VALLEY INN, Independent Feature Film set in Northwest Arkansas

Smart, funny, thought-provoking romantic comedy about a big city Yankee who loses herself and the small southern town that finds her.

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Kindred Films posted an announcement 6 months ago


Remember when you pledged your support to Valley Inn way back in April/May? Part of the perk for all contributions of $200 and higher included "You'll be INVITED TO THE SET to appear in a group shot for the end credit sequence!" Well, believe it or not we are finally ready to shoot that shot (before every last leaf falls off the trees and we can still fake it being summer). 

Some of our main and recurring characters will be gathering in Hindsville to "wave goodbye" to our heroine, Emily, as she drives out of town at the end of the movie and we want to invite you to gather with us, as well, to send Emily off on her journey. And we may be able to open the invitation to our supporters at all levels (depending on number of responses).

If you can meet us at 2:00pm Saturday, November 2nd (rain date is November 3rd) at the real Valley Inn Cafe on Hwy 412 in Hindsville, AR we will buy you pie and coffee and you can be in the movie! Please write to me directly at kimswink@aol.com by October 30th so I can properly coordinate the afternoon and send you more details. 

If your contribution was less than $200 please feel free to rsvp and I will let you know asap if we can accommodate even more of our fab supporters.

Hope to see you all in Hindsville!!

Kim Swink, Valley Inn writer/producer/director 

Kindred Films posted an announcement 6 months ago

Exciting News!

Hello again to our wonderful supporters, we hope you're enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. Remember that update last month from Jody, our production supervisor, promising some exciting music news about Valley Inn? Well...I am so happy to announce to you, our supporters, first that I've had the wonderful pleasure of working with Oscar winning actress, songwriter and Arkansas native, Mary Steenburgen, on music ideas for Valley Inn. That's right! Not only is Mary an amazingly talented actress, she's also been an accomplished song-writer for the past 7 years; co-writing monthly in Nashville with the music industry's top award-winning songwriters. 

After brainstorming Valley Inn scenes that most beg for the right original song to help tell the story and sharing, as inspiration, existing songs I felt best fit those scenes; Mary teamed up with another amazing Arkansas music talent, Kris Allen (winner of American Idol in 2009) to co-write "Love in a Small Town." 

I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect song for our "swimming hole" scene, when our two young leads spend a day at the river getting to know each other. Kris sings and plays "Small Town" beautifully and we feel like, not only do we have an amazing original song for Valley Inn, but they have a future pop hit on their hands. I've attached an audio excerpt of this little musical gem that has only been heard by about six people until now so you can hear a sneak-peek (sneak-listen, rather) before it's made public. I hope you enjoy the song YOU made happen! Let us know what you think.

Love in a Small Town  

If the file doesn't open for some reason (such as the fact that I'm not good with computers) please let us know and I will email it to everyone. And you can expect more sneak-previews to come. We already have 2 additional gorgeous original songs by Arkansas musicians and are talking with more Arkansas talent about remaining music.

I can't thank you enough for believing in us! 

Kim Swink

Kindred Films posted an announcement 7 months ago

Survey time! 

Be looking for a survey from us from Survey Monkey! That's how we're going to get your names for our special thanks and that's how you get to pick the t-shirt or hat (for those who pledged at the Insider level and above). So PLEASE remember to fill out this survey right away! The survey will have one week before it closes, so don't delay! If you don't do the survey, you might not be able to receive your gifts and none of us want that to happen! 

Kindred Films posted an announcement 7 months ago

Hey there devoted Valley Inn Supporters!

I know what you thinking, and no, we have not forgotten you! We have been working our tails off trying to create the movie y’all will be proud of. I have seen some clips and boy, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

We have finished principal photography, but that doesn’t mean we are finished shooting! We can still be seen around town shooting pick up shots! As we speak, our editor Brent is working tirelessly with Kim, our diligent director to put all the shots together. And Blake, our wonderful DP is out shooting with the lovely Jordan Scott (our Emily!).

We will be in touch soon with some exciting news about the film. Hint: It has to do with music and some local talents you’ll know from the national scene! We also will begin emailing you all about your perks! We will need to know what names will be used in our credits and some of you have some choices to make! So start contemplating!

Until then, enjoy some pictures from this past weekend! Saturday and Sunday we were back in Hindsville with some of dear friends we’ve made along the way. And of course that included lunch at the Valley Inn Café! Stop by there, have some pie and tell them we said hi! Sunday afternoon we went out to Parker Ford on the War Eagle River. The scenery there was amazing! And although there was a snake sighting, it was a fun time for both the crew and cast! Note: for the locals who might take a swim here - it was not Lee (Colley Bailey) who got the swing wrapped in the tree… definitely not!

Check out our facebook page for some pictures from production! Or find us at  #valleyinnfilm on instagram!

Stay tuned as we'll be in touch soon with some exciting news about the film and you, as our backers, will hear the news first! 

Until next time!


Production Supervisor

The above pictures show us around Hindsville this past weekend! 

Look at how beautiful Parker Ford is! And yes, that is our fearless leader, Director Kim Swink, testing out the swing! 
Kindred Films posted an announcement 11 months ago


Dear Team Valley Inn,

Our Indiegogo fundraiser ended at midnight last night and was a huge success thanks to you! We raised $26,500 which is going to have a significant impact on what we’re able to do with this film. We quite simply could not give Valley Inn the production value it deserves if you had not joined us on this adventure.

We’ll start working on your Perks right away and get them out to you as they become available (i.e., perks like t-shirts and phone calls from the set will be fulfilled much sooner than perks like DVDs of the finished film, screening tickets or original soundtrack music) and we may be getting in touch with you for more information (like your t-shirt size).

We can’t wait to begin shooting July 3rd and will start our Supporters Production Blog soon (and send you the access code) so you can follow your film’s progress every step.

Here’s to an awesome team! Now let’s go make this movie!!!

Your Valley Inn Teammates

We did it...together!!! 20130524134242-wedidit