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Sunglasses made in Barcelona, and designed so you can wear the same pair of lenses across every pair of our frames.
cristina brossa
3 Team Members


What people are saying about us:

Lavanguardia "A revelation in a market begging for innovation."

Yorokobu "A chance to be yourself, and be creative, everyday."

Design you trust "The power to change your look everyday."

Loogic "Changing the way you will wear sunglasses."

Trend hunter "Upgrade your style with a pair from UNIQBROW"

Thrillist "Change your frames as often as your underwear."



Everyday we left home wearing the same pair of glasses despite changing every other aspect of our look, it was driving us mad!  So one day we trudged over to our boss's corner office busted open the window ripped open our shirts and screamed "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" We bailed on our day jobs and for the past year we have poured our hearts into one common goal: give people the ability to have a unique pair of glasses everyday, designed and manufactured to the highest quality.  

One pair of lenses, all the Uniqbrow frames

With one pair of our lenses you will be able to remove them and insert them into every pair of UNIQBROW frames.



12 Colors three models

We are starting with three models, each with a collection of 12 vibrant colors.  



How does it work?

We have built a really cool internal structure that fits across all the models, and allows you to fit the same pair of frames into all the lenses.



How to insert and extract

Removing and inserting the lenses is as easy as putting on your socks....or tying your shoes for those in the anti-sock camp.  See the demo here



The models

We are not just about colors, we have worked to create innovative new designs that reinvent classic looks.  Our collection is a marriage of retro, with our own personal re-imagining of how they can fit into the modern society of 2013.  You won’t need a flying Delorean for this back to the future experience, but you will need a credit card to ride this train.   

The 219 at the museum
You can see the 219 sit perfectly on the bridge of the nose, and dogs love them too!


The 219 and 518 at the Market

The 219 isn’t just for the young, grandmas love these babies, and the 518 looks stylish even when you are cleaning fish at the market...



The 518 at the Skate Park

Or if you are looking to do some skateboarding, the 518 has a firm hold to stay on your face even when you are bailing on a sick 180 BS Noseslide.



The Hipsters

The 948 looks totally sweet on the raddest hipsters...



The 948 beard

Or the 948 can be tailored to match your beard color 


Cases, boxes, pouches, towels

Our branded case, boxes, micro-fiber towels, and pouches that will come with every pair! 

To see more details about the collection check out http://www.uniqbrow.com/pages/collection



Where are we at?

We have worked incredibly hard to do everything from design to production here in our hometown of Barcelona, and with our small team of three people.

  • Produced the prototypes you have seen modeled above
  • Designed branded packaging including: cases, pouches, cleaning clothes, and boxes
  • Sourced raw materials and colors from local distributors
  • Partnered with a Barcelona manufacturer to create the mold and the frames
  • Partnered with the most trusted lenses manufacturer, Optics by Carl Zeiss
  • Received pre-orders from boutiques in Barcelona
  • Completed our website



Production timeline


Mid February: Complete first molds
End of February: Begin test productions
Beginning of March: Open uniqbrow.com for pre-orders
Mid-March: If we are funded, begin production run in Terrassa (just outside Barcelona)
Mid-March: Produce packaging, cases, and micro-fiber towels in Barcelona
Beginning of April: Indiegogo backers become the first faces on the planet to wear UNIQBROWs!
End of 2013: The largest glasses manufacturers in the world begin shutting their doors in fear!



Where your money comes in?

We need your money to accomplish our next steps: 

  • Finish the molds for all three models
  • Accomplish our first real production run
  • Expand our color offering
  • Complete the packaging
  • Set up our logistics and distribution channels in the US

Our team has lived and breathed eyewear for the past year, we have extensive experience in design, production, and retail operations.  We are well positioned to make this a very real competitor within the eyewear industry.  The only thing we lack is a crazy rich uncle, we need you to be that crazy rich uncle.


How you will be rewarded?


We are offering our backers a chance to get our glasses at a discounted price.  Everyone who is rewarded a pair will get to select the model and color that your glasses will come in.  We have also made a really cool limited edition pair of glasses that will come in the higher priced packs.  You will be one of the few people on the planet wearing these bad boys! 


BCN Postcard

We are offering you some really cool postcards from Barcelona that we made like the one you see above.



Also, we have the above autographed posters from the UNIQBROW team that will go awesome in your bedroom!


