Under Production - The TV Series

They have no idea what they're doing.

What It's About

Under Production' follows a student production company on their journey to create the best student film ever, hoping to win big at the end of the year campus film festival. Despite their best efforts, the crew can never seem to keep it together, with mishaps and problems at every turn. Watch as they deal with actor demands, pretentious directors, and their biggest competition - college life itself.

Who We Are

Our names are Scott, Adam, and Laura, and we want to make a TV show. Six 22 minute episodes in a little under four months. Not just any TV show though, the best damn college TV show ever. And we're going to do it.


This is Important to Us

As I sit here writing this (Scott) I can say that Under Production has been the #1 reason for me to get out of bed in the past few months. Its our baby, and seeing this dream turn into a reality is something I can't wait for. Sure, it is a lot of work, but we have a lot of dedication. Before we decided on this project, we were worried about how busy we would be. We thought about how many hours we'd have to put in on the show. We were scared that our social lives would take a beating. We dealt with the fact that our school work is going to pile up on top of our show work. And we realized that we wouldn't be going out to any parties until this show is done. And then we jumped right in and started work on Under Production. If you leave this IndieGoGo page with anything, leave it knowing that somewhere out there three people are working their hearts out trying to make something they believe in.


Why give us money?

We need lots of money. We're operating right now solely off of the generosity of other, more equipment wealthy, individuals. What we'd like to do is start acquiring our own equipment. That way we can spend more time writing and shooting than running around like crazy people trying to find something to shoot with. As of now we need a sound recorder, a microphone, a boom pole, cables, a hard drive, SD cards, gels, a slate, lights, gas to drive our crew around, and most importantly, food to keep our crew happy! If we can get all of this stuff, we can put out a better project.


Spread the Word!

We're not going to tell you to spread the IndieGoGo page, we don't want you to annoy your friends. What we DO want you to do is to send them to http://www.underproductiontv.com where they can find out more information about the show and watch the episodes as they come out! Watching Under Production is free of charge and no donation is necessary, we just want you to enjoy it!

Where You Can Watch It?

Under Production premieres Wednesday, February 8th on TUTV and Internets everywhere!

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