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In the foothills of the Himalayas, two families must navigate China’s rapidly changing economy.
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Official Teaser

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UNDER ONE ROOF is a full-length documentary that chronicles the lives of two very different Chinese families, who due to economic reasons, find themselves living under the same roof.

An enterprising Han Chinese couple has come to one of the last outposts of China's frontierland, Lake Lugu. They're here in order to make a business out of struggling lakeside inn belonging to not just any family--but a family of Moso, an indigenous people belonging to China's last matriarchal society.

In order to be successful, compromises will be made, cultures will clash, and patience will wear thin. Will the families adapt, and set apart their differences in order to survive another year, or will the business collapse, extinguishing the best hopes of both families?


The Film

This is a story about families and individuals, locals and immigrants, who are attempting to keep up with the rapid transformation of their homes and way of life. The drama that plays out along the shores of Lake Lugu is a microcosm of a rapidly changing China. We hope to capture this unique moment in time, culture and society.

The Moso

Our documentary features the Moso (or Mosuo) people, an indigenous ethnic minority and China's last matriarchal society. The Moso live high up in the foothills of the Himalayas in Southwestern China, located next to one of China's last unspoiled alpine lakes, Lake Lugu.

The Moso and their way of life have more or less stayed the same--until now. In the past twenty years, word of their unique social practices and colorful traditions has spread. Tourism has brought welcomed money and new technology to the region, but the Moso’s native land is now being slowly developed, village by village, to receive the full force of Chinese and international tourism--with unknown consequences.

We believe that their brave adaptation in the midst of rapid modernization is a story worth telling. 

The Impact 

The film hopes to go beyond just the Moso's matrilineal identity, instead looking at their experience navigating the complicated headwaters of modernization. Meanwhile, we also examine the nuances of their relationship with the influx of Han Chinese who have immigrated to Lake Lugu and now call it home.

Through this film, we hope to increase awareness of: 

  • Cultural preservation of one of the world’s last remaining matrilineal societies
  • Environmental protection of Lake Lugu
  • Responsible tourism

The Status

Update: We've made it the preliminary round of the National Geographic Society's Young Explorer's Grant, and are awaiting their reply in September!

In Feb. 2012, we traveled to Yunnan for field research, staying in the villages of Lake Lugu for over a month conducting interviews and location scouting.
What you see in the trailer above was shot over the month-long period. 

But we need your help. The initial $10,000 pledged will be able to take Ricky and a small, dedicated team back to Lake Lugu to complete the filming of this movie. 

What Will These Funds Go Toward?

Your (tax-deductible) contribution will send Ricky and a small crew back to Lake Lugu to capture this pivotal time in the history of the Moso and modern China.

Our initial $10,000 budget will make it possible to shoot on location, while we actively seek additional funding from other foundations and other private funding sources for post-production and distribution of the final film.

Get Involved

  • Spread the word: Tweet, Facebook and tell your friends!
  • Feedback:  Let us know what you think about the Moso and China -- we appreciate your insight!
  • Equipment donations: Cameras, tripods, granola bars...

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