United Skateboard Photography Book Project

We're helping the Grind For Life organization to support cancer patients with 100% of our book sale revenue featuring the world's best skateboard photographers.
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The United Skateboard Photography Project Book

Brief History

Let me introduce myself, Jonathan Young, and the “United Skateboard Photography Project” to you.

I’ve been a skateboarder since the age of 4, I’m 42 years old today and I skate bowls, vert, mini ramp and street as often as I can still. In December 2012, I left the security of a full-time job to dedicate my time and energy to pushing the United Skateboard Photography Project.

Photo: Fred Ferand - Skater: me, Jonathan Young at this year's Vert Attack 8 in Malmö, Sweden

Skateboard photography, the photographers and the skaters have accompanied my experience with skateboarding for practically all of my life.

In December 2012 I decided that I would like to create a website and a book dedicated to skateboard photography and the photographers to present their work to a worldwide audience. At the same time I wanted to combine this effort with a donation from the sales of the book for a charity that works with skateboarders – now 100% of the book revenue from the book sales after German taxes (I live in Hamburg, Germany) will go directly to the Grind For Life charity foundation.

Charitable Cause I'm Supporting

Grind For Life, Inc was founded in 2003, by life-long skateboarder Mike Rogers, after his second battle with sarcoma cancer. Mike's tumor was located behind his right eye and nasal cavity. He endured a 17 hour surgery a cranial-facial resection with a brain-lift, removal of his eye, cheekbone, and half of the roof of his mouth and some of his teeth. He beat cancer once as a pre-teen, and again 25 years later. Mike beat the odds and is a competitive skateboarder again.

The mission of the Grind For Life organization is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. In addition, they educate and inspire these patients and families concerning cancer survival and recovery. Those who qualify may request assistance for travel and lodging expenses, meal, and personal needs.

Their ultimate goal with the organization is to have a couple of apartments near Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in Manhattan, so people who are receiving treatment at the hospital can have their family near them. They want to be able to provide a comfortable place to stay, charge fees based on a sliding scale, provide support for those who are not accustomed to the city, and make a rough situation a little easier for those who travel long distances for treatment.

Photography In The Book

Here are just a few examples of the high quality photography that will be presented in our wonderful printed book!

Photographer: Grant Brittain / Skater: Chris Miller

Photographer: Jim Goodrich / Skater: Dave Hackett

Photographer: Mike Fick / Skater: Gu Gu

Photographer: Guillaume Ducreux / Skater: Florent Bavouzet

Photographer: Mark Nichols / Skater: Mark Leeman

Photographer: Sam Fidlin / Skater: Jesse Belrose

What The Project Needs

I'm doing this fundraising campaign because the project needs to raise the funds for the publication, shipment, marketing of the printed book and to be able to give the campaign supporters (that's you hopefully!) something back for your donation. I also have chosen to work with a  professional publisher ( Everbest Printing Co Ltd in Hongkong) who will print the copies of the book and deliver the high quality 300 page hardcover book. Here are the details:

  • I will print (at least) 1000 copies of the book

  • Each copy of the book will be hardcover 11.8" x 11.8" in size

  • Paper being used is 157 gsm matt artpaper China SPCo matt

Initial funds through this campaign will be used to pay the fees for the fundraising through Indiegogo (4%), the print and shipment of the book in Hongkong, and the shipment of the book to early contributors and the skateboard photographers featured in the book.

Any extra funds raised will go to supporting the Grind For Life organization, the skateboard photographers involved in the project and to continue work on the dedicated United Skateboard Photography Project website to create new projects in the future supporting non-profit organizations. 

Photographer: Fred Ferand / Skater: Steve Caballero

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Submit your photographs and if they are good enough, you can get your own member page on the website!

  • We would love it if you can spread the word about the project - on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, basically everywhere!

  • You can easily share the news about our project using social tools provided right here on Indiegogo.

A Few Of The People Involved

I can't show everybody involved in the project here - that's what the United Skateboard Photography website and the printed book are for. Here are just a few of the people who are supporting this project with their photography:

Grant Brittain - Production Manager/Senior Photographer/Staff Manager/PR/Photo Show Curator at The Skateboard Mag 

Jim Goodrich - he's been doing this for decades!

Mörizen Föche - one of the original Thrasher Magazine employees

Brian Fick

Dave Östlund

Dan Sparagna

Russ Sakurai

Lorrie Palmos

Graham Tait

Andy Wissman

and many many more! Visit the dedicated website to see them all.


Any questions about the project? Please contact me - Jonathan Young - by mail at info[at]unitedskateboardpp.com), on Facebook or Twitter!

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    Companies/blogs/websites who have a solid connection with skateboarding can now book a full page ad in the printed book to support the print! On top of that I've just added in two printed books + the shipping to go along with the package! Talk to us for double pages, just book twice and I'll contact you for further information about necessary print quality. This perk has to be approved first as we want quality companies/websites/magazines resresenting!

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