uChair: The World's First Integrated Ergonomic PC Chair

uChair™ enables you to enjoy PC in a more comfy and healthier way. Get some fun with our patented Split Keyboard and Foot-Control Mouse

Sit back, relax, and type in comfort with this ergonomic split keyboard. Just don't nod off’’, CNET

“World’s First Integrated Ergonomic PC Chair- uChair launched in 2013 CES”, China Central Television (CCTV-1)

“Amazing Technologies and Futuristic Projects Presented at CES 2013, the recipe for a full day’s work (or gaming)”,Technology Personalized

“Allowing you to sit back comfortably and lets you work along with a relaxing seating experience’’, Mycoolbin.com

Experience Integrated Ergonomics with uChair: Relaxable, Comfortable and Healthy

uChair™ will help PC users release the strain on the neck, shoulder and body, and offer a more relaxable, comfortable and healthier position with five patented innovations:

Integrated Ergonomic Design—Providing systematic protection from head to foot with backrest, seat cushion and foot rest devices, which enables users to realize the true ergonomic benefits. uChair will help you fully relax in a 125-135 degree reclined position, which, according to latest ergonomic research, is the best-recommended position to evenly distribute pressure on the vertebrate. Users can also adjust the position of the  backrest to suit their best needs, along with the adjustable seat cushion, neck rest cushion and lumbar support. The special designed pressure release slots will also improve the release of concentrated pressure on the vertebrate. 

Split Keyboard in the Armrests—To help users relax their shoulders and neck when they need to type, we split the keyboard in the armrests. Yes, it requires a little practice, but it is definately a worthwhile effort. There is a mouse area on the right armrest (keyboards for left handed users are available at  their request), with four USB ports and an earphone/microphone port available. 

Foot-Control Mouse—Offering users a pair of foot switches working as any key or key combination of keyboard and mouse, to encourage more exercises of the lower body. Users still need to use a regular mouse to control the direction. Recent research by health experts indicates: Sitting is the new smoking, and we would like to encourage users to exercise their legs and feet more during their operations of computers. For gamers who spend more than 5-6 hours a day, we highly recommend this feature to help them do more exercises  while increasing the enjoyment with the additional operating control devices. 

Universal Bracket—Helping users to adjust the monitor to the most suitable position and protect their eyesight effectively. An LCD monitor up to 29” is supported, and most laptops in market as well as iPad 3-4 could be equipped easily with special supporters. iMac users please select the pledge indicating support iMac. Multiple monitors are not supported at the current stage. 

Embedded Cable Management-- Embedded design provides neat, clear and fashionable cable management. No more messy cables here and there.

World’s First Cloth-Size-Based PC Chair: the best possible fit to your body curve  

Compare to the traditional One-Size-Fit-All’s chair production, uChair applies an innovative cloth-size-based design allowing users to select their own uChair size for a best possible fit. Users could select their custom uChair based on sizes they understand easily, namely the clothing sizes. The chair backrest, seat cushion, neck rest and skelton are especially sized to fit different user’s body curves and provide a better comfort and support. 

Indiegogo backers, please provide the gender and size preference information according the following:


Specifications of uChair

uChair in package:181cm*82cm*90cm;

uChair in use:210cm(Max)*82cm*110cm(Max).

Net Weight:70KG

Materials of uChair:

Why do we need your support?

We have done a lot of work in the last three years, including R&D in Integrated Ergonomics, patents and brand application, prototyping, assessing manufacturers and suppliers, etc. Now we come to Indiegogo to ask your support to realize the World’s First Integrated Ergonomic PC chair, also the First Cloth-Size-Based ergonomic chair.

Because of the patented innovation, uChair is a complex system that allows users to adjust the backrest, neck rest, seat cushion, armrests,  bracket and foot rest to the position they want, which means special adjustment mechanic parts have to been designed and molded for manufacture.

