Unashamed. A Memoir by Aziza Kibibi

The captivating, provocative and inspiring real life tale of a an incestuous sex slave survivor.
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I'd like to introduce myself and my project. 

Unashamed. A memoir by Aziza Kibibi

Hello, my name is Aziza Kibibi. I am a single mom of five beautiful children that I am very proud of. Most men describe me as mysterious, free spirited and charming. Most woman say that I'm confident, smart and witty. But little do they know, is that from ten years old, I was raised as my father’s (Aswad Ayinde) sex slave. Oh, and the first four of my five children, are also my brother and sisters.

This book is the true story of my life; a tale of how surviving my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, has shaped me into the woman I am today.

I am the eldest of 9 children by my mother, and including my children whom he fathered, the eldest of over twenty-five by my dad. Using events from the present as a vehicle,  history of my life unfolds. I take the reader on a journey through my sheltered life in a polygamous family where I was home schooled, molested, beaten and trained to satisfy my father’s every sexual desire. In addition, I invite the reader into my present life where I've triumphed over the setbacks and challenges from my upbringing.  

I describe how while growing up I watched my father turn from a loving, talented respected member of the community, into the abusive monster that God spared my own children from growing up with. Via my transition through adolescence the reader witnesses my failed attempts at protecting my younger siblings from the fate I had befallen; my father’s video directing career where we interacted with popular ’90’s music artists such as Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean of the music group The Fugees, and the events that led to the unveiling of our family secret. 

UNASHAMED is a tale of tragedy, growth, resilience, survival, faith and forgiveness.  

I want to share my story with the public because I feel I have a moral responsibility to other men, women and children (both victims and victimizers) that may be affected by child molestation and incest, to raise awareness and lend a voice to those that are and have been abused. Unlike the safety mechanism that other victims utilize, I have not repressed the torture that my father inflicted on me, yet I function normally in life love and relationships. I consider this unique because I believe that through my writing it is important to convey to the reader the thoughts and feelings of a victim while being abused. This is also what makes my memoir stand out from other books that have been published with this theme.

As for my personal successes in life; despite my limited homeschooled education, I am currently  pursuing my associates in Liberal Arts - Communications with a 3.7 GPA (my first classroom experience) at Essex County College. I have won three Woman’s Opportunity awards from Soroptamist International for my writing. I currently administrate two blogs and, I run a catering and dessert company called Sincerely, Z. I am also raising, and have wonderful relationships with my four talented children whom I love more than anything. 

Unlike what is and was available to me and countless others, my book will provide insight, support and inspiration to victims, survivors and those that love us via my voice shamelessly sharing the perils of  my victimization, as well as my triumphs as an overcomer. But this book is not only for those connected to incest or sexual child abuse.  I hope that my tales will encourage and motivate anyone going through troublesome times, to push forward and stay strong no matter what challenges life presents one with. Though themed in struggle, Unashamed is a beautiful tragedy filled with provocative scenarios, funny moments, exciting journeys and insightful thought provoking ideas. 


What We Need  

At 35 years in the making and 3 years in the writing, Unashamed the 410 page manuscript is complete. And now I need your help to get it published. 

Your gracious contributions will transform this project from something I am doing, to something WE are doing together. Our goal of $19,077 will prep, print, bind, and help distribute completed hard cover and soft cover copies of Unashamed, making you and I the publishers of this book. With this initial launch, I hope to spread the word and promote Unashamed; which will be available on a print on demand basis.  

Funds will go towards the following:

  • Editing for grammar
  • Editing for content and continuity
  • Copyediting
  • Book cover and jacket design
  • Interior Layout
  • Photos and illustrations
  • Printing
  • Binding
  • ISBN assingment
  • Online distribution
  • Marketing

What You Get

Because there is no other piece of literature of this nature on the market, you are helping to make history.  I myself feel blessed to be a part of something that could prevent pain and suffering in others, and may even save a few lives. I want to offer you the same opportunity. In addition I will include you in the journey of realizing this project by acknowledging your kindness on my Facebook and Twitter. 

As the size of the donations increase, the perks grow to include, copies of Unashamed with and without autographs; a dessert party catered by my company Sincerely, Z; book readings and speaking engagements (great for organizations). There's even a perk where I send you a real photograph of myself as a teenager, with a short true story from my life that no one else is privy to.

To me there's no such thing as failure; only opportunities to do it better the next time. So If we do not reach our goal, the funds will go towards whatever it will allow in publishing as many copies as possible. After which, I will find other ways to bring this project to fruition.

Support comes in all forms

Don't let lack of funds stop you from showing support. There are other ways you can help.

  1. Spread the word. Share my campaign on your Facebook and/or Twitter
  2. Suggest my speaking perk or catered event to your church, synagog, temple, business or other organization.
  3. Go to my blog, Unashamed An Open Book, and cheer me on. 
  4. Like my Facebook page and/or follow me on twitter

The Impact

But wait. I'm sure your wondering why don't I just get Unashamed published by a traditional publishing company? I must confess that is ideally what I would like to do, but with the changes in publishing, it is more difficult to achieve, and takes more time for an unknown author to get published. So while I don't discount the possibility of signing with a publishing house, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. If by a different blessing my book is picked up by a publisher, have no fear, a backup plan is here. 

All perks will still be honored to the best of my ability. In addition, your donations will contrubute to the development of my non profit organization Precious Little Ladies

The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters through information, education, empowerment, support and understanding. 

With these tools a family could better prevent, cope and recover from incidents of child sexual abuse. 

Unashamed is not just a book, and I am not just a victim of child molestation. What we are creating here is a movement that will invite change. Unashamed will provide something that I never had. A map to healing, encouragement to forge on and strength to make a change; from someone who understands. 

Join me in impacting the world and making a change. Join me in saving lives. Join me in inspiring over 3 million children and 76 million adults to be UNASHAMED.

Let's do this!

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    I will post a special thanks on my Twitter and Facebook page to let everyone know you are a part of making this happen.

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    I will send you two autographed hardcover copies of Unashamed, accompanied by a picture of me when I was a teenager, with a story from my childhood that no one else knows on the back. You will also get five autographed paperback copies of Unashamed and I would like to personally thank you over the phone. In addition you will receive a dedicated thank you status on my Facebook page. This is extra special to me because the contribution is the same as the year I was born.

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    Sincerely, Z intimately

    Along with 10 paperback copies and 5 autographed hardcover copies of Unashamed, I will also cater a dessert party for up to 9 of your friends and family, and personally read a chapter of your choosing while your guests enjoy Sincerely Z's delectable incredible edibles.

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    Not ashamed.

    Along with 50 paperback copies of Unashamed, I will come and do a book reading and speak about my challenges and triumphs at an organization, church or venue of your choosing.

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