Turn Me Up

Turn Me Up, a documentary chronicling indie & underground female MCs. At the end of the day, they just want to be heard.


My name is Glennisha Morgan and I'm the Director/Producer/Cinematographer for "Turn Me Up".  

For the past four years I have ran a blog solely dedicated to women MCs, called The Fembassy. During these four years I have collected tons of footage from performances. I wanted to be able to share that archival footage with the world and also present a more in depth look at independent and underground women Hip Hop artists, through “Turn Me Up”. I have been passionate and extremely zealous about the subject matter. So it would mean the world to me to have this campaign funded so that I can complete this film. 




Turn Me Up, a documentary chronicling indie & underground female MCs. At the end of the day, they just want to be heard. 
Hip Hop’s new it girl, Nicki Minaj has transpired many conversations in relation to female emcees and women in Hip Hop. There has been tons of articles written criticizing, ridiculing, questioning and celebrating the Young Money artist.

In reaction to Nick Minaj’s success and dominance, the question “Where are the female emcees?” was raised repeatedly prior to the current mainstream re-acceptance of numerous female MCs. “Turn Me Up” answers the question by chronicling numerous underground and independent female emcees from the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest and South. To be specific “Turn Me Up” captures artists such as Siya, IB, Invincible, Mae Day, Miz Korona, Raven Sorvino and more in their natural element (in the studio and on stage). These emcees also share their milestones and tribulations. 



Glennisha Morgan is the founder and publisher of The Fembassy, a blog site that is solely dedicated to female emcees and women in Hip Hop. Glennisha is also a multimedia journalist, photographer and filmmaker. Her work has appeared in Vibe Vixen, Ikons Magazine, The Fader, the Michigan Front Page, Digiwaxx Media’s The Blast, and AOL’s Spinner.com, just to name a few. During her media career she has had the wonderful opportunity to interview people like Russell Simmons, La La Anthony, MC Lyte, Kevin Liles, Roxanne Shante, Deborah Cox, Jesse Dayton, Bobby Valentino, Bahamadia, Marsha Ambrosius and Chester French.

In 2009,Glennisha was a honoree at the Women of Hip Hop Awards. In 2010 Glennisha was featured in BET’s first original music documentary, My Mic Sounds Nice and was noted as one of the most inspiring black women on Twitter by ForHarriet.com. In 2011, ForHarriet.com also noted Glennisha as one of 30 black women bloggers you should know about .Glennisha’s commentary has been featured on Trace TV, Vibe.com, CentricTV.com, and in Juicy Magazine. Glennisha just concluded working on her first MOW/pilot, “Gun Hill” for BET and is working on her debut documentary titled, “Turn Me Up”. She also is a host and producer on New York’s WBAI 99.5FM “Rise Up Radio” on Fridays from 7PM-8PM EST.


Ardranae Byer is making a striving effort to empower and educate the professional LGBTQ community and abroad through her media company, IKONS Media Group. With the success of her publication IKONS Magazine and the magazine website www.ikonsmagazine.com, Ardranae has her eyes set on becoming the number one media outlet for the community she serves. 

Her dedication and drive comes from the lack of positive Black and Latino gay and lesbian images in society, entertainment and media. Through her projects in the media industry, Ardranae is providing a platform for gays and lesbians in the arts and business to receive the recognition they deserve.



A  New York City native, Dondy Desir is a creator and visionary behind D’s Eyez Productions pronounced {Dee's-eyes}. Dondy Desir holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Film, Audio and Video from Hofstra University and she has worked for well-known television networks such as HBO, NBC, MTV Networks, NY1 News, and  B E T Networks. Dondy credited her education and experience to the formation of D’s Eyez Productions and is a relentless advocate for every client in making sure she captures their vision on the screen.  



Emily Onofrio is a Senior at Emerson College working towards her BA in Film Production with a concentration in Directing. She also is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and music journalist. Onofrio is also a hip hop and electronic music producer/composer and a classically-trained pianist.



Asya Alexander is a junior at Redford High School and is an aspiring media host.




  • Filming/Travel

I’ve already filmed the first portion of the documentary in New York City, Philadelphia and Detroit. I need funds to travel to California (LA and The Bay Area), Atlanta, Georgia and a few other miscellaneous cities while the artists are touring to complete the documentary.  Travel includes airfare, lodging, car rental and also food while filming. 

  • Equipment

I’m currently shooting with a Canon t2i and I’m borrowing other equipment from my roommate when it is available. In order to make filming more seamless and to keep a continuous quality throughout the film, I need my own equipment (tripod, LED lighting, boom mics, more HD memory cards, etc.).

  • Festival Submission

I plan to submit this film to several festivals such as Sundance, Cannes, Urbanworld, Tribeca, etc. and each submission costs. 

  • Professional website for the film.
  • Clearing and licensing. 
  • Mixing and Mastering of the coinciding mixtape/official soundtrack. 
  • Pressing of the phyiscal copies of the DVD of the film. 

Any funds left over after that will go towards producing more exclusive content for The Fembassy and upgrading www.TheFembassy.com . 



To stay up to date with "Turn Me Up" and to see exclusive behind the scenes photos and more follow the film on Twitter: @TurnMeUpDoc http://www.twitter.com/TurnMeUpDoc , Instagram: TurnMeUpDoc , Tumblr: http://www.TurnMeUpDoc.Tumblr.com  , Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TurnMeUpDoc



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