

    0 claimed
  • $750USD
    personal styling session

    If you are local to NYC we can do this over coffee, if you are not, let's hop on Skype! Jenny and Allie will talk to you about your style needs and woes. You will leave this session with an outfit on its way to you, curated by all three of us (valued at $150)! We can keep this between us, or we can make a story/shoot of it for veer's blog! (You will also get our super-soft, unisex tee and personal 'thank you' video.)

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $1,000USD
    make us cry

    You just skyrocketed us towards meeting our goal and making our dream come true. How could we possibly thank you? If you are in NYC, let's grab dinner. We will send you everything above (a t-shirt, photo packs, styling, etc...basically the best care package we can think of).

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
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