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The current UVa Online Judge platform is almost 7 years old. It calls for a well deserved retirement. Help us bringing UVa OJ to today's web.
Miguel Revilla
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What is this about

The current UVa Online Judge platform was written back in 2005, using the technlogies and web concepts available at that time. During the past years the overall online services scenario has changed a lot. The way users interact with internet today is radically different. It is about time of bringing UVa Online Judge to a new level.

What we have now is obsolete. Both software and hardware approaches. We want to make UVa Online Judge an state-of-the-art service to provide our users with the finest online training. But we need help to do that, as we currently don't have the resources to do it they way we are looking forward.

Is the current UVa Online Judge in jeopardy?

No, it is not. As long as we are able of maintaining our current supporters and sources of funding we can keep it going as is. But things are not forever. We are not immune to the elements. If we had, for example, a serious hardware failure in our server, it would be very difficult for us to recover. Our current resources are so small at this moment that we can only promess our users that we will keep the site running in its current state, but there is no way that we can fix bugs, improve the software or even keep the hardware upgraded.

Our project

Fixing the current platform is a 'no go'. The only way of putting the site up to date is starting from scratch, building a new system using modern concepts on all of its sides. A system that can serve our community for the next 5 to 10 years. We want to make things easier for fixing bugs, adding features and attending suggestions and requests. How will it be done? These are some of the main changes we are proposing:

  • Making it a social site where users can interact and be more participant
  • Creating apps for mobile devices
  • Using last generation web technologies
  • Having public APIs so people can provide their own functionallity
  • Putting the whole site in the cloud, to minimize or eliminate the risks of suffering a hardware failure

Open Source

Also, the resulting software will be published as Open Source under a free license. This way every user will be able of using the code for their own use or contribute fixes and features to the platform. This doesn't mean that we will have an open development approach since minute 0, but it will eventually become open software in its full meaning, once we get the bases set and the core of the system is done. From that point, everyone will be welcomed to contribute, fix, give an oppinion, etc.

How will we use the funds

There are, of course, many ways to use money during software development, but these are the main three areas where we will employ it:

  • A full time developer
  • Cloud computing resources
  • Reformatting all the problems to unify them and easily produce the different versions needed (HTML, PDF, ePub, etc). We've been trying to do this for years, but it is a huge ammount of work

What more to expect

At this point it is early to determine what will be in and what not. But you can take one think as a given, we will listen to the community during the creation of the new platform and we will try to include as many requests as we are able to.

When will the new platform be ready?

It's too soon to say. If we reach the requested 50,000 EUR funding, it will be ready by the end of this year. If not, this will be slower. The less money we are able of gathering, the longer it will take.

Thank you...

...to all contributors, and also thank you to all that for one reason or another would like to help but are not able to. Our site is free of use and it always will be. Please, don't put money into this because to feel 'forced' in any way to do it. Put money into this just because you want to and feel like it. We know that the perks we are offering might not be a great deal, but we prefer using the money to make a great site. That will be the greatest perk of all. Anyway, a postcard with my signature might sell for millions in the years to come, who knows :) :)

Thanks a lot!

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  • €10EUR
    A little help from my friends

    Receive a collaboration certificate by eMail, acknowledging your cooperation with the project.

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  • €20EUR
    With or without you

    The certificate plus a postcard hand-signed by a member of the UVa Team.

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    I dreamed a dream

    The certificate, the postcard and half a dozen UVa Online Judge stickers.

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    Like a rolling stone

    The postcard, the certificate in printed form and hand signed by one member of the UVa team, the stickers and the book 'From Baylor to Baylor' in PDF.

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  • €200EUR
    Stayin' alive

    Same as the previous perk plus the book 'From Baylor to Baylor' in printed form.

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  • €1,000EUR
    I will survive

    All the previous perks plus your name listed as a supporter on the UVa Online Judge home page.

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  • €5,000EUR
    We will rock you

    In addition to the previous perks, your company's logo and link shown for life as a UVa OJ sponsor.

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    You are the one that I want

    In addition to the certificate, book, stickers and postcard, be our main sponsor with your logo shown on the web header next to ours.

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