uBiome -- Sequencing Your Microbiome

World's FIRST citizen science project to sequence the human microbiome. Available INTERNATIONALLY in 196 countries. Learn about your health & change the world!
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  • $5USD
    uBiome Supporter

    Help support our project in its final hours. Your name will be on our website and we really appreciate your support. Spread the word on Twitter, FB message, and G+! Thank you so much! Your

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    20 claimed

  • $25USD
    Science Fashionista

    Wear our awesome µBiome tshirt and spread the word about citizen science!

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    41 claimed

  • $49USD
    uBiome Upgrade

    For existing customers -- if you have already signed up for one of our other packages, you can add an additional site to ship to the same address for only $49. (Please use the same email address as the previous purchase so we can keep it all organized.)

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    121 claimed

  • $79USD
    Early Adopter III

    The GI MICROBIOME kit at the special INDIEGOGO PRICE

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    571 claimed

  • $89USD
    uBiome Investigator II

    The GI MICROBIOME kit at the special INDIEGOGO PRICE + a µBiome tshirt.

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    130 claimed

  • $139USD
    uBiome Master II

    Sample kits for GI AND ORAL MICROBIOME + a µBiome tshirt.

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    313 claimed

  • $148USD
    uBiome Philanthropist

    Help us support microbiome sequencing in the developing world! Buy this perk and you will get a GI microbiome kit AND we will ALSO SEND ONE TO OUR DEVELOPING WORLD RESEARCH PARTNERS. Help expand global citizen science! Includes a µBiome t-shirt.

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    47 claimed

  • $209USD
    Bowel Condition uBiome

    Special price for IBD (Crohn's/UC)/IBS/colitis and other chronic bowel conditions -- Three GI kits for different time points + detailed surveys about the changing state of the microbes in your GI tract. (Larry Smarr chose this one.)

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    196 claimed

  • $235USD
    Quantified uBiome

    Three GI kits to use at three different time points + web app for building experiments. Great for personal experiments when starting a new diet, exercise, or other intervention. For athletes, health enthusiasts, quantified self-ers, citizen scientists, and more! Includes a µBiome t-shirt.

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    86 claimed

  • $335USD
    uBiome DELTA II

    GI, MOUTH, SKIN, NOSE, and GENITAL microbiome kits at the INDIEGOGO price + a µBiome t-shirt

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    195 claimed

  • $1,337USD
    ubiome DELTA ^ FIVE

    Five site kits to use at five different time points + personal guidance, how to record your diet and lifestyle data, and detailed analysis. Great if you're about to go on a diet or take a new medication. Includes a µBiome t-shirt.

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    16 claimed

  • $10,000USD
    uBiome Sponsor

    Have a consultation with our world-class scientists, see our lab, and discuss your personal microbiome data. We will personally plan your experimental design with you and supply all of the kits necessary to complete it.

    Estimated delivery: May 2013

    2 claimed

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