Ubuntu on Android Prototype Dev. Your Phone is Your PC!

Computing can be simpler, cheaper, and greener. Prototype will show Ubuntu on the desktop and Android on the phone and tablet.


The goal of Quixote Computing is to make the home and business computing model drastically simpler, cheaper, and greener. Most modern Android smartphones now have dual or quad core processors. This amount of computing power is overkill for a smartphone, but it is ideal for a PC. Quixote will sell software that will run a handset device as an Android smartphone and as a PC simultaneously. This will work on any dual or quad core Android device. We will also sell the desktop dock and the mobile convertible clamshell to enable this functionality. When the smartphone is docked it will automatically go into desktop mode, as it will be when the clamshell is in laptop mode. When the clamshell converts to a tablet the smartphone will revert to Android. Instead of spending thousands of dollar to buy and sync multiple devices the users entire digital life will be on the smartphone, with only low cost docks to purchase in addition to the phone.

 I have more  than fifteen years of experience in recruiting and information technology in a broad range of industries, including the federal government, private sector, and non-profit arena.

Beyond my significant technical and hands on recruiting expertise, I have experience with building recruiting teams, recruiting reporting and metrics, online sourcing, ad and social media strategies, university outreach, networking events, and developing training programs.

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