Two Cares Due None

A Feature Film ~~~ Your Support will aid Melissa Fisher + Chris Boni in covering Production Costs
Melissa Fisher
Toronto, Ontario
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Created in tandem and with stylistic potency, Melissa Fisher and Chris Boni present:

     Two Cares Due None

A feature film which endeavors to evoke a narrative from the objects that yearn to become akin to us. With the aid of friends and volunteers, we will be shooting on location in Iceland, Italy and Canada during the late spring/summer of 2013. This ambitious undertaking encapsulates the importance of community-driven projects which cannot come into fruition without the excitement, contribution, and open collaboration of everyone involved. The money raised from this campaign will go towards production costs in Skagaströnd, Iceland and Prossedi, Italy.



We met during our individual residencies at the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts, wherein our first collaboration ensued on a set for Chris' feature Dis-caract (2012).

Astounded by the ease and organic nature of working with one another, a project of a larger scope was definitely in order...and the project entitled Two Cares Due None is what snowballed from intitial brainstorm sessions in a hidden alley neighborhood housed in Toronto's Kensington Market. The entire process has been 100% collaborative, from the story's conception to the design of The Community's costumes. Both coming from visual art backgrounds, this fictional narrative is naturally infused with both our aesthetic sensibilities and conceptual interests. Melissa, interested in exploring the ways in which her sculpture/installation practice can be translated through the moving image will be acting on set as Production Designer/1st AD. Her fragile intracies when installing upon walls and her detailed integration of eccentric found-objects sets the tone for that of a futuristic ceremonial shrine - a perfect visual genre being created and adapted for The Community's dormant habitat. Chris, who was formally trained in painting and is now focusing his creative efforts in the world of film has grown to trust an older mentality to film production where in-depth rehearsals, keyed character blocking, in-camera effects, and a restrictive use of ‘rolling’ will heighten the quality of each take on-set and initiate more focused and decisive dailies. Acting as Director/DOP he is looking forward to shooting his first digitally photographed project, allowing for more variety in the documented content while still pertaining to the structure of filmmaking previously yielded.



ALL of the money raised through this campaign will enable us to cover all production costs in Iceland and Italy. Your contribution allows us to rent the necessary equipment, pay for the transportation of equipment to the small towns where our shoots are located (Reykjavik --> Skagaströnd & Rome --> Prossedi), cover set/prop construction costs, fly the actor playing our main character The Caretaker to set (Montreal --> Rome --> Reykjavik --> Home), as well as feed our wonderful cast and crew of incredible volunteers. This is the largest and most expansive project within our budding professional careers to date, and we have no doubt that the finished piece will be a work of relevant, boundary bending, contemporary film. $15 000 is the BARE MINIMUM amount we need in order to cover these basic expendatures while overseas. As stated in our campaign video, grant applications to support the post-production of Two Cares Due None have already been submitted- the money we are raising here is strictly for production. Really it comes down to us being two young, ambitious and hardworking individuals who have joined forces to create something that we truly believe in, that we will make happen, that really challenges us on so many different levels...and we need your financial support.




~~~We are SO excited to announce that the Toronto based band Absolutely Free  will be creating an original score for the film. Haven't heard them before? Check out their awe-inspiring debut single entitled UFO via Pitchfork

~~~The Caretaker who is the central character in Two Cares Due None will be played by the wonderful Sebastian Frye.

~~~Our website, which will serve as the main portal for content pertaining to Two Cares Due None was made a virtual reality by (the best) Jenny Gitman of Sitelines Web Services.

~~~The costumes worn by The Community were created in collaboration with the incredibly talented Heather English. Heather was also responsible for the construction and realization of all the costumes in Chris Boni's film Dis-caract (2012).

~~~Photographer Michael Irvine who lives in Vancouver but has a passion for shooting abroad will be joining us in Prossedi, Italy. Aside from taking behind-the-scenes production photographs, he will be acting as our Assistant Cameraman and Awesome PA.

~~~We have confirmed that Michelle Irving will be acting as Sound Designer on the project and Cohen Park will be heading up the role of Sound Editor.

~~~Upon our arrival back to Toronto we will be shooting our last few scenes. These shots will involve the efforts of Costume Designer and Textile Artist Molly Grundy who will be Styling the featured cast.

~~~The last scene of the film involves a large gallery opening in Toronto. Narwhal Art Projects will be hosting The Funeral in August 2013- an exhibition that exists within the film but now also in reality. The opening party for the exhibition, as well as a secondary day will serve as the location for this shoot



A Community see that their compulsive investment in material possessions is restricting their psychic state. They are directed to a secluded village and inhabit a highly stylized environment where they stay in concentrated meditation surrounded by the objects they are instructed to bring.

A Caretaker has been hired to travel to this secluded location to extract the objects from The Community. Other duties of his include transitioning their digestion of solids into that of vapors, taking frottage rubbings of their quizzical lifespan calendar (a LiteBrite mounted into a wall), creating an archive of the removed artifacts and general cleaning chores. Focused on the removal of their objects, while staying still in a meditative trance, The Community succeed in letting go of any sensibility concerned with material longing.

