A thriller set during the current financial crisis. CEO Harry Ingram frantically tries to cover up his misdeeds before the news story hits, unbeknown Max waits.
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Turnaround is a thriller set in London during the second wave of the current financial crisis. CEO Harry Ingram sets out one Sunday morning to destroy proof that he’s embezzled millions in private pension funds. Desperate to manage the cover-up before the massive news story hits, he arrives to discover Max, a dangerous professional, waiting for him. The self-righteous embodiment of everyone who ever got screwed by a major corporation, Max intends to make Harry pay for his misdeeds, one way or another. We follow the relationship of these two incendiary individuals while Max waits for the call that will apparently determine Harry’s fate. John Boorman’s ‘Point Blank’ meets David Fincher’s ‘The Game’. 

We are a group of young filmmakers from the London Film School & Royal Holloway at the end of our courses gathering funds to shoot our film Turnaround. Though we follow Harry Ingram’s journey through his experience of being kidnapped, this film also has subtext about the recession and greed in general (in short we don’t hate business or capitalism). The three of us have recently shot 'The Here and Now' a 90 second short film about loneliness in a big city for the Depict Film Competition. If you are interested in funding us but want more information please feel free to get in contact and we would be happy to start a dialogue.

Our Star:

Nikos Poursanidis-is a Greek actor who has played leading roles in feature films and national television. He played the lead Alexis in Theo Angelopoulos' The Weeping Meadow. Nikos has made his transition into English language cinema and will be playing Max in Turnaround. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1655223/


Our Crew:

Director-Keith Kopp is a filmmaker from the Pacific Northwest, who aspires to make great fictional and documentary cinema. His most recent documentary about the war in the Middle East and Africa has been played at the Devour Film special event at the Belfast Film festival. Keith is inspired by the works of P.T. Anderson, Wim Wenders and Carl Theodor Dreyer. He is in his last days at London Film School. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4560322/

Scriptwriter-Rob Wallis is an aspiring screenwriter and graduate of the London Film School. He also reviews films at http://ofallthefilmblogs.blogspot.co.uk/



Producer-Elettra Canovi is a film producer from the Royal Holloway University, one of her projects had been played at the 65th Cannes Film Festival, and she also has experience in literature and fashion. She comes from Italy. she believes she lives in a film but is still looking for the title!



The Financial Breakdown:

45% Production Design
40% Equipment
10% Costumes, Props, etc.
5%  Craft Services

*If your company is looking for product placement or perhaps a short advert please feel free to approach us directly at koppkeith@yahoo.com


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