Cloth-Size-Based design & production will help user to find a comfy chair to best fit their body curve on a mass production scale. At the same time, it also means an initial investment for at least 16 different sets of mold for backrest, seat cushion, arm rest and parts of the skeleton has to be made. Is that worthy to do it? The answer is definitely YES. Providing a better users’ experiences is not only our mission, but also more valuable comparing to the increase on the molding expenses.

Therefore, initial production volume for uChair is very crucial. With supporters’ size preference, we could make a better production plan. With your funding, we can start molding and tooling and get the uChair into production phase. Our goal is to get as many supporters as we can to make uChair come to reality.


We currently have three prototypes, one is for our industrial design(shown as follows) and  one for mechanic design and verification. The last one is as shown in video, which is made of steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, sponge foam, leather and textile, with the laptop supporter on it. It also delivers the full uChair functionality and experience, with the adjustable function of backrest, neck rest, seat cushion, armrests, bracket, and foot rest. Split keyboard and foot-control mouse are also fully functional.

Software to Foot-control mouse

Users can customize the foot control mouse with any key or key combination of the keyboard and/or mouse button by easy configuration in the application software, which is developed by our supplier and ready for download from our website:www.uChair.cn/english/Download.


The design of the manufactured product would vary slightly from the prototype: uChair Basic and Superior would be made of Nylon Mesh used for office chair, and uChair Limited Edition would be made of leather in classic green. There would be two magic stickers on the backrest for the neck rest adjustment. The skeleton of the current prototype is made of aluminum alloy and the manufactured product would be made of steel and Injection Molded Plastic. And, of course, the laptop in the video and picture is not included in the award.


Thanks to the clustered manufacturing capabilities of Suzhou in China, we are able to work closely with our manufacturers to take an advantage of the flexible production capabilities at an affordable cost to provide cloth-size-based uChair products.

We have also been working very productively with our parts and components suppliers in China, to speed up our production process.

Ditang (Beijing) Design made an exceptional industrial design with comfy, healthy and fashionable concept in mind. uChair Technologies and Ditang Design had set up jointly an Integrated Ergnomic Engineering Center in Beijing for collabarating of the industrial design and test of the Integrated Ergonomics.

Production Plan

Phase 1:  Manufacturing Engineering Preparation- Scheduled completion Sep 2013

Phase 2:  Molding and Tooling - Scheduled completion Oct 2013

Phase 3:  Pre-production and Products Certification - Scheduled completion Nov 2013

Phase 4:  Formal Production - Scheduled start Dec 2013

Phase 5:  Shipping - Scheduled start Jan 2014

Shenzhen PC Sensors would supply the kernel components of foot-control mouse, who is in the market for more than 5 years. Suzhou Qilang acts as bracket part supplier, whose products has been exported to many countries. Suzhou Chuangtou is our OEM manufacturer, who is also the producer of the prototype in the video and would be responsible for the total manufacturing, assembling and packaging.


Color Options of uChair:

uChair Polo-Shirt: Purple, as shown in our video.

iPad Supporter:

Traditional Keyboard Tray:

Special Thanks 

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, Cnet, China Central Television, Cheku Coffee,Timothy Hornyak ,Alex Serban, Su Di.

Thank you to all Integrated Ergonomics enthusiasts for your time, support, and dedication.

And kindly please help us to share this campaign on Facebook and brag about it to your friends!


Risks and challenges

Within the last 3 years, we have encountered and resolved many difficulties in our R&D and prototyping process. The cloth-size-based design & production approach is one of the major challenges we met during our R&D. For our first prototype, which is designed and made according to my cloth size, i.e., XXL, we found smaller sized product testers did not feel very comfortable because their body curve was not fully supported by the backrest and seat cushion. Their hands had to extend uncomfortably because of the position of split keyboard in the armrests. We had spent more than 6 months and finally found the solution at the inspiration of the garments industry practice.

uChair is not a simple piece of furniture, since the adjustment mechanism is much more complicated compared to a regular ergonomic chair. With our last prototype in the video, we have already completed the verification of the mechanic design and ready to proceed to the production phase.

