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Sometimes it's easier to catch the bad guys if you're already dead. A Steampunk Ghost Hunter helps two spies, but one one of them is already dead.
Suzee Corbell
767 Facebook Friends
Artesia and Roswell, New Mexico
United States
5 Team Members


Madeline is being played by the sexy and sassy Cody Price.  Madeline likes things to go her way or not at all:

Sometimes it's easier to catch the bad guys if you're already dead.

We confess!  We're killing off our super spy good guy early in the film.  It's when his ghost comes back that the story really kicks into high gear. A spy who can truly spy without being seen can be a definite advantage when working with a live partner. 

Agent Nick Casey of the International Bureau of Investigation (IBI) is working with his partner Agent Rick Faraday to bring down the drug queenpin Madeline Stewart. Before they can find out what new game Madeline is up to she has Agent Casey killed and Agent Faraday put out of commission. You’d think that would be the end of their involvement in the case, but it’s only the beginning.

When the case is handed over to Agent Emily Rhodes she gets a new partner that no one was expecting: the GHOST of Agent Casey. The two agents work with paranormal research scientist Professor J. Byrnes and his STEAMPUNK ghost hunting inventions to see if they can figure out why they have been thrown together.

The unusual situation does not slow down their efforts to stop Madeline, especially when they discover that she is moving into the deadly world of arms dealing and terrorism.

While fighting villains both living and dead, Emily and Nick have to wonder whether his Unfinished Business is to stop the woman who had him killed or to be with the woman he was meant to love.

Do you like ghost stories or action movies?  How about both at once with a little horror and mystery thrown in?

Unfinished Business is a film noir flavored action film with plenty of adventure, ghosts, spies, and mayhem.  Our movie has incredibly beautiful STEAMPUNK and sensual GOTH elements that combine with spooky HORROR and spine-chilling THRILLER moments.  It's one-stop shopping for the perfect mix of action and mystery in a film.

We're asking for a nice-sized chunk of change because we would like to be able to add a few fantabulous and very recognizable names to our cast.  We can announce names as the funding grows in the campaign.  The more funding the bigger the names, so please help us out!

Don't forget that once we meet our goal you can keep pledging! Every penny that is pledged will be up on that screen and the more pennies we get the cooler that reflected image is gonna be!

We have some absolutely splendid Perks to choose from over on the right.  Things like:

  • Screen Credit
  • Your Image Appearing in the Movie
  • Movie Extra Roles
  • Screen Used Steampunk Ghost Hunting Props
  • Indiegogo Campaign-Specific T-shirts & Posters 
  • DVDs
  • Dinner with Us
  • Tickets to Premiere & After Party
  • Go on a REAL Ghost Hunt with Some of the Cast and Crew
  • and much more

The funds raised here are just a part of the whole budget and will be used to pay cast and crew, buy props, wardrobe, pay fees, bring in incredible Special FX, feed everyone, and everything else associated with making sure the film is completed.  This campaign is for funds to complete the production phase.  If we don't reach our goal on this campaign we're going to keep moving forward on the project and the funds we do get will go toward that.

Below is a sample of the t-shirts you get to choose from if you choose a Perk at least at the $175 Zombie level.

Men's Steampunk Design:

Ladies' Steampunk Design:

Men's Underwater Design:

Women's Underwater Design:

You can find out more about us, this film, and our other projects at Vivid Light Pictures. Thank you, in advance, to EVERYONE who contributes. 

This is our amazing cast as of now: 

PICTURED (from left to right in each row):  Sarah Mitchell, Debbie Brown, Jeremiah Blakley, Curtis H. Folts, Zod Grey Buckley, Mike Smith, Geoffrey Notkin, Cody Price, Rebecca Prendergast, Hayley Snow Klein, and Kenny Holdeman

  Geoffrey Notkin in Australia for "Meteorite Men" 

Role of PROF. J. BYRNES - Geoffrey Notkin hosts the award-winning adventure series Meteorite Men on Science Channel. He has also appeared in numerous other television shows including American ChopperWired ScienceCosmic CollisionsHow the Earth was Made, and The Best Places to Find Cash & Treasures. He is a widely published science writer and photographer, and the author of two books, Meteorite Hunting: How To Find Treasure From Space, and the new Rock Star: Adventures Of A Meteorite Man.

We're thrilled to have him on board to bring life to the character of Prof. Joshua Byrnes, paranormal scientist and inventor of a small arsenal of incredibly cool, Steampunk ghost hunting gear.

JEREMIAH BLAKLEY AS TODD FRANKLIN (paranormal research assistant to Prof. J. Byrnes):

Todd is being portrayed by the fun and multi-talented Jeremiah Blakley.  Todd is the paranormal research assistant to Prof. J. Byrnes and, together, they create fantastic and whimsical Steampunk Ghost Hunting Gear.


Horatio is being played by the incredibly talented and sweet Curtis H. Folts.  Horatio is butler to the evil Madeline Stewart.  He'll take care of any little mess for her and never miss a beat as you can tell in this little one-shot.

• • •

We'll be adding more cast to this site as our funding comes in, so keep an eye on this section.

