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Protect your privacy with end-to-end encrypted, secure, and private messaging, voice, and video calls and photo sharing on web, peer-to-peer desktop and mobile.
Chris Kitze
San Francisco, California
United States
2 Team Members

Secure and Private Messaging With Anyone, Anywhere!



“Unsene currently offers encrypted web messaging, video calls, and file sharing — essentially, an alternative to Skype.”
- TechCrunch


Free, Secure Chat, Voice and Video Calls, and Photo and File Sharing


Unsene is a secure, and private communication platform.

  • Secure Chat
  • Email-Like Messaging
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • Photo and File Sharing
  • Content Delivery

For Web, Desktop, and Mobile


Contribute now to secure your lifetime Unsene account, while supporting free speech!


The lifetime Unsene standard account will include secure chat, messaging, voice and video calls, and photo and file sharing.

The lifetime Unsene Premium edition will include all the features plus unlimited message storage, higher file size limits, larger groups for video calling, and higher level of encryption. Once we launch we plan to charge $47 a year, but during our Indiegogo campaign, it is only $47 for life! Plus, for the first 1,000 people it will be only $37!

Note: The queue for username reservations will be from highest priced pledges to lowest. 



How will this help me?
Unlike email, text messages, and Facebook messages, which are sent in the clear and can be easily hacked, we use military grade encryption to protect your messages from hackers. And we protect your privacy. We don't hand over information to the NSA like many big Internet companies do.

What is the advantage of this over Skype?
We will be offering a higher level of encryption and security and we don't keep your key (to unocking your data), you do. We don't participate in the NSA's PRISM program. We don't eat up your computer and Internet bandwith. We have a web-based version, which is super convenient. 

What is the advantage over Facebook messages?
All messages on Facebook are sent in the clear so anyone can intercept them. Facebook keeps all your messages. On Unsene all your messages are encrypted with military grade encyrption and we will be offering an even higher level of encryption and security. We don't keep your key (to unocking your data), you do. We don't participate in the NSA's PRISM program.

What is the advantage of this over Tor?
Tor is for anonymous Internet browsing. Unsene isn't for browsing the Internet or anonymizing. This is for securely communicating with others and creating your own secure, private networks.

Do you keep log files of calls?  
No. We don't keep log files on calls. The history is purged within 7 days.

Do you keep an archive of my messages?
No. Everything is purged in 7 days. In the premium version, you can store them longer if you want to.

How do I know I can trust you?
Check us out under our team at end of the description. You can talk to people who have done business with us and they will tell you our track record.

Will you share my info with anyone and how do I know you won't?
No, we won't share it. Privacy is at the heart of our business. You can read our privacy policy and terms of service. Also, we don't keep your keys, so we couldn't access your messages even if we wanted to.

Does this have secure email?

Currently, it does not have a regular email address, but there will be an email gateway in the not too distant future. Email is incredibly insecure, which mean it's not only read, but it's blocked and can even be altered in mid stream and you don't know it. We've got a Secure Email area in the web site that allows you to send an encrypted message to someone who has email, but doesn't have unsene yet. It's an email with a link to a page on our site with the encrypted message, which is revealed once they enter the correct password. The future email gateway will allow people
to send and receive and respond to these secure emails and you'll even
have your own unsene email account if you'd like. We're still working
out those details, but that's the direction we're headed.

Is there a way to send messages to several people in a group?
Yes, we have group functions. You can text message to a group and share
files with groups. We're hoping to have publish / subscribe working
this week. That'll mean you can replace your listserve emails with
Unsene. No more "spam filters" by ISP's or others...

Can it be used for group skype-type calls?
Not yet, but we're working on this as we speak. Today, we have one to
one Skype type audio calls. I think we'll have something this week or
next. We've also got video calls in the works, which work for one to
one today and we hope to have them working for groups shortly after we
have the audio group calls.

Is file-sharing like an email attachment? (obviously i have never used any file-sharing program)
It works a lot like Skype, but it's also like email, because it uses our
central server to store and forward your file. You just choose the
person you want to send it to from your contacts and click "Share", then
choose the file you want to send. The file is encrypted, then sent to
our server and picked up by your recipient anywhere from immediately
(it's real time) or whenever they come back online. We'll even send
them an email to remind them they have a file waiting to be picked up.
There's a 100MB limit we've artificially imposed, but we expect to get
that raised quite a bit, once we also have peer to peer. In the near
future, with publish / subscribe, you'll be able to put a file to a
group and anyone in the group will have access to it. Fully encrypted
of course.

