Upcycled floating island, open-source

The demand for floating islands rises with the sealevels. Let´s build a low-budget island out of trash and bamboo, then share the island + manual with the world
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  • €1EUR
    island fan

    Welcome aboard :-) You get all the insider news to follow or even participate in this glocal action and floating island.

    2 claimed

  • €5EUR
    island friend

    Thank you very much! You´re an island co-owner now :-) We´ll keep you informed on this and will send a digital certificate and a DIY island-manual.

    3 claimed

  • €10EUR
    island supporter

    You are great! And you share a floating island with a glocal crowd :-) We keep you informed and will send your digital certificate and the project documentation with a DIY-island-manual.

    3 claimed

  • €25EUR
    island contributor

    Fantastic! Welcome aboard, we´ll send your postcard-certificate with greetings from India. And the extended project documentation (e-book with DIY island-manual)

    1 claimed

  • €50EUR
    island cocreator

    Gorgeous! We keep you informed and will send a signed certificate with greetings from India. You also get an original asap-island souvenir and the DVD (with all the movies, e-book + DIY island-manual)

    1 claimed

  • €100EUR
    island co-creator

    Wow! You sponsor a 1-week workshop participation in India (or join yourself). Your signed co-owner certificate is an original artwork (silkscreen/mixed media on upcycled skysail cloth) by artist Joy Lohmann. And all the items, mentioned above.

    1 out of 100 claimed

  • €500EUR
    island godparent

    You blow our minds! Beneath your signed co-owner certificate (original artwork by artist Joy Lohmann) you´ll get a printed and signed asap-island catalogue. And all the items, mentioned above.

    0 out of 50 claimed

  • €1,000EUR
    island angel

    Ok, please get in contact asap to figure out, how we can thank you properly. Do you have extra-ideas for asap-island to be added?

    1 out of 3 claimed

  • €5,000EUR
    islands on demand

    We build an island for you. Tell us, where you live and send some details on the designated waterbody. We´ll visit you and cocreate your island asap.

    0 out of 10 claimed

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