Upgrade to full frame.

Crissy needs assistance in upgrading to a full frame camera for her photography business!


Hello! I'm Crissy.

I'm a part time student and co-own Squittle (http://squittle.storenvy.com)

I started up a photography business a year ago that I adore doing. (http://facebook.com/crissymacielphotography) I have this huge goal to upgrade to full frame this year as well as becoming a full time photographer during summer.

I love to shoot portraits in natural low light. I am looking to expand my business, provide higher quality images and shoot with my lenses at the normal focal length. I rely on my photography business for income since I am a mute and unemployed. This upgrade would help my business and myself financially when returning to school!

I have had my lovely Canon 7D for a couple of years now and lately I am having some issues with it. Camera shutting off mid shoot, several error messages and a overheating warning upon first turning it on. Instead of spending hundreds to get it fixed, I think this is a sign for an upgrade. That's where you come in. :)

What I Need

All of the money fundraised will be going toward:

(used if possible) Canon 5D Mark II


-A thank you on my blog and twitter!

-One handmade octopus crochet plush in blue or pink.
Contact me privately with your color choice.


Thank you for your time and contribution.

Any amount will be extremely appreciated!



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