UPLIINK AERO, Free Internet for Everyone, Everywhere

An internet router project, to make everyone, everywhere as powerful as an ISP. It's to get everyone online and save us all money.

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Dear Project Supporters,
Because manufacturing the Aero device is a costly endeavour, we are asking people
NOT to purchase the Aero Device at this time, until such time that we have raised an amount closer to our original goal via lower reward levels. 

If you do in fact decide to order one, please realize that because we will be hand building them, we will only be able to make a best effort attempt to deliver the entire feature set, and we may fall short in one way or another.

We have received alot of feedback, and we are modifying our campaign as follows:

If we reach funding of 50K we will use it for development of the UPLIINK Browser in the following ways:

  • Because our current version requires Android 4+ We will develop an Android 2.2+ Home screen version of the free internet app to give your old phone new life.
  • We will release the UPLIINK Browser for the iPhone.
  • We'll add a feature to automatically convert desktop webpages to a mobile form factor, so that they look good on your phone, retaining the option to see the page in it's original form.
  • We'll add a Fast Preloading feature to our existing browser. When you enter a new geographical area, it will automatically prefetch any webpages in your favorites menu, or you will be able to to turn this feature off in the settings.
  • We will use any excess money to continue funding the server for the list of websites/apps that are related to your geographical proximity, so that we can continue to operate it as a free app.

Imagineering: What would an UPLIINKED world look like? 

What is the UPLIINK Aero Device

The UPLIINK Aero device is your OFF THE GRID WIFI router and server that protects your privacy, lets you run a webserver for proximity apps that you can download, and helps share the internet by helping you join the next generation IPv6 global internet community. You become the ISP.

And we have an UPLIINK Mini for when you are on the go.

Our ultimate goal is to make internet acquisition a one-time hardware cost for end users in medium and high population density urban areas. We know this is 100% achievable, but we need your help to make this a reality.

The Current Internet Model vs the UPLIINK Aero P2P Model

How does it work?

It's configuration free. You switch on the UPLIINK Aero device, and it's designed to connect you to the net. It does that either through your existing ISP, or if there is another Aero device nearby, they will automatically connect wirelessly.

Features and Benefits

It's A Multi Purpose Router

The Aero device works with the 'regular internet'. But it also gives you access to the  next generation IPv6 internet, that you may not currently have access to. Even today, many new products (for example - android devices), do not support IPv6 by default.

Create a Connected Community

Whether its a home, a remote town or a large business with remote locations the Upliink Aero device is designed to make it simple and cost effective to get connected and share data and resources privately or publically. You even get a subdomain from us, or you can use your own domain name with your Aero device.

Proximity Applications and Games

Download or Create Proximity Applications & Games that don't require GPS. For example, the presentation app you saw in the video or a board game style app that you can play with your family or friends. Another example of an app that is likely to be created is a restaurant menu that your phone discovers as soon as you walk into a restaurant. Mobile ecommerce applications will play a big role in driving internet connectivity in the developing world.

A More Reliable Internet

An UPLIINK Aero device has the capability to make your internet more reliable by creating 802.11ac based wireless links to the net via other nearby UPLIINK Aero devices.

Security and Privacy Shield

It has software on it so that you can browse and publish on the internet anonymously.

Cost Effective Webserver

Personal/Business Webserver. Host your own website or webapp on the internet with your UPLIINK Aero device, without paying anyone else fees.

Private Cloud

Private Dropbox like file sync software, accessible from Windows, OSX and Linux. Keep your files private by running your own cloud from home or your business.

The Internet of Things

It's a platform for the next generation of the internet. It's sometimes called the internet of things. The UPLIINK Aero device's software is open source and hackable for developers and companies who want to embed it in their products. For example, it could be put inside an air conditioner that you can control with your mobile phone. Consider a business that wants to let you control an air conditioner with your phone. They don't want to create a version of their app for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc. It's costly and it's hard to maintain an equivalent customer experience on different platforms. That's why we think it's better to put a web server inside the air conditioner, and give everyone an equal experience. We want the web to win!

Earn money or credit

You will be able to earn money or credit (eg. to buy content) by selling your device's computing power on an open market, without any effort required on your part!

What is the IPV4 internet?

The internet as we know it today was released in 1981. It is known as the IPv4 internet. It was designed to support about 4 billion computers. We reached that limit on February 3rd, 2011, meaning no more computers are able to be directly connected to it. To fix this, a new version of the internet has been developed called IPv6. IPv6 is in it's infancy.

The UPLIINK Aero project is being designed so that connecting on the next generation IPv6 internet is as easy as being in range of a neighbour who also has an Aero device or by plugging into and tunnelling over a standard IPv4 Internet ISP, until one of your neighbours does. 

Why is this project important?

  • To grow the IPv6 internet to make a stronger, reliable and more accessible internet
  • To give us privacy on the net
  • To create off the grid communities so important information can be discovered and shared regardless of traditional internet access 
  • To create more equal opportunities across the world

Today two thirds of the world's population are without any internet access.

This means that they don't have access to:

  • Education information
  • Health resources
  • Civil Liberties information
  • Economic opportunities

It also means that We, The Connected are missing out on the creativity and innovation of the majority of the world's population.


