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7 Minutes To Global Event Broadcasting On Social Media
Logan Nathan
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With thousands of events and webinars all over the world it's getting harder for event promoters, online marketers, businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations to fill rooms, sign-up to webinars and attend online events.

The high cost of traditional advertising and the steep rise in online advertising has made the task of getting exposure to targeted attendees harder.

Since 2009, the founder of TweetMyEvents has been regularly conducting workshops and seminars on social media. Broadcasting the events on each one of the social media channels individually was a cumbersome and time consuming exercise. Besides it was difficult to measure the number of views the posts or tweets received in real time.

TweetMyEvents was conceptualized to overcome this hurdle so anyone seeking to promote an event could do so within 7 minutes on social media and get instant exposure and track how many people viewed their event in real time. 

Currently, TweetMyEvents is used by 1000+ users in 38 countries around the globe. In the last twelve months it has sparked interest among event marketers and business owners. However until now there has been no attempt to monetize the platform.

To build a sustainable business model, existing social media platforms have introduced advertising in the form of pay-per-click and banner advertising. The benefits are reaped by the social media platform and the advertisers. Apart from learning about products, services or other offers the recipient of the advertising message does not get rewarded if they decide to share the information on their social media networks. This is not ideally a win-win model.

TweetMyEvent changes this business model around completely. For the first time, viewers who choose to share events posted using TweetMyEvents are rewarded in the form of points they can use to promote their own events or accumulate points and exchange them for rewards such as products or frequent flyer points.

Contributors and Investors are rewarded in several ways based on their contribution level which includes

- Credits for Promoting the events

- Reward points that can be redeemed

- 100% return of amount contributed if total contributions exceed $450,000 (Applicable to Promoters and Champions)

- Free advertising opportunities

The test phase for the project has seen in excess of 23,500 events posted and thousands of views generated.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

A day will come when event promoters will  use TweetMyEvents without a second thought. Viewers will choose events to promote and earn reward points every time they log in to their preferred social media site.

Event attendees will actively search TweetMyEvents to find an event that will benefit them, whether it's online or offline.

We hate wasteful advertising. We also believe in rewarding the community. Our passion for social media has led us to find the solution. 

Note that TweetMyEvents was conceptualized by Logan Nathan (Founder) and Farhad Khurshed (Co-Founder) in 2011,  It is currently owned by Logan Nathan Pty Ltd (Australia) and outsourced to solomoIT (based in Australia & Sri Lanka) for development and management.

Here is the snapshot of the previous portal as of July 2012 and current home page taken as of July 2014 (www.tweetmyevents.com)

The way it was in July 2012

Note: Within four months of launching TweetMyEvents over 12,000 events were posted

The way it is in July 2014 (Completion of Phase 1)

Note: Currently, there are over 23,500 events posted and there are 500+ events future events online. These figures are increasing steadily.

We're excited to share our concept with the world but know there's a lot more to be done.

Our goals are lofty and we have a long journey ahead. To get to a stage where TweetMyEvents will have a significant benefit to the world, we need your support.

Will you help pioneer this venture or forego the opportunity to provide the community with a service they will thank you for.

The number of events held all over the world is continuing to increase with USA, UK, China, UAE, India and Australia holding more than 50% of the business events. 

While published data is not yet available,  hundreds of online seminars, popularly known as webinars are held every single day, some of which attract over a thousand attendees. Webinars attract a global audience as they eliminate the need for travel and can be viewed by an international audience.

TweetMyEvents is perfectly suited for broadcasting details about both events and webinars. Within the next two years, we expect TweetMyEvents to be the social media platform of choice for savvy event marketers and other seeking to broadcast details about their events.

We need US$150,000 (which included Indiegogo's commission) to develop the Phase II of this platform over the next 6 months. The following diagrams are a visual representation of the the progress of the project from inception and how the funds received through Indiegogo will be utilized to achieve the project goals.

To date, Logan Nathan Pty Ltd has invested over $109,950 developing the Phase 1 of this platform. Of this $67,500 has been funded by the founders and the balance was funded through a government grant.

The chart showing our past, present and future implementation plans for TweetMyEvents:

For phase II, we will require a further $150,000 to fund the following enhancements:

If the funding targets are exceeded, the surplus funds will be invested as follows:

Contributors will receive perks in accordance with their level of contribution. 

The following is a snapshot of what is on offer:

 Benefits to Event Promoters, Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Opportunity to promote events at a fraction of the cost of traditional media
  • Instant visibility for events on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +
  • Leverage the TweetMyEvents community for geo-targeted sharing of event details
  • The option to achieve higher visibility by listing as a featured event

Benefits to the user Community sharing the event

  • Use their points to promote events for free
  • Redeem accumulated points for rewards such as airline tickets and other products

Benefits to contributors on a sliding scale

  • Immediate benefits on a sliding scale (refer to perks)
  • 100% refund if the revenue generated exceeds $450,000
  • Advertising space proportionate to their contribution

Speed of implementation is of essence. We understand there are risks in elevating TweetMyEvent where it gets serious attention.
  • Entrepreneurs with access to a larger source of funds replicating the concept
  • Established social media channels picking up the idea and running with their own version
  • Declining interest if lack of funding prevents us from investing in elevating TweetMyEvents to a standard comparable to leading event marketing platforms

We understand with a multitude of start-up projects competing for funds it isn't possible to make a monetary contribution.