Another challenge for us to successfully deliver the uChair is that we also need to find the qualified suppliers for the components and parts, such as, foot-control mouse, split keyboard and bracket. The quality control would be a major risk to ensure users’ experiences to uChair. We have been working with the suppliers for more than two years. They have been in the industry for more than 5 years and are very experienced in the quality control and U.S. standards. We are very confident to their capabilities on components and parts' manufacturing, delivery, and quality assurance.

For international shipping and customs clearance, one of our team members has been in the international trade business to U.S. for more than 17 years. So we will be well prepared to make the international shipping from China to U.S.or other destination, and find qualified transportation company to deliver uChair directly to your door.

Last but not least, we also need to pass the CCC and FCC certification, required by U.S. and China regulation for exported & imported IT product. We have made a thorough checking list during our designing process and make sure our suppliers are experienced in the relevant requirement. The major risk would be the time consuming process of the certification. We have anticipated enough time and will work on it paralleling to pre-production manufacturing phase.


1.What will be the price of the uChair after our Indiegogo campaign?

The price of the uChair BASIC after our Indiegogo campaign will be at $699 and uChair Supeior at $769. Our Indiegogo backers receive a significant discount and get their orders fulfilled before any retail orders, so get on board now.

2.How much will domestic shipping in U.S. cost?

Depending on how far you live from either the West or East Coast, domestic shipping in U.S. costs will be in the $120-$180 range for doorstep delivery of the uChair.

We are trying our best to get a competitive deal with shipping company and save cost for our backers.

The shipping cost will be confirmed and billed to you when we are ready for manufacturing and have collected your delivery preference. No need to add shipping fees to your perk amount.

3.How much will domestic shipping in China costs?

Domestic shipping in China costs would be in the $10-20 range for doorstep delivery of the uChair.

The shipping cost will be confirmed and billed to you when we are ready for manufacturing and have collected your delivery preference. No need to add shipping fees to your perk amount.

4.How much will international shipping cost?

If you are buying an uChair internationally, you must take shipping costs and VAT into consideration. International shipping is complicated, and can be costly depending on where you live. We do not want to exclude any continents, and will do our best to make this work with international distribution centers and pick-up locations. You need to verify and add your country’s import duties and VAT, if applicable.

International shipping costs will be confirmed and billed to you when we are ready for manufacturing and have collected your delivery preference. No need to add shipping fees to your perk amount. Below are current estimates of shipping costs for various countries (excludes import duties and VAT).

North America:

Canada: $150-$200

Mexico: $350-$450


England, Germany: $150-$200

Western Europe: $200-$300 (Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, France, e.a.)

Southern Europe: $250-$300 (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece)

Scandinavia: $300-$400 (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark)

Austria: $300-$350

Switzerland: $350-$400

Eastern Europe: $350-$400 (Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

Baltic States: $350-$400 (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)

Balkan / ex-Soviet: $350-$450 (Croatia, Bosnia, Ukraine, e.a.)

Turkey: $350-$450


South East Asia: $125-$175 (Singapore, Malaysia)

Japan: $200-$300

S. Korea: $250-$350


Australia: $200-$250 

New Zealand: $200-$300

South Africa: $650-$700

Egypt: $700-$800

Middle East: $600-$750

In case your country is not listed above, please contact us, so that we can work together to determine the optimal shipping strategy and cost.

4.How are shipping priorities determined?

Orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be sure to order early to avoid waiting times beyond the announced shipping date.

5.How do I order uChair at my own clothing size?

Currently, we have a U.S. clothing size chart for you choose, you need to tell us the following information:

Gender, upper clothing size, lower clothing size.

Have a question about the uChair? Discuss uChair at Crowdfundingforum.com

For more information, please contact at:liufeng@uChair.cn

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