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Enjoy fresh food every day! For the cooking enthusiasts who love simplicity and design.
Bauke Bokma de Boer
5 Team Members

VacuVita keeps food fresh and saves you money

VacuVita is a fully-automated and sustainable kitchen system that keeps food fresh for up to 5 times longer!


VacuVita, the only vacuum system with "Easy Acces Storage"


VacuVita, available in 5 different design colors

Easy to Handle

The lid of the VacuVita opens itselves after the sensor at the front is touched. After closing the cover, the system creates a vacuum that keeps your food fresh. Because the system is easy to handle, it is easy to store your food, the sustainable way.

VacuVita, automatic Vacuum after closing the cover


Start saving food in your kitchen

Did you know that by storing your food correctly you can save up to hundreds of dollars a year and reduce your impact on the environment at the same time?

Click on the picture below to see how to complete your kitchen and enjoy fresh food every day.

 Create vacuum point in your kitchen

 Other Languages German,  Dutch


For Your Daily Food

No more unsustainable packaging, aluminium foils or ugly plastic storage containers. You simply put your remaining food in the VacuVita, close it , and the VacuVita does the rest. It is that simple.

An indirect LED light and a pleasant beep indicate that your food items are safely stored. There, they will wait in vacuum-sealed environment until the next snack time, fresh and stylish.

 VacuVita, different colors to match kitchen design


Extra long storage in freezer, fridge or pantry

Use the  food container Covero

Because of VacuVita and the Coveros it is now possible to enjoy fresh products longer such as fish, meat, vegetables, spices, coffee, crackers etc. Also for quickly marinating meat and fish, the Covero container is the easiest solution.

With our special connector you can even use vacuum bags that will be available online.

 VacuVita marinade food containers vacuum storage

To create a vacuum in the  Covero, SMALL, Medium or Large,you connect a vacuum tube in the VacuVita system, after which one LED ring lights up and the system is ready for use.


The Covero LARGE can be used as a seperate food container or can be placed underneath the VacuVta cover. This makes it possible to choose a different design color to match the kitchen interior.

 Change colors of the main VacuVita

VacuVita and Coveros - The Assortment

 VacuVita, colors to Mix and Match

VacuVitaColors, Designed To Mix and Match


Colors to Mix & Match:

  • Caviar Black                          
  • Pearl White                            
  • Ovalroom Blue                      
  • Royal Dutch Orange                   
  • Taggiasca Olive Green          


Choose a color of the Covero that will match your kitchen decor. The Covero can also be used to bring a different accent color to the kitchen. After pledging through Indiegogo you will receive an email to ask which colors you prefer.

 VacuVita sizes

The  storage containers, Covero MEDIUM or SMALL  are shipped in pairs, and the Covero LARGE, is packed as a single item.


Without margin of retail

For now temporarily available at Indiegogo:

The VacuVita includes a Covero container in the chosen color. The cover has a glossy Caviar Black top  and a stainless steel frame. The touchscreen control panel of the VacuVita is built into the cover and lights up when touched.

The VacuVita system comes with one Covero Large, a Vacuum tube and a connector to vacumate plastic bags that can be ordered seperately. 

Obviously the contributors at Indiegogo get a nice reward for their contribution. Not only will they be the first to have this wonderful kitchen innovation but they also get a discount on the VacuVita and Coveros. The pricing list below illustates these discounts:

 VacuVita Pricing Table 2013


VacuVita, an ideal present

You will be sure to have an unique gift this year. During the Indiegogo introduction you can give away a VacuVita for friends or family. Order one or more VacuVita systems and print out the VacuVita Gift Certificate.


 VacuVita, enjoy Fresh Food in your kitchenFast Marinating: Make every BBQ a success

Forgot to marinate your steak, the day before? No worries, within no time the vacuum will help the marinate get into your food and the party can begin.


Fast Marinating







When can I expect my delivery?

On Indiegogo you’ll find our expected delivery month. In the meantime we will keep you posted about our production process. That way you’ll know when to expect the VacuVita. At time of transportation we will send a track and trace code for your package.


How can i make clear what colors and size i order?

After you ordered a VacuVita product through Indiegogo we will send you an email. In this email you have the options to select the desired colors, the desired Coveros  and you can change delivery addresses. When you buy a VacuVita product as a gift, it is also possible to leave a personal note to the lucky receiver of this unique gift.


When do i get my money refunded?

When the crowdfunding project doesn't succeed you will get your money refunded through the Indiegogo platform.


How Can I order additional VacuVita products?

During the Indiegogo period you can order additional products, like the Coveros, at a discount if you are a Indiegogo contributor. We will deliver them at the same time as your first order, with no extra costs. Any additional orders after the Indiegogo period will be handled once all deliveries have been made to  the Indiegogo contributors. Therefore, these orders can take more time. It is also possible we will not be able to send packages to certain areas after the Indiegogo period has ended until  we expand to that region.


Where can i order vacuum bags for the VacuVita system?

For now you can order them on the VacuVita website. We will provide a list of (online) shops where you will be able to order the VacuVita bags. Many existing bags of different brands will fit as well, as long as they are provided with an 'air valve'. VacuVita will not 'hot seal' any bags, because 'hot seal bags' will be thrown away after usage, what is not very sustainable.


