Uplift the Self-Esteem of Underrepresented Girls

Help us uplift little girls of color through Miss Zee. Miss Zee helps prevent and combat self-esteem issues.

Miss Zee was created due to there not being anything that resembled the average little girl of color in stores.  Characters of color are hard to come by and when there are items marketed towards these young girls, very seldom do they resemble them.  One of the things noticed is that the majority of items marketed towards little girls of color have straight hair, after the fact that many of these young girls do not. In addition, there is currently no featured character the stores that resemble them, so they have no other choice than to turn to a popular character that they may not relate to.  This often sends a message that they're not good enough and can drive them to wish that they were someone other than themselves.  

As someone who use to be a little girl of color, I use to feel this way; so have many of my female friends of color, along with hundreds of others across the globe. It is not mentally sound for one to wish that they were of another color or type. (Everything that makes each individual is uniquely beautiful; it should be appreciated, not ignored or hidden.) Miss Zee would help stop that by showing them the beauty within themselves and fill the void of lack of diversity in products.

This Miss Zee project originally started out as a coloring book, but it grew into becoming so much more. Those who have loved ones who are little girls and even those without little girls fell in love with this character. Many expressed the want and need for Miss Zee on various products other than just coloring books. 

I have became so addicted to this mission that I drew most of the money from my personal account in order to create additional Miss Zee products. It was worth every penny. However, Miss Zee is becoming so popular that the amount of inventory ordered is not going to be enough to supply everyone who wants a product other than a coloring book throughout the rest of the year. 

The funds generated from this campaign would help me:

This will help continue to bring ideas for new Miss Zee products to life, along with helping produce more of the pre-existing products.

This includes items like apparel, accessories, decor and other items without having to compromise quality. Every item will be designed in a way guaranteed to catch many eyes, as with the other Miss Zee products that I have presented. As proven in the first cycle of the Miss Zee revolution, I can put designs together rather quickyly.  

To save money, Miss Zee products are stored in my home. However, being that these boxes take up way too much room, renting out a spot at a storage facility would be the best and most professional option.

At the end of the day, the core mission of Miss Zee remains the same: to uplift the image of young girls of color. With that being said, we want Miss Zee to be exposed to as many litttle girls as possible, including those who may not have the money in order to purchase Miss Zee products. So just as we do now, we want continue to give away Miss Zee products. 

 I will also be using this money on other things like advertising, marketing, legal costs and anything else needed to help maintain Miss Zee's brand.

If we were to raise an amount that far exceeds our expectations, I would be able to do more in a shorter period of time. In the future, I am confident that we will get Miss Zee sold in major store chains nationwide. In addition, I can see us having a physical shop that customers can walk around in and creating jobs to help keep the business going.

If you can't make a pledge, you can still help by spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or through any other social media outlet. It would be appreciated equally!

Thank you for your time.


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