What's the developer version for?
The $97 level is for developers, that would be someone who wants to eventually develop applications using an API.




Secure Chat


You can chat with anyone on Unsene securely.

Click on the "Show Encrypted" button to see the encrypted version of your chat.

  • Secure Email-Like Messaging
  • Secure Voice Calls
  • Secure Video Calls


 Great image resolution for video sharing, even full screen on a 30" monitor!

  • Secure Photo and File Sharing


Encrypted file sharing.


  • Secure HTML and media sharing


Paste in a YouTube video link and it shows up right in the chat!


Secure Content Delivery


The web-based version of Unsene is nearly completed and the Indiegogo campaign will help fund the completion of mobile and desktop clients.

It will be available on the Web, Windows, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and Android.


Support our Indiegogo to secure freedom around the world!




What Unsene can't do.


That being said, here's what Unsene can't do:

  • It can't make your insecure emails secure. Email is inherently insecure because it travels through many servers. Also, even if you were to encrypt your email, the headers such as to, from, and subject line would still be sent in the clear. In contrast, Unsene was designed from the ground up as an end-to-end encrypted and secure service that can deliver messages in real time.
  • It can't protect you if you are breaking the law: If we are notified by authorities that you are using Unsene to a commit criminal act, then your account could be terminated.

How It Works


  • Military-grade security protects your important private messages, photos and videos, everywhere. It's so strong that we can't export it to Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and North Korea.
  • Unlimited messages to anyone, even if they’re aren't on Unsene yet.
  • Nothing to Install (unless you want to)


  • It will be virtually unblockable on the peer-to-peer desktop version.


Contribute now to secure your privacy and freedom!


Encryption, Security, and Privacy


  • Takes your message and mixes it up, that is, encrypts it, so no one else can read it.
  • Use the same level of encryption that the military uses for top secret information
  • Encrypts each individual message separately.
  • Only you have the key; we don't keep it.
  • Applications for private businesses, medical, legal, financial, journalism... Well, everyone.


Why Unsene Is A Necessity Now

“Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself.” —Salman Rushdie, author

Over the years, people’s personal rights, privacy, and freedom have slowly been eroding. And now, with the recent revelations about the NSA, more than ever, personal privacy and security are at the forefront of people’s minds here in the U.S.

Plus, in places around the world, where people’s lives depend ability to communicate on the Internet, where it could finally secure freedom, the government has tried to shut down social media and search engines.


Have you ever wondered what would happen if suddenly people everywhere in the world could communicate securely without being monitored and get uncensored information?


Well, a few of us did and we thought it might lead to the fastest expansion of freedom of speech and human rights the world has ever seen! A world where people would no longer have to live in fear.

Egyptian women use their mobile phone to record celebrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square. (AFP/Getty Images)

So we decided to do something about it...

Introducing Unsene:

It’s an encrypted, web-based, desktop, and mobile service for messaging, voice and video calls, and file sharing!


Secure, web-based chat with all the functionality of a desktop client, yet nothing to install. 


There's no back door. You keep the keys; we don't. Everything is securely encrypted, so you retain your privacy. 

Here are the state of the art features and benefits of Unsene that protect your privacy:

  • SecureMilitary-grade security protects your important and private messages, photos and videos. Uses 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) for messaging, which is a standard for military grade communications. And if you want stronger encryption, you can buy our premium version which will include xAES, with up to 4096-bit encryption, which goes far beyond AES 256-bit. You can even see the encrypted version of the text!

  • Works everywhere: Web-based, desktop, and mobile. Use anywhere you have access to the Internet: on your computer, a friend’s or in Internet café. We already have the web version in pre-beta. Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop versions as well as Android and iPhone versions are in the works.


  • UnlimitedUnlimited message to anyone, even if they aren't on Unsene yet (includes most features). No mailbox size caps and no  advertising. And with the premium version you can keep the messages for as long as your premium is active.


  • EasyWorks just like web mail. Nothing to install unless you want to, so you can just login and start using it.


  • Unlimited sharingUnlimited photo and file sharing. Yes, that’s right, send as many photos and files as you want.