Other questions about sales, price and delivery?

Send a mail, written in English, to salessupport@vacuvita.com




The prototype differs from the images on the website?

That is correct!  We made different kinds of prototypes just to check the technical functions and to measure the results. We used existing Bread Boxes and Vacuum machines and didn’t focus on the design during these tests. With our experiences and the Vanberlo.nl results we are able to fit the tested functionality in the chosen designs, as shown in the pictures on the website.


Is the system noisy, when in use?

No, we developed the system keeping in mind that noise is prohibited. We know there are systems in the market that make a lot of noise and most of the time you just don’t want this in your kitchen or living room.


Does the system use a lot of energy?

No, the system works with 24V and only uses a bit of energy when it is creating a vacuum. When the vacuum pressure is sufficient the system doesn’t use energy, except for the LED. Throwing away good food is the real energy waste because it costs a lot of energy to produce food.


What is the lifetime of the VacuVita?

We aim for a durable system that lasts for 10 years at minimum. Of course we don’t have user experience yet, but we know which existing parts we use and they have already been tested. The system comes with the warranty that is legally common in your region.


Is the system dishwasher proof?

The Covero Medium fits perfectly in the dishwasher and is dishwasher proof. This is also true for the other individual parts, as well as the vacuum tube. The VacuVita cover  itself contains electrical parts and therefore isn’t dishwasher proof. We recommend cleaning the VacuVita with a soft cloth and some non aggressive soap. 


Is there a power cord attached to the system?

Yes, the system comes with a power cord. Because the plug of the cord can be visible, we use a design plug suitable for the United States and European countries.


Can I attach food containers of other brands to the VacuVita?

Not at the moment, but we are developing an adapter that will fit the vacuum food containers of other brands, so you can use the VacuVita for all your food containers.


 VacuVita, to Mix & Match vacuum storage

Other questions about manual issues?

Send a mail, written in English, to: technical@vacuvita.com



What still needs to be done

Together with www.vanberlo.nl we investigated the technical possibilities of the system and tested the desired functionality, without focussing on the design aspects at first. Now we know the system works and we have lists of the neccesary parts. Then we finished the design and calculated the financial feasibility.To produce the system we need to make molds and plan the assembly. We have done this for many other products in the past, so this isn't the main issue. For us it is essential to know if people like our product, because the investment to produce the product is much higher than the $75K we are aiming for through Indiegogo. Additional funding would come from individual members and friends of the team. Because of this private investment, we would like to know if there is any market for our product. Therefore, the contributors of Indiegogo are very important to us in deciding what scale to produce our innovation. Finally we will also test our innovation in countries outside the USA in combination with our Indiegogo efforts.



VacuVita Team

Eric Bierman, senior product developer at www.vanberlo.nl

Glomedia, Our first backer

Ivo Wentholt, Our second backer

Peter Paul Neuberg, Our third backer

Sjoerd Draaisma, Manager Internet and Online Marketing

Bauke Bokma de Boer, Founder and project leader Europe

 VacuVita. enjoy Fresh Food every day!



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  • $12USD
    Two Covero's, Small or Medium

    Two additional Covero's Small or Medium, in any color of choice. Free shipping to USA. (Add $10 for shipping to Canada, $15 for international shipping. When combining orders to the same address no extra shipment costs will be necessary)

    357 claimed
  • $39USD
    One Covero Large

    One Covero Large, in any color of choice. Free shipping to USA. (Add $10 for shipping to Canada, $15 for international shipping.when combining orders to the same address no extra shipment costs will be necessary)

    87 claimed
  • $99USD
    VacuVita System + Covero Large

    One Complete VacuVita system, with a Covero Large in the color you select. Free shipping to USA. (Add $10 for shipping to Canada, $15 for international shipping.when combining orders to the same address no extra shipment costs will be necessary)

    129 claimed
  • $125USD
    Complete Kitchen Package!

    One Complete VacuVita system, with a Covero Large in the color you select + 2 Coveros Medium + 2 Coveros Small, in the color you select. Free shipping to USA. (Add $10 for shipping to Canada, $15 for international shipping.when combining orders to the same address no extra shipment costs will be necessary)

    1982 claimed

    Party Pack - Resellers Pack

    Become a VacuVita reseller: Get five Complete VacuVita systems in 5 different colors. Also get 10 Covero's Small or Medium in five different colors. Free shipping to USA. (Add $10 for shipping to Canada, $15 for international shipping.when combining orders to the same address no extra shipment costs will be necessary)

    25 out of 25 claimed

    10 x Complete Kitchen Package!

    NEW ADDED - Become a VacuVita reseller: Get 10 Complete Kitchen Packages in the colors of your choice. Also get 20 Covero's Small and 20 Medium. Free shipping to USA. (Add $10 for shipping to Canada, $15 for international shipping. When combining orders to the same address no extra shipment costs will be necessary)

    20 out of 20 claimed
  • $7,500USD

    Become a VacuVita distributor: 100 Complete VacuVita systems, in any color. Including 200 Covero's Small or Medium in any color of choice. Free shipping to USA. (Add $10 for shipping to Canada, $15 for international shipping.when combining orders to the same address no extra shipment costs will be necessary)

    4 out of 10 claimed
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