• • •

You can find out more about each actor and the role they play by checking out our "Unfinished Business" Cast page on our web site.   

Our Crew is made up of seasoned pros as well as talented people who want to learn and grow in the entertainment industry.

We believe in training and helping others expand their creative horizons while we push our own limits at the same time.  We want everyone to learn and have a great time so that creative fun will transfer onto the screen for the audience to enjoy. We've listed a few crewmembers below and we'll be adding the collection photo of the crew soon, but you can see additional current crew and new crew as we add them onto the project on our "Unfinished Business" Crew page at our web site. 


Suzee Corbell (writer/director) has worked in the entertainment industry for over twenty years and has experience from the ground up. She recently ran a TV station while producing original programming for over three years. She also ran a production training program in conjunction with the TV station in order to help local students learn more about the field. In the last several years, Suzee has created a number of short films and produced almost fifty commercials. She also worked many positions on films such as Memoirs of a GeishaPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestPirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndG-ForceAlvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, and many others. You can find more about Suzee on IMDb and at her production company web site Vivid Light Pictures

Geoffrey Notkin 

Geoffrey Notkin (producer) is best known for his three-season stint as host of the award-winning television adventure series Meteorite Men which airs worldwide on Discovery networks. He has also filmed episodes of American ChopperGlobe TrekkerAncient AliensNaked EarthHow the Earth was MadeThe Best Places to Find Cash & Treasure, and has worked with NASA EDGE, TLC, Discovery, History Channel, Travel Channel, Nat Geo, PBS, and the BBC.

Geoff is a music business professional and worked in London, Boston, and New York for more than three decades as a producer, audio engineer, manager, and musician.  He is also the award-winning author of two books and hundreds of published articles on science and the arts. He studied film history with Dr. George Waldo Weyant in London. 

Geoffrey Notkin on IMDb • Meteorite Men web site • Geoff's Books • Geoff Notkin on Facebook• Geoff Notkin on Twitter 

Sean McCormick (special effects coordinator) has a special effects history that goes back to helping his parents work with the Henson Creature Shop on The Dark Crystal while it was shooting in the UK.  He would worked as an intern on Raiders of the Lost Ark during the day and then helped his father with skeksis for The Dark Crystal at night.

After a short stint back in New Mexico in the US in 1983, the family returned to London to work on the Henson film Labyrinth.  At the end of this job Sean was hired by George Lucas's Industrial Light an Magic to head up their foam rubber shop.

Eventually, Sean returned to New Mexico where his attentions turned to prop making.  Sean's film works have spanned over three decades and he's dedicated to film production whether it be big budget or low budget independent productions.  Most recently he's worked on Transformers 1 & 2, Thor, Appaloosa, First Snow, Motel Man, In Plain Sight, and The Lone Ranger.

You can find out more about Sean on IMDb.

Walid Feghali (composer) is a young composer, engineer, and concept artist living in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden.  Three things have fascinated him since childhood: science, music and art.  This led him to a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and an explosion of his own musical creations.

He has written and produced professional musical scores for trailers, short films, games, contests, and more.  He hasn't stopped there.  He's also a concept artist and has worked on several professional projects as well as creating simply for personal achievement.  His music and art have won him several contests and have gotten him featured on web sites and at exhibitions.

You can find out more about Walid at these links:  Walid Feghali web siteWalid Feghali on YouTubeWalid Feghali on Facebook

You can hear a sample of some of Walid's previous work at the link below:

We will be featuring many independent artists, collectors, designers, and entrepreneurs that we find on the Internet.

We want to help as many other artists as we can.  We believe we're all in this together and we're working with many extremely talented people that we've found at Etsy, Zazzle, and other sites to bring together our wardrobe, jewelry and additional props and set dressing so we can feature their work in our film.

Some of the shops we're currently working with are shown below and you can find out more about each one with links to their sites on our "Unfinished Business" Artists, etc. page at our web site.  We're also featuring amazing products such as alien Abduction Wine and ParanormALE

We're also always looking for more artists to feature.  If we can't use them in this film, maybe they'll work for a future film.  If you know of someone we should check out, please leave us a comment on here.


Amazing characters deserve magnificent styling!

We've been putting together some looks that we like for many of the characters in the movie.  We have Steampunk, Goth, Boho, Western, Geek, and many more.  After all, each of us has our own style and we believe our characters should too!  Here are some examples for you to check out:




Did we mention that we love STEAMPUNK?

Although the basic look for Unfinished Business will be film noir, there is a major character who has a decided flair for Steampunk. Prof. J. Byrnes designs and builds his own paranormal ghost hunting gear and he's purely a Steampunk man at heart.  He believes that life should be anything but dull and unimaginative.

Prof. Byrnes is going to be played by Geoffrey Notkin of the award-winning Science Channel adventure program Meteorite Men.  Geoff is also a producer on our movie and his excitement about the world of science and technology spills over nicely into our good professor.

We've taken a whole load of vintage science equipment (much of it from Geoff's personal collection) and are converting it into the Steampunk Ghost Hunting props for the film.  We're even switching out the wiring and turning a lot of it into REAL Ghost Hunting Gear that's simply beautiful!

