Uwingu-A New Way to Fund Space Exploration, Research, and Education

We're creating new ways to fund space exploration, research & education! Missed our IndieGoGo campaign & still want to help? Go to http://www.uwingu.com!


If you missed out on our IndieGoGo campaign and still want to help start Uwingu, just go to http://www.uwingu.com/ to donate!


Reaching for The Sky--Help Us Launch to Increase Space Research & Education Funding

Tired of seeing space research and education always the victim of governmental budget cuts? Want to see a change in space funding and increased funds for space exploration, science, and space education? Uwingu LLC wants to effect these kinds of changes in a new way.

Uwingu is a small start-up company, a for profit LLC, consisting of prominent astronomers, planetary scientists, former space program executives, and educators who passionately want to create new ways for space exploration, research, and education to be funded.

We are planning a series of projects that will earn revenue to generate a new, private sector funding stream of millions or even tens of millions of dollars annually for space projects of all kinds, which we call The Uwingu Fund. The Uwingu Fund will provide grants to those that propose meritorious projects to us in space exploration, space research, or space education.

But to have the cash on hand to run the business in its first months, before sales can escalate, we need to raise at least $75,000 in start-up capital.

Would you help us turn our ambitions into accomplishments by helping  with a sponsorship to help us get launched? Would you make a difference for space research and education's future?

Would you make a difference? Sponsor Uwingu now!

Thank you!

-The Uwingu Team

ps. If you missed out on our IndieGoGo campaign and still want to help start Uwingu, just go to http://www.uwingu.com/ to donate!