The internet is at a really interesting point in it’s development. Even though the internet was built for ARPA, the US military’s research arm, it was designed by academics and 1960s hippies to be a very egalitarian system. The idea that end users would pay for their connection into the system was never really considered as part of the original design of the internet.

This means that new internet innovations are still possible because there really is no central locus of control for the internet. That means you may operate an ISP on the internet that is just as valid as the one you currently pay for. If we define freedom of expression as the ability to communicate or browse websites anonymously, an interesting and potentially positive side effect of this paradigm is that in the future those who operate as ISPs (connect their internet with their neighbours) will tend to have more freedom than those who don't - because it would be too difficult for eavesdroppers to distinguish if traffic that emanates from their node originated with them or from another point on this community internet.

What we have achieved so far!

We've built a next generation mobile web browser.   It gives your phone free interent, provided by our community which is great when your connectivity is on the fritz. We love it for when we are on the train! It works in Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Portugese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, and many other languages!  It will also show you websites and apps for what is around you without you having to type on your phone!

We have built working prototypes of the UPLIINK Aero device and the Aero Mini.

Built, curated and tested high quality open source apps on the UPLIINK Aero device and the Aero Mini.

Worked towards developing advanced theoretical models and protocols for geographical routing and untrusted (eg. cloud) computing. It is absolutely possible to build reliable systems on top of unreliable ones, and the core internet protocols (eg. tcp over ip) are a great example of this.

With your help we will 

  • Create our next generation mobile web browser for the IOS platform
  • Continue to develop the core UPLIINK browser/router/server software system
  • Manufacture the hardware, and deliver on all of the base level features and benefits that we have outlined
  • Publish an API for developers to access the unique features of the UPLIINK Aero platform

We are also striving to to connect everyone to the next generation off-grid IPv6 internet.

We want to make your web experience faster and more reliable. Did you know web traffic can and routinely does flow around the world just to go across the street? We know we can do better. 

What it is - The Main Project Reward

For the home or office

*MIMO stands for multiple-input and multiple-output technology. It's the use of multiple antennas to improve communications performance.

The UPLIINK Browser - Free Download For Android

A next generation mobile web browser. 

Most of us find using our phone for web browsing kind of painful. Nobody likes having to type on their phone. Especially when we are in a hurry and want to find things like restaurants and their menus or find out what time the movie is at your local movie theater or even a bus timetable. Sometimes you just don't have the time or patience to use your phone like a desktop or download an app. 

UPLIINK was created to avoid that hassle. It's a new type of browser created especially for mobile devices. It provides a list of websites and apps for businesses that are around you in the real world. If you want to interact with that business online, all you have to do is choose it from the list UPLIINK is showing you.

Want to see your future? Use the map function. Simply slide the map to where you will be later and it will show you websites and apps for that location.

Here are a few reasons why we love using the UPLIINK Browser:

  • There is no typing on your phone.
  • You are able to quickly see what is around you, with one tap of your finger, and then you are on their website, checking out all they have to offer.
  • It makes finding things when you travel, so much easier.
  • You can save your favourites/bookmarks.
  • It works with proximity based apps, so there is less downloading and hassle for an app you might only use one time.

It also gives you free internet, here's how it works:

Let's say you have a WIFI router at home called "PrettyFlyForAWiFi". The UPLIINK Browser allows you to share it's key with other members of the UPLIINK community. Or not. Sharing is completely optional, NOT compulsory! But by just having the app, you will automatically benefit from others who have decided to shared their internet with our community. It has a smart connection manager that always knows how to do the right thing. It won't try to connect you to a WIFI AP if you already have a fast connection. It only tries to find a router when you do NOT have WIFI connectivity. It's smart software!

Wait, I'm an Apple iPhone person.

We hear you. A few of us are too. Shipping an IPhone version of the UPLIINK browser is something we are very keen to work on. A good way of letting us know if you are keen to support the Browser for iPhone project is to be one of our Apple Fan Reward backers. That will give us a good indication about the level of interest there is in the Apple community.


When the internet was first conceived, there was a team born inside it that had the ability to remake the internet as they saw fit. It was they that freed the first of us.

If you are an end user, please check out our backer perks. The rest of our page is really aimed at all the techies out there, so it might be a little boring for you. It's what we plan to do if our kickstarter reaches certain stretch goals.

Technical Goals

We had a few stretch goals up here, but they have been alternately criticized by people for being both too ambitious, and not ambitious enough. So we've removed them, but you can still read a bit more about our technical ideas related to the project here. If it looks like our campaign is able to get within striking distance of a stretch goal, then we will add it back to our IndieGoGo page.

 Device Measurements

UPLIINK Aero Device 210mm x 150mm x 45mm LWH

UPLIINK Aero Mini Device 90mm x 40mm x 12mm LWH

Risks and Challenges

Please note we still have to pay our upstream suppliers and partners to manufacture the UPLIINK Aero device. The long term maintenance of the project requires our browser to become popular to contribute to the sustainability of the project. The Geo Routing Protocol works in our models but there may be results gained from real world deployment that will require further modelling and revision of the protocol to ensure that it scales globally. It constitutes the most innovative and high risk aspect of our project. The JVM code+wrapper library goal is not hard, but it will be time consuming to do well to meet community expectations.

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