  • Developer environment: In the near future, will have open platform for developing new secure applications and adding security to your existing ones.


  • Affiliate program: Earn a living or grow your existing business by helping people protect their privacy. Imagine if when you invite people to Unsene and they had upgrade to premium, you actually had gotten a cut of that instead keeping it all to themselves.


  • Content delivery: There will also be an edition where people will be able to subscribe to your feed like an email list or microblogging service and you can build a subscriber base. So you could use it instead of your existing email list, where the delivery rate is low. With Unsene, you’ll get way better delivery rate compared to email, because it can't be being blocked by ISPs or spam filters like email can.


  • And more coming soonMission: Impossible-style self-destructing messages, so your messages won’t be copied or archived after they are read.


Take back your privacy and secure freedom in the world by backing our Indiegogo campaign!


Our Story

When the Internet first began, everyone was excited about the possibilities it opened to connect with others, be it friends, family, or like minded people around the world. When we got our first internet account and joined the worldwide community of people, we could share interests, ideas and chat with people thousands of miles away. The Internet was a place of exploration, of free expression, of discovery. A place before words like Internet freedom, Internet censorship, Internet privacy existed, because they didn’t need to.
Slowly over time, as bigger corporations and bigger government took hold of things, the excitement, the freedom, and the privacy of Internet began to erode.People felt betrayed. Until the world got to the point where we are today, where webegan to feel imprisoned by the very thing that used to give us a sense of freedom.

Frustrated with the spying on or hacking into our text messages, emails, and calls, our team at Unsene wanted a way where we could communicate freely, where what you said or wrote was only sent to the person you addressed it to. Where you don't have to worry about being censored -- because if someone in the middle could read your message, they could also block it.  Where you could say what you wanted, when you wanted, where you wanted, without any repercussions. Where you had privacy. Where you had security.  Where you had freedom.


That’s not the reality of life on the Internet today. Instead, it seems that everything we use and trust has serious privacy issues, be it texting on our cell phone,using webmail, sending messages on social media, or chatting on instant messaging services. If it isn’t Russian hackers, it’s the companies themselves, business competitors, even the NSA and governments.


Even worse, in some countries, social media and major Internet services are completely blocked. It isn’t just the Internet that is shut down, but freedom of speech is squelched altogether.


Our team looked, but we couldn’t find any consumer-friendly secure chat, messaging, voice, and photo sharing app. And there certainly wasn’t a mainstream messaging app with good security.


Things that were supposed to be secure ended up not being so. Many companies have been forced to turn over information to the government. Many articles spoke about certain internet chat and voice calling servicespossibly having a backdoor in the U.S. just as it did already in China. Then, the news hit of the big technology’s company's participation in NSA’s surveillance program and it became clear that humungous amounts of communications were being turned over to the  NSA.


Companies that participate in NSA's PRISM program, which Unsene is not a part of. (NSA via The Washington Post) 
The secure options that did exist were way too expensive, built for corporations, and large institutions where money was no object. That’s not what people wanted. How could you ever convince our friends and family that the only way to talk to us was to pony up for some high-priced service?

On the other hand, the low cost options were way too complicated. Some services took hours to set up, and still it never worked correctly, before it got shelved when it was acquired by a big company. The rest were like tech toys, not made for regular people.


There needed to be something secure where we you could just login to to the websitewithout having to install anything, like webmail and online social media services.Something that was so simple that even our parents or grandparents could use it without an instruction manual.

Our team dreamed of something that was as easy to use as Skype, Facebook, or Viber, was super secure using top secret level encryption, had a low cost version, and also a pro version for people who needed extra security, and worked on every platform, even the web. It would be a simple, secure and private communications platform and community. And what we wanted just didn’t exist.
Having built some of the Earth’s most trafficked websites (e.g., top 10 in the world) and ran mission critical communications (e.g., Motorola, AT&T), our team felt that we were the ones that had to do it. That we had to make the dreams a reality.
The Product
So our team began building. It’s taken us 2 years and we are proud to say that we have built the first encrypted, web-based service for messaging, voice and video calls, and file sharing!

Unsene uses 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) for messaging, which is a standard for many corporate and military grade communications. Plus, for our premium version, we’re utilizing even more powerful encryption known as xAES, which will be up to 4096-bit encryption.


