Unicycle Trip - Baltimore to St.Louis

1000 miles by unicycle! Cary Gray will cycle about 1000 miles (1600 km) from Baltimore, MD to St. Louis, MO in December. 75% for Charity, 25% for ride costs.
Cary Gray
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
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A Short Summary

  In December, I plan to unicycle from Baltimore, MD to St.Louis, MO, making several stops along the way.  That's about 1000 miles. I'm a long distance unicyclist with a desire to turn my talent into good!  I've been unicycling for more than 13 years, and by now, riding up to 100 miles in a day is something very feasible for me!   

  Believe or not, this trip is a smaller testpiece for a humongous, world record-breaking trip I will be taking to South America next year!  That fundraiser will be coming later, after this (hopefully) successful trip.

Check out my website for pics, vids, and general info: CaryOutThere.com

******PLEASE leave a comment for me!  Even if you couldn't donate!


What I Need & What You Get

  I need your contributions! Only $5 gets you a hand-designed drink coaster designed by me! Only $10 gets you a super cool sticker of the same design.  I really appreciate your generosity, EVEN if I've already reached my goal!  I've set my goal to quite a bit lower than it should be, so as to make it more reachable. 75% of all donations will go directly to these charities:


**I'll also be doing tshirts (see "Wearin' it out" perk), but I need a minimum order, so please select that perk!!  


Arts Charity for U.S. Children: http://dreamingzebra.org/

International Child Art Foundation: http://www.icaf.org/

Sustainable Farming in Central America: http://www.sustainableharvest.org/

International Sustainabilty/Conservation:  http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/

*I will be posting reciepts for my total donations to these 4 organizations after both the ride and the fundraiser are complete!*

  To make the trip a success, and therefore grow even more support for the causes, 25% will go to support costs, including trip costs and perks for donors.


The Impact

  The clichés are true - children are the future.  And we should also strive to preserve this earth for those same children!  These go hand in hand.  As an artist, I believe that harnessing and developing creativity in kids is important.  This carries over positively into their education and life in general.  We should also establish sustainable practices in the poorest regions of the earth, as well as promote responsible stewardship.


Other Ways You Can Help

Can't contribute, but still think it's cool that I'm a crazy guy on a unicycle?  Make some noise instead!  Comment on this campaign so as to raise the activity level, and/or share this on your facebook page, or join my facebook group: "Unicycling the World - CaryOutThere"

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  • $1USD
    Thanks dude!

    You get a thank you and a shout out on my facebook page (unless you're shy).

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  • $5USD
    A Drink on Me!

    Put your drink on this super rad drink coaster that I custom designed! It's the same design as the campaign logo, but black and white, 3.5 inch round sticker. Also a shout out on my facebook page and website!

    1 out of 100 claimed
  • $10USD
    Stick with Me!

    Slap this sticker that I custom designed on your car, bike, or lunch pail! Same design as the drink coaster. Also a shout out on my facebook page and website!

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  • $20USD
    Sip and Stick.

    You get 2 drink coasters and 2 stickers! Both are the same design as the campaign logo, but black and white, 3.5 inch round. Also a shout out on my facebook page and website!

    10 out of 100 claimed
  • $30USD
    Wearin' it out!

    Wear a rad short-sleeve, white t-shirt with my cool design, in color! Logo on front center, text on back: "His unicycle's bigger than yours." I need a minimum number to order, but you'll get something cool regardless.

    4 out of 20 claimed
  • $250USD
    Business Ad/Sponsorship

    Donate this amount or more and I'll wear your company's name on my clothes or attach it somewhere on my unicycle during the trip and future trips. The bigger the donation, the bigger and flashier the name (and a special thanks in any potential media exposure). Also includes the Sip and Stick perk. ***Must happen before Dec. 2 start date, or it will simply involve future trips - or can just be a large advertisement on my website.

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  • $1,000USD
    Event Speaker/Entertainer

    I will attend an event and show/teach unicycle skills and/or give a talk about my travels/experiences. Does not include travel expenses. Includes the Sip and Stick perk.

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $3,000USD
    Personal Unicycle Assistant

    This exceeds the goal, of course, but dreams can come true. If you give any amount at or above this, I will ride, drive, bus, or fly to you (US and Canada only), buy the right starter unicycle for you (and help size it), and won't leave your side until you've pedaled down your driveway. (You may have to let me sleep on your couch or camp in your yard, though.) Includes travel expenses. Also includes the Sip and Stick perk.

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