Bonus Prizes



No money

Don’t have money to donate?  Join the club, why do you think we are here!  Thank you for donating your time to read all of this, you must be really bored at work right now.  

If you can’t offer financial help you can  still do us a huge favor.  Please go to uniqbrow.com and sign up for our newsletter so we can keep in touch like old friends.  Someday maybe you will have some extra cash and want to buy a new pair of glasses (or three).  Also, at the top of this page are some buttons that allow you to share on twitter and facebook, at the bottom of this page are links to OUR twitter and facebook (hint: follow us already, I thought we were good friends!).  Thank you so much for being a believer in our project, and our team!



Who are these weirdos?

Sorry we forgot to introduce ourselves, how rude!


Cristina   Cristina Brossa: Cris spent six years working in audio visual production at the CCCB (look it up, they do radical exhibitions).  She has a master in Fine Arts, graphic design, and audio visual production.  She has also been a freelance graphic designer for way too long, and wants to get out of the game.  Since meeting a handsome American on a beach in Croatia during a vacation in 2010 she has spent time working for museums in San Francisco, and building UNIQBROW.  She has two grandmas that are 90 years old, both have more energy than a 12 year old kid.

Mireia   Mireia Subirana: Mireia also spent several years working for the CCCB, mainly preparing coffees for her boss. She now has a masters in coffee making.  Ok, she also has real credentials as well.  Mireia spent several years working as a freelance doing interaction design and audio visual production. She has a masters in graphic and digital design and a postgraduate in exhibition design.  Her love of new media art blossomed after she spent time living in some eccentric corners of Berlin.  She also created the worlds largest game of pong that was projected across The Ramblas in Barcelona.

Andrew   Andrew Swiler: Spent several years as a consultant working for retail companies.  He got fed up and traveled in 2010 where he met a young woman from Barcelona on a beach in Croatia.  His life has been pretty strange ever since.  He spent time working for startups in San Francisco, built his own startup company in Barcelona that was a colossal flame out, and lost his hair (though that was likely a genetic defect).    

Thank you! (In 3 languages)

Estem molt agraïts a tots aquells que ens heu donat suport en la nostra campanya! Les vostres amables paraules sobre el nostre projecte han estat encoratjadores! 

Agraïm a tots aquells que heu comprat ulleres, però també volem agraïr la col·laboració d'aquells que han posat de 5 a 25 dollars / euros a canvi de postals i pósters, perquè ens ajuda molt i molt! 
Gràcies a tots vosaltres UNIQBROW serà possible!
Estamos muy agradecidos a todos aquellos que nos haveis dado soporte en nuestra campaña! Vuestras palabras amables sobre nuestro proyecto han estado muy alentadoras!
Agradecemos a todos aquellos que habéis comprado las gafas, pero también queremos agradecer la colaboración de aquellos que han puesto de 5 a 25 dólares o euros, a cambio de postales, pósters, pues nos ayuda muchísimo!
Gracias a todos vosotros UNIQBROW será posible!
We are so thankful for all of you who have backed us and visited the campaign!  Your kind words about our project have been amazing!
We thank all of you who have bought a pair of glasses, but we also want to thank to all those one who have collaborated giving $5 to $25 dollars, for postcards, posters in exchange, because those are the donations that will make a huge difference!
Thank's to all of you UNIQBROW will be possible!





1.) Can I use perscription lenses with my new UNIQBROWs?

You absolutely can!  Take our frames and lenses to any optician with your perscritpion and they will produce you a pair of perscription lenses like any other pair of glasses.

2.) Can I wear non sunlenses?

Of course, but legally we have to remind you that if you are going to be in the sun, you should wear sun lenses.  Your mom would be proud of us for reminding you.  

3.) Is the whole frame flexible?

We designed the glasses to have a strong structure that will give you the solid fit you are used to. Our innovative soft material for the external finish will give you incredible soft comfort on your face.

4.) After I buy my first pair, how do I get more?

We are going to start selling online in Spain and the US with free delivery.  We will then be selling in shops througout Europe, you will find the locations on our website, and updated regularly.  Or shoot us an email and we can see how we can get some more UNIQBROWs to you.

5.) Will you have a warranty?

Yes!  Our glasses are built with quality, but we guaranty any manufacturer defects returned to us within 24 months will be replaced. 

