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ultreia. will be an experimental documentary about the "Way of St. James" - an ancient pilgrimage route - from St. Jean to Santiago de Compostela.
Michael Scholz
Santiago de Compostela
1 Team Member





You are arriving a small and beautiful town in France called St. Jean Pied-de-Port. Your heavy backpack hurts your shoulders. Your goal is to walk the Way of St. James - an ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. 800 km across northern Spain only by foot. You decided to leave mostly everything at home. All you own is in your backpack. Not much. You start to doubt because you don’t know where to sleep tonight, don’t know where to eat, don't know anything. But, deep in your heart, there is this feeling that everything will be good by the end of the day. Now you feel it. You are a pilgrim.

Welcome to another world."


 The Documentary

ultreia. will be an experimental documentary about the Way of St. James - an ancient pilgrimage route (since 1993 UNESCO World Heritage Site) - itself and the people who decided to walk this way to Santiago de Compostela.

Why experimental?

From the first day on I will take a deep, intense and realistic look on the route and the pilgrims. I will interview them about their life and fears, their hopes and dreams. About everything they want to talk about. There will be no fake interviews or planned scences in the documentary. Just life as it happens on the route to Santiago de Compostela.

Therefore I decided not to make much plans about the documentation. This is why the documentary will be experimental. The story will grow with every day I’m on the route. It's like life itself. You can make plans but the fate don’t care about them. That's the experimental part in it.
And every scene will be written by life itself. That's my aspire of a good documentary.

You do it alone?

I know it will be a hard job. I’m alone, it's nearly the hottest month in Spain and it's the first time for me making such a project. I also have to walk up to 40 km a day and search for stories and beautiful pictures. But I’ll do that no matter how hard it will be. For all pilgrims who ever walked this route and for those who wants to walk there one day.

Why are you doing this?

After I quit my job in December 2012 I decided to make a break to have some time to search for my passion. Then one day in March I felt that I have to go the Way of St. James and I instantly bought the train ticket - only one way. I started this journey and meet beautiful places - and most important - wonderful people. I decided to follow my heart and not listen to what my head says to me (this is what I did for the last 30 years and I was really tired of it).

After I finished the way it takes a while to find myself. I was confused because of so much wonderful impressions on the way. But, I change nearly everything in my life. I settled over to another country and had the time to think about everything without distractions. The camino starts working again in me. And than, I found what I searched for such a long time. I discovered that I will tell stories from now on. Stories about life. Stories that make people smile, sad or thoughtful but also give them hope to make the best out of their life.


About me

myself on the route

I’m Michael. I’m a 31 year old guy from Germany. This year I walked the Camino to Santiago - an ancient pilgrimage route for around 800 km (500 miles). I started in St. Jean Pied-de-Port (France) and walked the whole way to Santiago de Compostela (Spain).  

After I finished the way, I was overwhelmed by how much this experience touched my heart and soul. I talked to many other pilgrims and had wonderful talks about nearly every subject of life with them. To many pilgrims this way is like a start into a new chapter in their lives. There is this magic atmosphere which touches you so deep that you can't describe this feelings in words. This is where I feel that I need to catch the spirit of the way in pictures and stories.



The Preperation

At the moment I buy all the needed gear. I only own a MacBook Pro to do the post production but I still need much more to capture beautiful pictures. This is where the money is needed.

The money will be invested into the following things:

Film Equipment

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Audio Field Recorder
  • Miscellaneuos stuff (batteries, filters, storage cards, viewfinder, monopod etc.)


  • Apple Final Cut X
  • Miscellaneuos software (Compressor, Audio, etc.)

 Post Production

  • Support in the post production process


  • Flight and train tickets
  • Food and shelter (min. for 6 weeks)


Thats around 15.000 Euro I need to start the project. But no matter how much it will be in the end of the founding phase. I will just start the production with my own money. It’s my dream to do that. So I’ll move forward or as the pilgrims say to each other when they see on the route:



What else can you do?

If it's not possible for you to leave me a dollar that's not a problem at all. Don't feel sad. I'm also happy when you spread my project throughout a blog, twitter or facebook.

I’m grateful for every little help.

That’s it. Not more or less to give my dream a chance.


Thank you very much for your support.

Buen Camino




You need more information? Check out...

Production Blog








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This campaign ended on September 30, 2013
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  • €5EUR
    Level 1: The Way

    You are in. Support one kilometer of walking. I'll think of you when I walk the sponsored kilometer. :) You will receive: + a big thank you

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  • €20EUR
    Level 2: The Refuge

    Support me with one night in an pilgrims hostel on the way. I'll dream the hole night about you...ahhhh how cute :) You will receive: + an entry on the supporters website + a big thank you

    1 claimed
  • €30EUR
    Level 3: The Cross of Tau

    On this level you will receive the Cross of Tau. The monks of St. Antonius provided this symbol to the pilgrims in the medieval. It should protect them on their hard way to Santiago. You will receive: + everything from level 1-2 + The Cross of Tau (in form of a necklace) (please ad for shipping outside Europe 5 Euro) + invitation to view an online "rough cut" of the film before anyone else

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • €50EUR
    Level 4: The Shell

    On this level you will receive a wonderful natural scallop. This is one of the most famous symbols on the way to Santiago. You will receive: + everything from level 1-3 + a pilgrims scallop (please ad for shipping outside Europe 10 Euro) + a download link for the documentary in HD

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • €100EUR
    Level 5: The Pilgrim

    As a pilgrim I'm always open for a talk about life. So let's do this. If you are not around let's do that over Skype. I looking forward hearing from you. You will receive: + everything from level 1-4 + a 60 minutes talk (over Skype)

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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