Using Community Power to Drill for Clean Water

Reliable access to clean water is essential to human life and well-being. This campaign will provide clean water for the people of Lac Tumba with your support.
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Godi Godar, Simon Kratzat, Andrea Wood, Candor Plaza, Clarence Jova, Zachary DeBartolo, Dean DeBoer, & the people of Lac Tumba, think NOW is time to indiegogo!

Hi, my name is Godi Godar, Founder & President of Go Conscious Earth. I am from the Lac Tumba region which is nestled in the heart of the DR of Congo. When I was eleven I dreamt that one day I would leave my tribe and travel to an unfamiliar place that would provide the opportunity to help my people. This dream landed me in Durham North Carolina.

My destiny unfolded when I returned to DR of Congo after 27 years. Upon arrival, I was immediately struck with shock by the devastating reality my people were faced with. It became my life mission to help my people and preserve our ancestral land. Shortly after returning to the United States I founded Go Conscious Earth, a nonprofit to carry out this mission.

Help Make a Difference

What we take for granted makes many sick and even die:

  • Approximately 1 billion people are affected by contaminated water annually
  • 3.75 million people die from contaminated water annually
  • This is more than aids, malaria, and measles combined

These statistics make it very clear that having reliable access to clean water is a primary human need and is central to all other health and well-being initiatives.

The Village Drill is an exciting new technology created by Village Solution's partners,, and a team of Brigham Young University engineers. Designed to drill a 4" to 8" borehole up to 250 feet (80 meters) deep, the Village Drill can reach clean water sources in a matter of days relying solely on human energy.  With this incredible new technology we can finally get ahead of the water crisis, bringing water to even the most remote areas for a fraction of the traditional costs.

Return on Investment

Each Village Drill is capable of creating significant value through drilling low-cost, high-impact wells. Completed wells are valued between $12,500 and $15,000.

Each Village Drill unit has the potential to:

  • Drill at least 20 wells per year
  • Minimum of $250,000 worth of wells -- in just one year

With 2 Village Drills in operation we could easily create $500,000 worth of wells, bringing clean water to thousands of people in the Lac Tumba region -- each and every year.

Giving Nurtures Life

Go Conscious Earth made tremendous strides in preserving biologically diverse ecosystems through the creation and management of strategic conservation areas. While we are encouraged by our supporters, our next steps are to nurture ecological health and social wellbeing by addressing water quality, soil conservation, wildlife protection, and conservation of threatened ecosystems.

Last summer’s exploration helped establish the foundation for living out one of the organization’s mission of securing the preservation and land rights for approximately 1 million acres. We were also able to distribute gravity flow water purification systems in eight villages that now have access to clean water. This June we will return to the Lac Tumba Region with a focus on water quality, collaborating with organizations like the inventors of the Village Drill will aid in sustainable solutions.

Now is Your Time to indiegogo

  • Contribute today. Give graciously, generously, and to the fullest extent that you can. Go beyond "giving back". Invest in today, tomorrow, and hope.
  • Make some noise! Ask your family, friends, and co-workers to help spread the word about our campaign on Indiegogo. Check out Indiegogo's easy to use share tools above.
  • Stay connected. Check back often as our story and campaign unfolds! Connect with Go Conscious Earth through our Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and/or email us at

Lac Tumba Region

The Lac Tumba region of the Congo is located in the northwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the Bikoro Territory of Équateur Province. This region is at the heart of the Congo basin and includes both swamp and rainforest habitat. The lake covers about 765 square kilometres (295 sq mi) depending on the season, and is connected via the Irebu channel with the Congo River.

The Bantomba are the original tribal inhabitants of the region who live by means of fishing, farming and hunting. The population is 55,000 to 60,000 people. The language of the Bantomba is Lontomba. The Pygmies, who call themselves “bush men”, are the only other ethnic group that inhabits this area. It is estimated that there are approximately 10,000 Pygmies in this area, mainly in the Nsoli forest. The Bantomba and the Pygmies are both dependent on the rain forest for their way of life.

Lac Tumba Conservation Interest

The Lac Tumba region is one of the largest wetlands areas on the African continent. The lake lies at the center of the Tumba-Ngiri-Maindombe area, which is designated as a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention in 2008. The Lake Tumba landscape, encompassing some 80,000 square kilometers in total, has one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity anywhere in the world. It contains species of conservation concern such as forest elephants (Loxodonta Africana cyclotis), the bonobo monkey (pan paniscus), forest buffalo and leopards. There are an estimated 150 species of fish, a wide variety of birds, three types of crocodile as well as hippopotamus.

The Lac Tumba region is under threat of deforestation by commercial logging interests. In January 2012, Dilo Assistance defeated an attempt by a Chinese logging company to acquire title to the land and logging rights for the Nsoli forest. The wildlife of the region is also threatened by uncontrolled poaching and over hunting.

"Mohai momo mopohe nokola elongi!"

-One person cannot do it on his own. Only a group effort will change the reality in this part of the world.

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