The conversion process is still a work in progress, but we hope these photos give you an idea of where we're going. The first photo is a set-up that Geoff and his friend Doc put together to search for ghostly audio signals (aka EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomenon).  We will be adding all kinds of copper, brass, gears, steam-lines, etc., to this amazing layout.


Below are a few photos of the some of the gear we're working on.  You can keep track of the new gear on the "Unfinished Business" Steampunk Ghost Hunting Gear page at our web site.







Makin' Sure We've Got Everything Covered

We've worked on films and TV shows that include Pirates of the Caribbean  movies, G-Force, Alvin & the Chipmunks movies, Memoirs of a Geisha, Bones, Spiderman, Thor, Raiders of the Lost ArkLabyrinthTransformers, and much more!  Now we want to take what we've learned and make movies of our own.

Even though we know it's impossible to foresee every possible risk and challenge, we're doing our best to be prepared for everything we can. We're planning scenes that require underwater shots at a lake, as well as scenes with fires in rooms and exteriors of a house burning down. We're working with diving professionals and firemen and stunt people who have dealt with this kind of work for decades.

We're going to be employing ghostly make-up and fantastic special FX displays, so we'll be utilizing practical as well as digital technology to the max to get amazing looks onscreen. These can lead to timing issues and problems with make-up under the lights. We have make-up artists and digital FX people that are already planning ahead.

We're working on looks that we know can be produced for the budget we have and still look great. They have to be comfortable for the actors and functional, too. That's why we're testing so many of them ahead of time.

We want lower airfares, discounted hotel rates, great deals on catering, plenty of time for bringing in equipment and trucks, and a clear view of options available to us. By planning now, we hope to clear as many hurdles as we can ahead of time.

We're bringing on the best cast and crew that we can find from, really, all over the world and we're shooting in a beautiful area of New Mexico in the US. We're looking at our risks and challenges in a positive light and as chances to learn and grow and produce an even better movie. We know there are going to be hurdles that we don't see coming and we're watching episodes of MacGyver to be better prepared.

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    Select a Perk
    • $10USD

      You'll receive a Thank You credit at the end of the movie, be added to our Backers page on our web site, and we'll include your name in a video we'll shoot on-set thanking all of our Backers. We'll post the video on YouTube for all to see!

      3 claimed
    • $25USD

      You'll receive everything in the Shade Perk AND you'll also receive a link to watch the movie online when it's completed. (Make sure we get your e-mail address to send it to when it's ready.)

      7 claimed
    • $50USD

      You'll receive everything in the Shade and Shadow Perks AND you'll also receive an autographed DVD of the film when it's completed.

      5 claimed
    • $100USD

      You'll receive everything in the Shade, Shadow, and Ghost Perks AND an autographed poster of the movie, as well.

      0 claimed
    • $175USD

      You get all the cool stuff above AND an Indiegogo Backer EXCLUSIVE t-shirt that reads "I Took Care of UNFINISHED BUSINESS" with the Indiegogo logo. That way everyone will know that you're a mover and shaker in the movie biz! Your choice of our standard water background logo our Steampunk background.

      1 claimed
    • $250USD

      Yup, you get all the Perks above AND we'll make sure your name shows up in the movie somewhere. It'll either be said or show up in print on-screen somewhere. If you'd rather someone else's name be used, just tell us the name you want us to put in the movie.

      0 claimed
    • $350USD

      You'll get everything up to and including the Zombie Perk AND you'll get your photo in the movie some place. It'll be on a box of cereal or in a newspaper article or something like that (Very Hitchcock, eh?). If you don't want your image will do your pet's photo, etc. (Please keep it G-rated. ;o) )

      1 claimed
    • $500USD

      You'll get everything up to and including the Zombie Perk AND you'll get an autographed copy of the shooting script! We'll get as many cast and crew to sign it as we can get to hold the pen!

      0 claimed
    • $1,500USD

      You'll get everything up to and including the Zombie Perk AND you'll receive a Screen-Used Steampunk Ghost Hunting Prop from the movie! We're only allowing three very specific props out of our grip, so these are extremely special indeed!

      0 out of 3 claimed
    • $2,500USD

      You'll get everything up to and including the Zombie Perk AND you (or someone you choose) will get to be a Featured Extra in the movie! You'll get to spend time on the set and hang out with the cast and crew. You'll also receive two tickets to the Premiere and After Party. (Travel and accommodations not included. Dates subject to shooting schedule.)

      0 claimed
    • $5,000USD

      You'll get everything up to and including the Zombie Perk AND the Spirit Perk AND you'll also get to have dinner with Suzee and other members of the cast and crew receive an Associate Producer (IMDb) credit on the movie! Whoa!

      0 claimed
    • $10,000USD

      You'll get everything up to and including the Zombie AND the Spirit Perks AND you'll get an Executive Producer credit AND you'll get to go on a REAL Ghost Hunt with members of the cast & crew & the ARK Paranormal Ghost Hunting team working with us on the movie. (Date & Location will be coordinated by ARK & you'll have to abide by their safety rules, but it's SO worth it!) You'll also have dinner with some of the cast & crew AND you'll get to see & have input on the film

      0 claimed
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