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Build a haven home for orphans in Isiti, Uganda.
Alyssa Hollingsworth
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Unlike traditional East African orphanages, which house dozens and even hundreds of children in a single structure, the Sponsorship for Orphans in Uganda Project (SOUP) is committed to building families.

How do we do it?

  • By housing a maximum of 8-10 orphans in each individual Haven Home.
  • By staffing each Haven Home with a “house mother” who lives with and cares for the children until they turn 18.

Uganda is home to 2. 5 million orphans, and this number is multiplying every day. Like many African countries, Ugandan familial and tribal ties are usually quite strong. However, in areas where AIDS has ripped a hole through generations, these ties have been broken.

Our Haven Homes are for the children that have no one to care for them—not even the traditional support system in village tribes.

The structure of our Haven Homes provides a nurturing environment to minister to each child’s spiritual and emotional needs. Our goal is to help these children build a more promising future while also developing a sense of dignity and self-worth.

These simple homes can redirect the lives of countless orphans in rural Uganda.



The cost of one Haven Home is $6,000—our target amount for this campaign. This money will buys supplies and labor from local residents.

Once the home is built, 8-10 orphans will have a safe place to live. Continued support from our regular donors will then allow us to care for these orphans by providing them with education, food, health care and clothing.

What are you giving? A future full of hope.

What do you get? The satisfaction of knowing that you are making a REAL difference in the lives of children who desperately need a helping hand. We’ll also send you a few tokens of our gratitude that honor your generosity while also spreading the word about SOUP. Check out our gallery for pictures of the perks!



The SOUP provides basic needs such as food, medical care, education, shelter and clothing to children in the village of Isiti, Uganda.

These children live in dire poverty and are dying daily from malnutrition and vaccine-preventable diseases. Most of their parents have died from AIDS, a fate many vulnerable children will share.

Our greatest desire is to give these children an opportunity for a childhood filled with laughter, joy, health, education and full bellies. We also want to provide them with the opportunity to break free from an otherwise inevitable cycle of poverty and watch them grow into change agents and symbols of hope for their fellow Ugandans.



Brin Enterkin was a sophomore at Berry College when a trip to Uganda changed her life. What began as an initiative by a group of idealistic college students has grown into a tax-deductible nonprofit organization with more than 1,800 donors. Together, we are sowing hope into the lives of children with the goal of changing a village, a nation, a continent and our world.

For four years, we have provided:

  • Breakfast and lunch for more than 300 children
  • Books, mosquito nets, clothing, medical supplies and treatment
  • Deworming pills (our kids are now worm free!)
  • Wells with fresh, clean water
  • A SOUP school that allows the village children to experience excellence in teaching and learning while receiving an education respectful of Ugandan culture.

By providing a healthy and nurturing living environment and leadership skill development, we are empowering these orphans to lives of purpose.

Since its inception, SOUP has spread beyond Berry College and now includes Auburn University. And Valdosta State University. Join the movement today!



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This campaign ended on April 25, 2013
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  • $1USD

    Your gift, however small, is what holds this house together. For your contribution, we'll make you a part of our daily shout out on Facebook!

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  • $10USD
    Blue Bracelets + Sticker

    Receive one of our popular blue bracelets and a sticker with the SOUP logo.

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  • $20USD
    Leather Bracelet + Sticker

    Get one of our leather bracelets, handmade and stained by the SOUP staff! You'll also get a sticker with the SOUP logo.

    34 out of 70 claimed
  • $35USD

    Help us brick by brick, and you'll receive an 11x17 SOUP poster (designed by Future Shirts in Nashville, TN). You'll also get a sticker with the SOUP logo and a custom SOUP shirt! (Please leave a comment with your shirt size.)

    9 out of 30 claimed
  • $50USD

    Help us open the door for the future of 8-10 orphans, and you'll get an 11x17 poster (designed by Future Shirts in Nashville, TN), a SOUP sticker, a leather bracelet and a custom shirt! (Leave a comment with your shirt size!)

    9 out of 20 claimed
  • $150USD
    Triple the Bricks

    Help us shelter our orphans, and you'll get an 11x17 poster (designed by Future Shirts in Nashville, TN), a SOUP sticker, a blue bracelet and a custom shirt! (Leave a comment with your shirt size!) You'll also receive a hand drawn picture from one of the SOUP kids.

    7 out of 14 claimed
  • $300USD

    You will receive a custom thank you video of one of our kids saying a personal thank you plus all the items offered in the "wall" category!

    1 out of 14 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    A plaque with your name on it will be placed inside the Haven Home. We will also send you a digital video of one of our kids saying a personal thank you. Plus you'll receive all the items offered in the "wall" category!

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $3,000USD

    Put a name on the Haven Home and receive a personalized thank you from one of the SOUP children, in addition to all the items in the "wall" category!

    0 out of 1 claimed
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