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  • $25USD
    Read the script!

    Receive a digital copy of the script! Find out WHY ___ said ___ to ___ about ___!

    40 claimed

  • $35USD
    Uhh ...

    Receive an autographed copy of little Zach and Sarah's headshots! Cause it'd be creepy and cool!

    11 claimed

  • $50USD
    Read + Listen/"Uhh"

    Digital copy of the script AND your choice of a digital playlist inspired by the story or those weird autographed headshots we once spoke of.

    18 claimed

  • $75USD

    A digital copy of the script + a digital playlist inspired by the story + a sketch/poem from Zach and Sarah inspired by you AND homemade cookies delivered to your door (vegan and gluten-free options available upon request.)

    9 claimed

  • $100USD
    Help us (help you!) + 1 PERK

    Allow us to assist you -- employ Sarah to write your next love letter, break up email or mad-lib. Laughs guaranteed, your relationship's future not. + 1 PREVIOUS PERK

    4 claimed

  • $150USD
    See the film first!

    Gain EXCLUSIVE (see what I just did there?) access to the TWO DOGS world by joining the first online screening! Popcorn not provided :( You have also earned a Special Thanks in the credits -- you are special, thanks!

    3 claimed

  • $175USD
    TWO DOGS X Dark & Dawn

    Dark & Dawn makes out of this world handcrafted jewelry and we are thrilled to be offering a TWO DOGS collaboration line! Choose from one of two "Eastsider" pieces cast in BRONZE; see photos in our gallery!

    0 claimed

  • $200USD
    The "Jasper" Package

    Know someone who's a big fan of TV's "90210"? Give them (or yourself!) an autographed photo of Zach along with a personalized letter. Let us know some points to hit in the letter and we'll cater it to your liking -- have "Jasper" give a fan a scare, or obsessive love note. Zach will also call you personally to thank you for contributing -- ARE YOU READY LADIES AND GENTS?

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  • $300USD
    TWO DOGS X Dark & Dawn

    Choose from one of two "Eastsider" jewelry pieces (photos available in gallery) cast in STERLING SILVER!

    3 claimed

  • $500USD
    The Sherman Package

    Not sick of us? Pay a ton of money to access the actually really embarrassing vault of movies we made as children, including but not limited to "The Intruder," "Teen Talk," "The Magic Show" and "Sarah's Really Really Weird Videos When No One Was Home."

    1 claimed

  • $1,500USD
    Producer Credit + FOOOD!

    Receive a coveted Producer Credit as well as homemade dinner for two (travel expenses unfortunately not included) with Zach and Sarah. Tell us about yourself, and how you are so amazing for helping us!

    0 claimed

  • $65,000USD
    We praise you, oh master ...

    You own us. Whatever you want. No, really. No, not really ... (NO, REALLY.)

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