6.) What is your return policy?

Unfortunately for our Indiegogo campaign we do not allow returns unless they are under the terms of the warranty.  In which case we will replace any glasses that have a manufacturer defect for the first 24 months you own the glasses.  For purchases through our website we will offer 30 day no hassle returns though!  Check out uniqbrow.com for more info.

7.) When I change lenses between frames, how do I keep them clean?

With every pair of UNIQBROW frames you get a super cool microfiber cloth with the UNIQBROW logo.  We recommend when you are taking out or inserting the lenses you use this cloth.  Or if you don't, you can use the cloth afterwards to clean the lenses as good as new!  Lenses and frames can be cleaned with luke warm water and non-aggressive detergent.

8.) Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision lenses sound pretty awesome, do you have more info?

We were focused on making every aspect of UNIQBROWs high quality, from frames to lenses. Carl Zeiss Vision manufactures the highest quality lenses with the most thorough UV protection testing in the industry.  We promise these are the best lenses around!

9.)  What is the sizing for the glasses?

Below are the models and their sizing up close! 

Below you can see the model prototypes in order:

Prototype of each model


Model 219

Our 219 model, inspired by the classic cat eyes design made famous by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (a movie that plays 24 hours a day here in Spain).  



Model 518

The 518 model  was our way of redefining the classic Wayfarer that has become popular the past few years, a style from the 60’ transported to 2013.



The 948 Model

The 948 model is a remix of the square broadside sunglasses that were popular in the sixties and seventies, we have reinvented them because we felt it was a style begging to be brought back.


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This campaign ended on March 24, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    "Buy a pair, save a pair"

    We will put your name on our thank you wall, and donate $1 to our "Buy a pair, save a pair" campaign we are doing with Breast Cancer Research Foundation in your name to help with the prevention and cure of breast cancer.

    2 claimed
  • $10USD
    Signed postcard from Barcelona

    We printed a collection of postcards from photos we have taken around Barcelona. We will sign each postcard with a thank you, and send it out to you just like your grandma used to do for you!

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $25USD
    Autographed UNIQBROW Poster

    Our team will sign a super radical poster that we designed for our donors, you can check it out in the gallery!

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $50USD
    T-Shirt+postcard collection

    We have designed some amazing UNIQBROW t-shirts to go with your glasses. With this perk we'll send you one of these tshirts in your size, and our collection of postcards!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $85USD
    Hipster Pack

    Hipsters love wearing glasses without lenses, and now its your chance to do the same! This is a pair of glasses of your choice, without lenses. This is also a way to add to your other pack of 2 or 3. You also get a hard case, pouches for each pair, cleaning cloth.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $110USD
    Your first UNQIBROWs

    Get your choice of any UNIQBROW frame with lenses included. This is your first giant leap into our universe, you'll soon be hoarding our colors and styles all over your closet! This also comes with a hard case, pouches, cleaning cloth, postcard.

    11 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $190USD
    UNIQBROW Starter Pack

    Our glasses are at their best when you can wear a different pair everyday. This is your chance to get two pairs of UNIQBROW frames, with one pair of lenses. This also comes with a hard case, pouches, cleaning cloth, postcard.

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $320USD
    Limted Edition Pack

    You can select two of our normal frames, and a pair of lenses. You will also get a very cool limited edition frame that we are designing just for our backers. This also comes with a hard case, pouches, cleaning cloth, postcard.

    1 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $890USD
    Lovin' it pack

    You are loving UNIQBROW aren't you! This is your chance to get a whole collection of nine just for you along with one extra limited edition frame. This collection comes with three sets of lenses. You also get a hard case, pouches for each pair, cleaning cloth.

    0 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $1,750USD
    The Whole Shabang

    Woah, you love to accessorize! This is the entire collection of 21 UNIQBROW frames, and a special limited edition frame. This collection comes with three sets of lenses. You also get a hard case, pouches for each pair, cleaning cloth.

    1 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $12,000USD
    Become our distributor

    So you think UNIQBROW Is going to take off in your country? Us too! This reward is for the entrepreneur ou there, this pack you will get 100 pairs of UNIQBROW frames with lenses, and 100 without lenses (we will work together to choose the styles). Along with all the cases, clothes, boxes, and promotional material you need to be come our exclusive rep in your country! Lets get together!

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
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