Twisted Sister - The Movie

In the clubs,Twisted Sister were the Grand Funk of Glam and the NY Dolls of Metal, as they fought to escape the velvet noose of suburban bar-band superstardom.

We're almost at the end! The countdown is running and I'm counting on all you SMFs (as well as the rest of you) to help me get the movie done and out there!! Check out all the clips on the Gallery page (click button above) ...and still a couple more to come!! Check out new DVD offering and sale prices on the vinyl. Plus for any big spenders out there, there's some big ways for you to help!

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Help make the Twisted Sister documentary - "We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!" - a reality!

Experience the untold story! The trials and tribulations, the victories and defeats - the 10 years in the bars that made them the ferocious performance band we know today!

See it with your own eyes!
- The original configuration of the band takes on the combined forces of Army and Air Force at its first ever gig in a New Jersey bowling alley!

- Dee’s first ever encounter with lipstick (his own, that is)!

- Twistified covers of Bowie, Lou Reed and Judas Priest! Plus all your favorite club hits!

- Twisted Sister’s simultaneous triumph and tragedy at the legendary Palladium show!

- Woodstock in Long Island as tens of thousands of Twisted fans descend on Adventureland Amusement Park! (Rt. 110 is closed, man!)

- Multiple club destruction when club owners discovered there was no better way to close down than to go out in a blaze of glory courtesy of Twisted Sister’s rampaging fans!

- Twisted blows away every band in their path as they plow their way to the top of the tri-state club scene (while being repeatedly gonged by the American music establishment)!

- The band pelted by flying projectiles at the Reading Festival, culminating in the legendary “ballad of the Shite”!

- Atlantic Records finally caves as Dee bares his face, and his soul, in front of national UK TV audience!

And much, much more!

Support the film and get great rewards!

The SMF Welcoming Letter and more! - the original 4 page screed that caused an overly hysterical English mother to have the UK Fan Club president arrested and charged with an "assault against The Queen", for allegedly sending "obscene" material through the Royal Mail. Plus, Twisted's legendary "F*ck You" to the NYC music industry, as well as the historic announcement of their first monster summer tour, uhhh...party!

The T-shirts - The Twisted shirts were more than just merchandising. You could chart the history of the band through the shirts - any event was an excuse for another t-shirt! You collected them, having the shirt meant you were there! "Twisted Sister - Death to Disco 77" is a one of the earliest Twisted shirts ever, featuring the first Twisted logo. Plus you can't be a real Sick Mutha F*cker without the original SMF t-shirt! These are genuine reproductions of two historic shirts, from the original artwork. Jay Jay used to say that Twisted t-shirts prevented all sorts of diseases, sexually transmitted and otherwise. Don't leave home without one!

...or for those of you who want to think of the future, get the exclusive one-of-a-kind movie t-shirt! (no guarantees about sexually transmitted diseases, sorry!)

The Original(!) Singles & Picture Disc - Produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer (Hendrix, Kiss, etc) these singles were big sellers all over the tri-state area. But if they failed to get Twisted a record deal, they did ultimately set in motion the whole train of events that led to the band's big breakout in the UK! Plus who doesn't like picture discs? And it's not even round!

Not to mention our other rewards: stream the movie before commercial release, attend an exclusive screening in NYC, see Twisted Sister live, twistify your voicemail, shmooze with Jay Jay over lunch, get a dinner with Dee or be an executive producer (and sing with the band!).

and just for the hell of it ...
- ok, here's a thought, if even one out of ten of our FaceBook following - theTwisted Sister band page, my Twisted Movie page and the Twisted Sister in the Clubs page - just gave a dollar, we'd be totally home! Ok, in my dreams, right? Right. Realistically speaking I know you're going to want to get some of those great rewards and, realistically speaking, that's what's going to do the trick(!) -  but if you want to give us an extra boost, consider adding an extra buck to your pledge just to make sure we reach our goal. So while you're making up your mind which reward to get, or if you're on a tight budget, or feeling extra generous, or if you're not yet convinced, or even if you think the whole thing sucks - what the f*ck, it's only a buck!

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