Using only his small office for storing the numerous things which quickly amass over
the coming months, The Caretaker continues to diligently follow the instructions sent to him by mail, signed: ‘Your Programmer’ – he is comically naïve to the true intentions of this curious job…

Cool and concise, The Programmer is simultaneously in conversation with a handful of
Italian high-culture enthusiasts who have been persuaded that these “fresh on the
market” objects are worthy of being regarded as highly unique historical relics – the first artifacts known to have been stripped of their original value and sentimental worth.


We thought long and hard to create Perks for this campaign that truly relay how grateful we are for your contribution. Aside from the majority of them being immaterial- linking into the storyline of Two Cares Due None, it means so much to us that you believe in this project and are willing to donate whatever you can. All of our Perks will be carried out and documented on our journies in Iceland and Italy (it should be mentioned we'll have huge smiles on our faces throughout this process). We are excited to be sending you what we see as a piece of our process, a part of this project. Why is it so important for us to give you something special? In a lot of cases, something personalized? Well, its obvious. The generousity of yourself, and everyone else who has narrowed down which Perk they would like to receive is pretty astounding. Its not everyday that two young creatives can witness the support of a project they really care about grow, and for this, we want to show you a true, heartfelt and unique token of appreciation.

~~~ EVERYONE who contributes will receive a digital download of the film, be mentioned in the Thank You section of our end credits & be thanked on our website.



To everyone who volunteered their time to help us make the video for our Indiegogo campaign -- Vanessa Rieger, Diana Lynn VanderMuelen, Julia Dickens, Gwen Bienera, Jordan Holmes, Hazel Eckert, Moshe Rozenberg, Jesi The Elder, Andrew Blake McGill, and David Waldman (kidwithcamera). Appreciation is also in order for the wonderful staff at XPACE Cultural Centre who granted us access to the gallery afterhours to shoot within Melissa's installations from the exhibition The Archivists, Fraser Goulding at Display Arts of Toronto for donating the sweet sweet astro-turf, Absolutely Free for providing us with musical samplings for this short video, and of course, a big thanks to Heather English for making our costume dreams a reality.


AND OF COURSE...thank-YOU!!!

For not only taking the time to watch our video and read over our campaign, but for coming to a decision about which Perk to choose and in-turn your generous donation. You are now a true part of Two Cares Due None, a project which would not be the same without you.


 ***You don't need a Paypal account in order to make a donation, however, if you would rather skip the third party process, you are welcome to email us at to make alternative arrangements***



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  • $3CAD
    Psychic Fare

    Psychic Document (Visual) ~~~ Your subway fare will allow you to travel with us psychically!

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  • $11CAD
    Prophetess Podcast

    Digital Document (Audio) ~~~ The Myth of Prophetess Mountain, which overlooks the small town of Skagastrond, Iceland (where our Artist Residency is located) beholds a magical myth, the local town Mystic will recount the ancient story for you.

    10 claimed
  • $22CAD
    Mystic Podcast

    Digital Document (Audio) ~~~ Beyond myth, Icelanders believe that fairies and gnomes have undoubtedly trooped upon their lands. A local Icelandic individual will tell-all from a personal experience concerning such a magical sighting.

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  • $55CAD
    Aurora Royalty

    Digital Document (Video) ~~~ The Northern Lights are one of the worlds most breathtaking and quizzical observations - retrieve a piece of our sightings with this Video clip taken early April from the Westcoast of the Icelandic shores.

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  • $123CAD
    Take To The Sea

    Digital Document (Visual) ~~~ Open bodies of water have always served as places of contemplation, means for travel, and to this day unknown mysteries. Your name will be written on pieces of paper and placed in both the Mediterranean and Greenland Seas.

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  • $222CAD
    True Amore

    Digital Document (Audio/Visual) ~~~ For centuries pennies have been thrown over ones left shoulder into the madly baroque Trevi Fountain, Rome – in hopes of true Italian romance. We will follow suite and document us saying your name while wishing you good-luck in love.

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  • $333CAD
    Snail Mail Memory

    Tangible Document ~~~ An authentic postcard from both Iceland and Italy will be mailed to your address, arriving at your doorstep whenever it does.

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  • $432CAD
    Pure Prophetess

    Digital Document (Audio/Visual) ~~~ As in the Myth of Prophetess Mountain, a piece of gold (leaf) will be buried on the original site while we film ourselves proclaiming your name and looking out onto the epic landscape. The Prophetess Podcast will also be acquired.

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  • $500CAD
    Fanny-pack Tourist

    Digital Document (Visual) ~~~ We know you’ve been here before. But, in your absence we will take pictures of your name before 5 different monuments in both Iceland and Italy to be shared with friends and family.

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  • $727CAD
    HBO Italia

    Digital Document (Audio/Visual) ~~~ The local Pizzeria in Prossedi (run by three generations of Boni's) are allowing us to interview and document them at work, presenting the ingredients and secrets to creating the best dough for the best pizza - first things first: the pizza is rectangular! This perk will be received in the form of a short video-documentary.

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  • $999CAD
    True Materialist!

    Tangible Document ~~~ Gucci, Prada, Louis Vouton… all these labels have their home in Italy. We will wildly hunt down the most colourful faux belts, bags and hats and adorn you with them upon our return to Canada. ~~~ You will also receive a hard-copy of our completed film.

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  • $2,500CAD
    Indiegogo Style

    Digital Document (Visual) ~~~ Producer Credit will be included in the intro and outro Titles, as well as an IMDb credit. ~~~ You will also receive a hard-copy of our completed film.

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