 We have big plansMac, Windows, and Linux desktop versions as well as Android and iPhone versions are in the works. 
The Platform

 We want to make Unsene a platform. Our dream is to empower developers to build build amazing things that right now can only be imagined, in communications, social media, payments and more.  We also want to make this a platform that people can use to make money, to make a living.

The Unsene difference

The cool thing about the desktop, and hopefully mobile versions, too is that not only are they encrypted like the web version, but they are also completely peer-to-peer(P2P), so the message goes from you to the person you’re talking to. It’s only unencrypted on your computer and theirs, and you get notification of delivery! That means there’s no fear of a message intercepted or blockedor a website getting shut down or your email just disappearing.


We’re in This Together 

As you can imagine, something of this scope, security, and technical complexity consumes a lot of resources.  So far, we’re completely self-funded. Because of our track record and past success, we could have raised money from venture capital, but if we did, then we might lose the autonomy that is critical for a project like this, so we won’t go down that road.   If we took money from other sources, there are always strings attached, so freedom would be sacrificed for corporate or financial interest and so would your privacy.  We’ll never do that.

So we’re turning to you, our community and future users, to help support something that really can change the world. We believe that the future of free speech and the internet in general and all over the world, depends on the ability for everyone to have free and open communications. Without that, people don't have an opportunity to learn what is true.


The platform for Unsene will be built from the ground up to serve society and our community of users and developers come first. Our vision to provide an open development environment that becomes the backbone for any kind of secure communications or transactions that visionaries like you want to develop. We want people to be able express their creativity with complementary applications without having to compromise security.  And we’ll appreciate your support along the way, be it in form of development ideas or to bug reporting.  

We’re also have a very friendly affiliate program where developers and users get paid handsomely for bringing paid users into the Unsene ecosystem.  This way, it can pay you to help us, too.
To pull this off, we need your help. We need your support, creatively, technically, morally, and financially. We want to hear what you want us to build, we’re honored to hear your ideas, we love elegant technical solutions, and we appreciate your investment in something bigger than ourselvesthe future of privacy, freedom of speech, and an open Internet.
We’re doing this for all for us, for our friends, our families, our children, our community, and for the future.



The Time is Now

Never has there been a time in history when privacy around the world has been so critical and yet so compromised. Just turning on the news, we hear more and more about the encroachment on our freedom, be it internet censorship or the shutdown of the Internet in different parts of the world, or the right here in own backyards in the United States with the NSA’s constant monitoring of our messages by the government’s PRISM program with no oversight. 

If we don’t do something soon, it may be too late. Technology can either be a instrument for advancement or an instrument for restriction of liberties. We believe that we have a moral obligation to play our part to help preserve the freedoms that every person is entitled to.
We can try to make more laws, but that just restricts us even more. We can ask the corporations, but they care more about the bottom line than the privacy of their users.So sometimes we just need to do it ourselves. Do it together.
We need to take back our privacy, to be able to talk with our friends, our family members, our clients, our doctors without someone snooping in or watching over our shoulder. We don’t want 2014 to become George Orwell’s 1984. The world certainly didn’t end in 2012, but our privacy has, if we don’t stand together and do something about it.
The more people that join us the larger the community we build of free thinkers, good citizens, and thoughtful custodians of a world that has lost its moral compass. A world that needs a forum where people can say what’s on their mind without being monitored. A world where we can all just as easily and privately talk with friends around the world, as we do in person with our neighbors on our front porch or our children in our own home. 

The world is changing. People desperately want to be able to speak their minds. To have a voice. To blaze a path of their own choosing and to hear unfiltered news and information to learn the truth. We believe that to get there, we need privacy. We need security. We need freedom.

The world needs a platform, a vision, to do that. We call it Unsene.
Join us.

Our Team

Based in San Francisco, we have an international team of developers (20 in Asia) and marketing professionals, and we’re always looking for new talent to join. Here’s our background:

Chris Kitze, CEO


Chris founded and ran some of the Internet’s top properties. He was VP of Lycos at its IPO, founder of Xoom.com(the largest chat network and 13th most popular site on the web at the time of its IPO), the CEO of NBCi (7th most popular site on the web at the time), Yaga (an early P2P content delivery company), and Wine.com.