We invite you to trial TweetMyEvents by posting your own events or sharing events others have posted. This will help us gather the momentum TweetMyEvent needs.

We always welcome any additional ideas and suggestions for this platform. 

1.  I have questions, how can I reach your team?

a.  For questions related to the indiegogo campaign, feel free to email us at support@tweetmyevents.com. Otherwise, you can reach us at logan@logannathan.com

2.  Is TweetMyEvents Free?

Event promoters receive 10 free credits to offer the social community members to promote their event. Once the 10 credits are exhausted, additional credits need to  purchased and offered to members.Those who share the events on their social media platform will be collect the points and will be able to convert into a reward via a global frequently flyer program.

3.  How do I share my event?

Three simple steps:

  • Sign up with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Create and Post your event using our fill-in-the-blanks template and share it on the preferred social media channel.
  • Promote your event using the credits – 10 credits are automatically offered to members to promote the event. Credits can be offered to members to promote your event. You can top up your credits at any time using your PayPal account.

4.  What types of events can be posted?

The following are some of the common events that have been broadcast on TweetMyEvents:

  • Business or Non-Business events.
  • Webinars
  • Community events
  • Educational seminars
  • Multi-Speaker sales events

5.  What benefit do I get by posting my event on TweetMyEvents or Re-Tweeting some event?

a.  Posting your event on TweetMyEvent enables you to broadcast details about your event to your target audience within 7 minutes and also promote the event through an army of social community members by offering them credits.

Social community members who re-tweet events get credits which can be used for promoting their own events or accumulated to be exchanged for rewards through our rewards program

6.  How will I keep track of the credits remaining with me?

a.  Log in to TweetMyEvent and you will be able to see your remaining credits.

7.  Is it possible to donate via PayPal?

a.  Yes you are able to make donations through your PayPal account

8.  Other than contributing, how can I help?

a.  We welcome your participation through posting your own events or sharing the events of others and accumulate credits so you can take advantage of our rewards program.

9.  What are the features you plan to implement if you exceed the target funds?

  • Develop a real time mobile app for Android and iOS devices.
  • Enable sale of tickets through TweetMyEvents

10. When will the rewards will be redeemable?

Part of the funding contribution will be used for developing the reward module in November and we expect to make this live by December 2014. Therefore, all the rewards collected until then can be redeem after this date.

11. What's included in the social media starter kit?

Social Media Starter Kit  package comprises: two e-books Social Media Secrets for  Business and Twitter Secrets for Business, a selection of articles on social media for business  and free credits to promote your event on TweetMyEvents.

This will be available to you within a week of completion of the campaign.

12. What's included in the Social Selling Secrets LinkedIn training valued at $997?

This is a flagship program run by Logan Nathan which is a step-by-step process to help you Generate Leads from LinkedIn. The training comprises eight video modules that step you through every aspect of  using LinkedIn strategically, so you know exactly what to do as soon as you log on.
The package also includes three one hour Skype coaching sessions with Logan Nathan, twelve months email support and awesome bonuses.
For more details of what's included please visit http://www.solomoitacademy.com/donewithyou/

Logan Nathan, the founder of TweetmyEvents has more than 3 decades of business experience and pioneering use of Social Media for Business. He has held Social Media workshops and speaker at many IT conferences in Australia, Asia and Europe. The photographs taken above are snapshots of some of the events that Logan Nathan has held. Also Logan Nathan and Farhad Khrushed (co-founder) have developed strategies and created a number of Software As A Services (SaaS) platforms for clients, which enabled them to embark on this innovation.

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  • $5USD
    Well Wisher

    You will be allocated 60 credits for use inTweetMyEvents and a "Thank You" note will be posted on the TweetMyEvents portal. You will be able to redeem your accumulated TweetMyEvents points for frequent flyer points with a global reward program.

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  • $25USD

    You will be credited with double the amount of TweetMyEvents credit points which can be used for promoting their own events. This will be allocated at the double the normal allocation. *The contributors will be able to redeem their accumulated TweetMyEvents points for frequent flyer points with a global reward program.

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  • $100USD

    You want to play a major role in the future of social media marketing and we understand that !! Great perks in a limited package: - Double the normal credit point allocation - Social Media Starter Kit package comprising: two e-books Social Media Secrets for Business and Twitter Secrets for Business, selection of articles on social media for business and free credits to promote your event on TweetMyEvents.

    4 claimed
  • $500USD

    Limited edition perk bundled with the best perks !! Free advertising space for the 1st year in the website + Social Media Starter Kit package comprising: two e-books Social Media Secrets for Business and Twitter Secrets for Business, selection of articles on social media for business and free credits to promote your event on TweetMyEvents. All this, along with double the normal credits allocated.

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  • $1,000USD

    App based Social Media marketing is here to stay and you understands this more than anyone!! When revenue generation reaches $ 450K in the 1st year, you will get back all the money invested. Moreover, when revenue generation go above $ 1M in the 2nd and 3rd year, you will get back all the money invested + Advertising Space + All the above perks.

    0 out of 50 claimed
  • $5,000USD

    Enterprise Edition You get all the above perks and you or your company will be featured as a Patron to TweetMyEvents in the portal and the Social Media pages. In addition you get access to an exclusive training program on how to use LinkedIn to grow a business valued at $997.

    0 out of 10 claimed
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