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You have over 200 synthetic chemicals inside your body. Find out how they got there, help us expose the issues, & CREATE SOLUTIONS TOGETHER.
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You might be surprised to learn that before you walked out your front door this morning, you likely ingested, absorbed, or inhaled more than 150 unique synthetic chemicals.  

If this concerns you, I'm guessing you'd like to get the facts about toxic exposure so you can take action and create a healthier life for you and those you love.
The public needs to have access - sooner than later - to this critical information. We have uncovered some disturbing facts that until now, have been hidden from general public knowledge. After seeing this film, you may feel disturbed, confused, overwhelmed, and maybe... angry. 
Go to unacceptablelevels.com, and connect with the organizations and companies out there that are doing everything they can to make a difference - for you, and me, and future generations...
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Why I Made this Film

We have been working on UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS for almost three years. After my wife, Lauren Brown, had two separate miscarriages, we were thrown for a loop and had no idea what was going on. We started to look at everything around us - what we were eating and drinking, cleaning our home with, painting our walls with, washing our bodies with... What we discovered was disturbing and compelling enough to share with the world - we all deserve to know what is going into our bodies, and into the bodies of our children.  

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Our health care costs in the United States are over $2 trillion, and we are on what has been described as a "toxic treadmill." The participating organizations* in our film are not just helping themselves, but other people as well. We all know that by starting our kids off in the right direction on this issue, it's another way we can hope to give them better lives, and perhaps they can avoid some major problems that we couldn't when we were young. 


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What If...

Ed and MayaEd Brown, the filmmaker, not only developed asthma but was born with a cataract in his right eye, which made him legally blind. His wife, Lauren, developed Crohn's disease in her teens... Ask yourself the same question that we did: What if the health problems I've encountered in my life were due to the environmental toxins and other chemicals that my body couldn't handle? Could that be why this illness happened to me, or perhaps a loved one in my family? Together we can try to use a precautionary approach, and limit the ways that chemicals enter our bodies.  

From our personal care products, to our food, our water, our cleaning products, to even what we are sleeping on, all of these things we are using are not just miracles of modern science, but they are also our main sources of exposure to some potentially hazardous materials.

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How You Can Help ;>)

If we're going to live in a world where we're looking out for each other, please help us get the word out! Small steps add up, and you can make a difference too!  

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