Vinh Vo, CTO

Vinh has worked in high tech at startups and large companies for over ten years. He was on the 4Home team when it was sold to Motorola, where he worked on residential automation technology. At Symantec, he worked on security products such as the HIDS (Host Intrusion Detection System) and IDS (Intrusion Detection System). He worked for 2wire Inc. on scaling large networks for the high volume traffic backend infrastructure for AT&T DSL network services.

Simon Thomas, Director of Product and Marketing


Simon has run marketing, CRM, and/or product for large companies such as United Way of America (the largest non-profit salesforce CRM implentation), startups like AskSunday (a Time magazine top ten website of the year) and internet marketing wunderkinds such as StomperNet (largest launch in Internet history: $18.3 million dollars in orders in 24 hours).

Our Technology

Our truly secure communications platform is a big feat and there are many components we’ll need to develop to create a truly end-to-end secure system for message and content delivery.

·      Advanced cryptography algorithms: Includes xAES (which was in the running for the AES standard and has much higher bit rates) and we are developing a flexible One Time Pad system, which is nearly immune to cryptanalysis.
·      No Plugins: No additional plugin installation on the browser to provide End-To-End Security for the web based system.
·      Secure key exchange: Innovative and secure Key exchange protocol.
·      XMPP: Industry standard XMMP for message communication.
·      Peer-to-Peer: P2P Video/Audio/File Sharing on across all platforms (Web Browser, Desktop, and Mobile). WebRTC, a new standard.
·      Anonymity: Using crowd-distributed P2P network.
·      Private: Use private P2P network.

Application Layers

  • PubSub - XMPP PubSub is a protocol extension for generic publish-subscribe functionality. PubSub allows us to create each End or Client as a Node of the entire network.
  • XMPP is one of the standard streaming XML protocol for exchanging messages.
  • Encryption consists of multiple layers.
    a. SSL and TLS for Tunnel Security Layer.
    b. RSA-2048 bits for Exchange Private information among the peers
    c. AES-256bits and xAES-4048bits for Chat and File Sharing.
  • Flexible One Time Pad System with Advanced Random Function.
  • Signaling Process allows each node to establish P2P connection.
  • WebRTC for P2P direct communications

Unsene Service Cluster – Bootstrap servers, Signaling Servers, Supernode Servers, Storage Servers, Relay Servers, and Web Servers. This is a fallback mechanism for the P2P network and it will enhance the performance.  If any routing node or path is incomplete due to firewall or other form of blockage, this fallback service will help maintain a node’s connection. 

Relay/Routing Node – With your permission, this extension to the Unsene Client allows other friends you are connected with to use your computer to relay their communications to other nodes.  This creates the shared Unsene P2P Network. A relay node acts as a virtual router for different nodes. It is also a dynamic supernode on the private P2P Network.  This capability of relay/routing node will create a Distributed P2P Network and creates redundancy if the Unsene super-nodes are unavailable. 

Regular Node – This is the Unsene client on Desktop, Web Browser, and Mobile Device. It will provide Instant Chat, Media, and File Sharing. 

Unsene and "Secure Your Freedom" are trademarks of Unsene, Inc. Viber, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Gmail, YouTube, Skype, PalTalk, Yahoo!, PGP, Apple, Mac, iMessages, iPhone, AOL, AOL Mail, Microsoft, Hotmail, PGP, Android, Windows, Linux, Motorola, and AT&T are trademarks of their respective owners, and in no way are affiliated or associated with Unsene, Inc.


Risks and challenges

There are two main risk factors to this project, beside the usual difficulties of developing software for the first time with a virtual team who are in different parts of the world.

1. Scaling. Communications services that work and provide significant value that are freely available are extremely viral. The existence of many other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others are leveraged in the service to rapidly make connections. Sending messages to non-Unsene users encourages others to join and use this kind of service.

To deal with this problem, we will be installing our first cluster during July. This will provide redundancy in the event of a single computer failure and usually allow updating of the site and service without interruption to the user. In the future, if our growth warrants, we will have multiple data centers in different locations.

Another way to make scaling more effective is to drive more usage of the peer to peer nature of the network. This pushes the hardware and bandwidth consumption to the place where it can most efficiently be used; the edge of the network (your computer).

2. Security. Because we're running a site that makes security claims, Unsene is a target for hacking. Our experience is that quite a bit of this is friendly hacking and we definitely want to hear if you've discovered any weaknesses in the system so we can rectify them before anyone suffers losses.

