Funds will be used for the development of UNITAS WE STAND. Our goal is to produce one of the great inspirational films of our time. Join our team today!

All Funds go toward the Development of UNITAS WE STAND

Development funds are necessary for all movie projects that are moving toward potential production needs and time-frames. Your generous contributions to the development of Unitas We Stand will help us tremendously in our goal to produce this very special film. Costs during the development stage can include: Marketing and Promotion, Sales, Legal/Accounting and other expenses directly related to moving the project into production. It is also typical during the development stage to incur expenses for attaching key stars, directors or others necessary to close deals with Hollywood studios, distributors or major investors and film finance companies. The production budget for UNITAS WE STAND is estimated to be just over $10 million dollars so the $100,000 and more we are seeking to assist us with development in our first half of funding represents only a small part of our total budget. While there is no guarantee that we will be able to raise the total funds required to make this motion picture, we are confident that we will be successful and are committed to doing everything in our power to bringing Unitas We Stand to the big screen. We thank you in advance for your support of this great project.

Please Note:  If for any reason Unitas We Stand does not go into production, all development funds (less expenses noted above) will go directly to our charity partners on your behalf. None of the funds will be used for anything other than the direct expenses related to the development of the movie.



Joe Unitas introduces the Unitas We Stand Video Journal. The journal details the ongoing process he and his production team are going through to produce Unitas We Stand, a feature film about, Joe's Dad, John Unitas. This Video Journal will be updated weekly so check back often to keep up with all of the latest Unitas News. You can see all of the videos here:  http://unitaswestand.homestead.com/videojournal.html

New clip posted: 10/23/13 

Meet our Co-Writer/Producer - JOE UNITAS

Pep Talk From Joe Unitas (son of Johnny Unitas)

"Hello Unitas We Stand Fans and Teammates this is Joe Unitas.  I need you all to huddle up for a minute.  You can now be part of helping us reach our goal of making one of the great inspirational/sports films of our time.  Our goal is to raise as much money as possible through fans just like you this season to help us move forward with the production of, 'Unitas We Stand', an inspirational and moving story about my Dad’s journey to become a professional football player.

Any contribution you can make is appreciated no matter how big or small and we've put in place some really cool perks for your help .  You can also help us by telling your friends about this campaign to raise funds to help produce this great movie. Email, Facebook, twitter, smoke signals, messenger pigeon whatever it takes. 

It’s been a long 7 year journey for me personally to get to this point and let me tell you it hasn't been easy!  But I wouldn't have it any other way because my Dad battled long and hard for close to 15 years before he got his shot with the Colts. Once he got there he had great teammates around him and together they went on to become champions.  Unitas We Stand has great teammates too and together we can be champions in this very special effort to make a great movie about my Dad.  We need your help now.  Are you ready to step on the field and play the game?  Alright, let’s do it.  UNITAS WE STAND ON TWO...READY BREAK!"

Joe Unitas

Meet the Producers: 

                   Steven Scaffidi


"When Joe Unitas asked me to join his team and help him get this film made I just had to say yes. Since I was a kid Johnny Unitas was my hero. I played quarterback back in the day and I proudly wore the #19. 'Unitas We Stand' is a great project with a wonderful message of FAITH and NEVER GIVING UP ON YOUR DREAMS. I'm honored to part of this very special team!"                                                                                      - Steven Scaffidi, Producer
                                       Chris Braun


"When I met Joe Unitas two years ago and found out he had written a screenplay about his father...Johnny Unitas and was pursuing financing I almost dropped my glass. 'Unitas We Stand' is everything I ever wanted to say in a movie... Work Hard, Never Give Up and If you happen to fail then do it with dignity and character and ultimately your efforts will be rewarded by doing things the right way even when no one is looking. There's no way I could not be part of a great project like this!"                                              - Chris Braun, Producer

Funding Goals 


Goal:  $100,000 or more 

The First Half will kick off our National Unitas We Stand Development Funding Launch when the Saints meet the Dolphins on Monday Night Football.  For the first time, fans everywhere we be able to make their contribution and become part of our Unitas We Stand Team.  The $100K initial funding will open the doors with investors who have expressed interest in matching funds at this level.


