A Film For You By You! A Global Journey Of Faith, Grace, Redemption, Life and Hip-Hop.
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  • $10USD
    Digital Grass Roots

    Digital download package and a personalized digital commemorative certificate! The personalized certificate can be in your name or in the name of someone you choose to give it to as a gift!

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  • $25USD
    Get Posted!

    All of the above perks plus...A Limited Edition “Unashamed" movie poster signed by select Cast! Your wall will thank you!

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  • $50USD
    Sport Your Support

    All of the above perks plus...Get your hands on the stylish “Unashamed” Movie T-Shirt! Wear the message AND look great!

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  • $100USD
    Silver Screen Featured Donor

    All of the above perks plus...Youʼve just become a "Silver Screen Featured Donor", and will be credited as such in the end title crawl of the movie! Your name will appear alphabetically during the end title crawl under the heading "Silver Screen Featured Donors," and will run on the left side of the screen alongside the traditional credits on the right.

    34 claimed

  • $200USD
    Rock My Voicemail!

    All of the above perks plus...Have a member of the Unashamed Movie Cast/Production Team record your personal voicemail greeting. No – you donʼt have to ship us your phone, but you might have to explain to your friends who the 116 clique is!

    3 claimed

  • $300USD
    Red Carpet Party

    All of the above perks plus...Two tickets for you and a guest to attend "A Red Carpet" screening in Atlanta, Georgia or Dallas, TX along with members of the 116 clique. Of course, actually posing on the red carpet while you're there is optional, okay, semi-optional! Did we mention you also get exclusive "Red Carpet" merchandise? We meant to! (Transportation not included.)

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  • $500USD
    Behind the Scenes

    All of the above perks plus...Be one of the first to receive an autographed copy of the film on DVD and an Official film guide.

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  • $1,000USD
    Almost Hollywood

    All of the above perks plus...You are now invited to appear as an extra in the dramatic re-enactments of the film (on location in Dallas, TX) & join the cast and crew for lunch! (Transportation not included.)

    2 claimed

  • $3,000USD
    Movie Mogul

    All of the above perks plus...You are now a "Movie Mogul". This means you are now invited to be an official Director's Assistant on the set in Dallas, Texas during the final shooting of the film. You will have the opportunity to interact with the actors and crew, assist the director in final touches, etc.That's right. You...on set...making it happen. How cool is that?! (Transportation not included.)

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  • $5,000USD
    Movement Maker

    All of the above perks plus...We will fly to your city to give a private screening of the finished film at your home, church or community organization once the movie is released! After the screening, we will conduct a Q&A as well as an informational/motivational session with your family, community, or organization on ways to further the movement in your area.

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