For the unfriendly hacking, the best we can do is to use state of the art techniques to defeat these attacks. We start with our security model. We won't store any keys or passwords on our site; they will all be retained by the user. This has the advantage of not having a centralized place for someone to gain access to everyone's keys and account info. It also has the advantage of protecting our users from unreasonable search and seizure. Any messages stored on our server are encrypted (in the event the user has chosen that approach for convenience) and the key needed to decrypt them is retained by the user only. There will be many other security features implemented in our software, hardware and network design.

Help us build the future of security and privacy by making a pledge now


Find This Campaign On
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18% funded
No time left
$30,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on August 9, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    1 Unsene Lifetime Standard

    1 Unsene Standard for Life And: UPDATE ME AND SUPPORT THE CAUSE • Receive updates from this project and help us get closer to our goal. (Great for anyone who just wants to help out!)

    9 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $5USD
    10 Lifetime Unsene Standard

    10 Unsene Standard accounts for Life. Standard features of the Unsene app for 10 people - an encrypted, private, and secure communications platform - with messaging, voice and video calls, and file sharing!

    21 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $10USD

    1 Unsene Lifetime Unsene Standard account + RESERVE YOUR USERNAME before the launch rush. And help support security and privacy. Every little bit brings us one step closer to an encrypted, private, and secure communications platform. The more we raise, the more we can accomplish. You'll get updates as we go on our journey.

    11 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $20USD
    Lifetime Founder Emblem

    1 Unsene Standard Lifetime Account + RESERVE YOUR USERNAME, + Get a FOUNDER EMBLEM forever emblazoned next to your username.

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $37USD

    This is for early birds -- we can only offer a limited number. * FIRST IN LINE TO RESERVE USERNAME before $10 pledges. + Everything in our standard version + 1 UNSENE PREMIUM VERSION FOREVER This is a huge savings! We will be charging $47 a year once we launch. * Unlimited message storage for life. * Higher file size sharing limits * Larger groups for video calling * Higher level of encryption. Plus, get a FOUNDER EMBLEM forever emblazoned next to your username.

    68 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $47USD
    1 Unsene Lifetime Premium

    * FIRST IN LINE TO RESERVE USERNAME after early birds and before $10 pledges. + Everything in our standard version + 1 UNSENE PREMIUM VERSION FOREVER This is a huge savings! We will be charging $47 a year once we launch. * Unlimited message storage for life. * Higher file size sharing limits * Larger groups for video calling * Higher level of encryption. Plus, get a FOUNDER EMBLEM forever emblazoned next to your username.

    14 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $67USD
    Lifetime Premium + 16GB USB

    1 Lifetime Unsene Premium + reserve your username + 16GB Gold-Plated Kingston DataTraveler GE9 USB 2.0 memory stick

    6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $97USD
    Lifetime Developer Account

    All features of 1 Lifetime Premium account + reserve your username + 1 Lifetime Developer Account. * Access to our supernode code - so you can run your own supernode to support the Unsene network or your own private network * Developer support Early access to our developer program and the API before it's released to the public. You will also get access to monthly developer calls on Unsene. Premium account will be available in September, developer program available in December 2013.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $147USD
    Lifetime Premium + 32GB USB3

    Lifetime Unsene Premium + reserve your username + 32GB LaCie XtremKey USB 3.0 * Speed and Strength. To the Xtreme. * Fast: up to 230MB/s * Waterproof: 200 meters * Resistant: heat, cold, shock, pressure, drops * Secure: AES 256-bit encryption (in addition to the Unsene encryption) * Design by Constance Guisset

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $397USD
    Workgroup Package

    Workgroup Package • Ten lifetime Premium accounts • Ten username reservations • Ten 16GB Gold-Plated Kingston DataTraveler GE9 USB 2.0 memory sticks

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $2,497USD
    Meet with Exec Team

    10 Unsene Lifetime Premium accounts + 1 Lifetime Developer Account. Very first to pick usernames for these 10 accounts. Meet the Exec Team in San Francisco, half-day strategic roadmap meeting with other purchasers followed by dinner. And, of course, we’ll love you forever. The dinner will be held shortly after closing the Indiegogo campaign (in August), depending on everyone's availability.

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