Goal:  TBA

The Second Half will raise additional capital needed for the development of Unitas We Stand.


Goal:  TBA

Just like the 1958 Championship Game, better known as The Greatest Game Ever Played, we will have an Overtime Period to reach and hopefully exceed our initial Development Funding Goals.  All contributions will be used to leverage potential deals with major Hollywood Studios, Distributors and Investors so we can make this great movie.  Our goal is to begin production soon after Super Bowl XLVIII.

What We Need & What You Get

Our current production budget is just over $10 million dollars which may seem big but it's rather small when you consider that the recent production of "42" cost around $40 million. We have met with Hollywood studios, executives and investors with deep pockets that are interested in being part of "Unitas We Stand" but so far we are just talking. My Dad was known to say "Talk is cheap. Let's go play."  We will continue to TALK with Hollywood while at the same time PLAY the game, and that starts with YOU JOINING OUR TEAM.  We will have 3 phases of funding (1st Half, 2nd Half and Overtime) to reach our crowd funding goal of at least $100,000 and up to $1 Million or even more.  You can join our UWS team by making a contribution today. Not only get to be on a sports legends team, you'll also get some cool perks, have bragging rights among your friends, and be able to say that you played a part in the development and making of Unitas We Stand.


The Impact


UNITAS WE STAND is a salute to Johnny Unitas - a common man with uncommon talents and grace. For many of the older generations still alive today Unitas was a hero and role model. He was told early and often that: he was too small, would get hurt, not good enough, and would never make it. He didn't listen to his detractors, and forged on through mental strength and desire become successful. UWS will serve as a reminder to older, and a lesson to younger generations that, while life goals are important, the most important thing is having a work ethic and desire to achieve those goals.

In today's world of immediate satisfaction, overnight celebrity and fame, the message of "hard work equals success" is getting lost. In an age where it's becoming harder and harder to find a true role model the youth can look to Unitas, much like their Grandparents or even Great Grandparents, did may decades ago. Hopefully they will take his story, his passion and drive, to heart and use it to propel them to accomplish their goals.

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Big or Small, Your Contribution Counts

Every contribution is appreciated no matter the size. You can also help by spreading the word about Unitas We Stand via your favorite social media platform as well as text and email.  We are committed to giving back to the community in the same way Johnny Unitas gave back during and after his career.  We are proud to have teamed up with USA Football and Gridiron Greats as partners in our Unitas We Stand Teammate Fund where a percentage of the films revenue going back to help the youth and older players in need.

Thanks for your time and support of Unitas We Stand!

Unitas Inspired The Greats Of The Game

                                                                                     "I'm excited and honored by the opportunity to play Johnny Unitas in the action scenes of the 1958 Championship."
                                                                     -  Joe Flacco                                                                                                                Super Bowl XLVII MVP

                                                                                                                                                                                                     "I was proud to wear the same uniform as Johnny Unitas. It's a very humbling experience."
-  Peyton Manning, Four-Time NFL MVP

                                                        "One of the gifts that Joe Unitas gave me was a script for a movie about his father,  'Unitas We Stand'. He gave it to me the day before the game...we haven't even played  the game yet and he changed the end of the script...Brees breaks record."
-  Drew Brees, Super Bowl XLIV MVP

One Special Player Inspired Unitas


 "Words can't describe my first meeting with former Saints' player Steve Gleason. His heroic journey has inspired me with my own struggles to bring 'Unitas We Stand' to the big screen. I know that my Dad would have wanted to have Steve on his team. They would have been great teammates!"
-  Joe Unitas, Co-Writer/ Producer, Unitas We Stand

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