Uncanny X-Men Season 2

Focuses on the origins of the Uncanny X-Men Team


Our Story

We will be filming another season of the fan series based off the popular comic Uncanny X-Men. This version of X-Men will give X-Men fans what they have been waiting for. Characters include Cyclops, Iceman, Wolverine, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Mystique, and more. We will film 22 episodes, each including important pages from the comics brought to life on screen. We will be following THE X-MEN ORIGINS. We want to make the ultimate X-Men series. We want to correct what has happened in the movies as well as the cartoons. One thing fans get upset about is the character development, killing off important characters, and changing storylines dramatically. We are here to do it right, but we do need your help.


We already have all 22 episodes written. All parts have been cast and locations set. We are now shopping around for wardrobe and weapons. We will be shooting on Canon 5 and 60d. We have an awesome team of both Crew and Cast. Production will begin this summer in Atlanta Ga of 2012. We will release the project for online streaming sometime in the winter. 

The Impact

The impact this will have on fans will be great. Something they can actually enjoy and become satisfied of what they have grown up reading. Hopefully this will inspire other filmmakers to make short films about their favorite superheros, especially the heroes that never get attention on the big or small screen. We hope for the project to gain recognition and to show those at Fox studios how it should be done in terms of character and story. 

What We Need & What You Get


With this being a fan film, our finances are very little to none. We have some good equipment, but to ensure excellent quality, any funding towards equipment, wardrobe, VFX, and make up would help a great deal, as it takes a lot to make each individual character look amazing. Donations could also help with cast and crew for all their hard work.


 The money raised would focus more on quality and on screen visuals making an excellent output of special FX. If we do not succeed in our goal we will continue with this project as just about everyone in cast and crew are huge X-Men fans already and almost nothing can stop this project =)


In return for your help we can provide something in return to show our thanks. With you donating, that means you are now apart of our family. Because of you, our project has become that much better. We will offer you on screen credit as well as IMDB credit.  The top donater will receive an Executive Producer credit and will be listed on our facebook site.


Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the word and tell as many of your friends about our campaign as well as this series. If you think you can help in other areas as well as far as Special FX goes, or any other department, that would be great. You can also LIKE our facebook page for support athttp://www.facebook.com/xmenfanseries

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