Turn It UP! Guitar Documentary

A Celebration of the ELECTRIC GUITAR with Kevin Bacon, Les Paul, Slash, Robby Krieger, Skunk Baxter, B.B. King, Nancy Wilson, Carl Verheyen, and more.



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 Downloads/DVDs/Blu Rays of the film will be made available as soon as possible in 2013.


TURN IT UP! explores the electric guitar, and the unique place it holds in global pop culture, as well as the hearts of those who are dedicated players.  



Steve Lukather, Trevor Lukather

Hosted by actor Kevin Bacon, TURN IT UP! includes interviews and performances with Les Paul, Slash, Robby Krieger (the Doors), Paul Stanley (KISS), Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), Rick Vito (Fleetwood Mac), Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Albert Lee, Steve Lukather (Toto), and the legendary B.B. King--plus many more. The film traces the history and development of this uniquely American instrument. We'll meet players and dedicated guitar-nuts from all walks of life, who share their personal passion for the electric guitar. 


Skunk Baxter with Strat



Filmmakers Robert Radler and Doug Forbes have been working on this project over the last five years. The film is almost ready for you the viewer, BUT WE ARE IN JEOPARDY.  We've gone out on a financial limb to finance the film so far, and there is now a ticking clock.  If we don't complete financing by the end of this campaign, the project is now in danger of foreclosure.

 THAT MEANS YOU MIGHT NEVER SEE THIS FILM! It would go into a vault and gather dust.  

We believe in this film as an entertaining and epic look at the single most culturally important instrument of the 20th Century, the electric guitar.  Pop icon, artists' tool, or political weapon..the guitar has healed broken hearts, started social revolution, and gotten your booty shakin'.  That's why OVER 50 MILLION PEOPLE PLAY THE GUITAR.  The traditional paths of financing documentary films are drying up, and that's why we are turning to you, our audience, for support. With your financial help, the final steps are:

1) Licensing of the clips and music used in the film. (These licenses have been negotiated, and are simply awaiting payment for execution). 

2) Final color-correction and preparation of the master.

3) The final audio mix.

Should your support allow us to exceed our goal, we can pay the technicians, editors and other hardworking elves who have deferred their salaries to help get this film finished.  Their contributions are have been critical to the success of this project, and we want to compensate them as soon as possible. 


We have amazing support from musicians and friends of the film...see our Perks list!!...you can get a private lesson with a rock star like ROBBY KRIEGER of The Doors, SKUNK BAXTER, ALBERT LEE, CARL VERHEYEN of Supertramp, RICK VITO from Fleetwood Mac, a cool digital guitar from LINE 6, rockin' portable speakers from BOOMBOTIX, and a selection of SEYMOUR DUNCAN pickups, plus many more cool Turn It UP! items...customized guitar picks, Carl Verheyen Signature strings from DEAN MARKLEY, and advance copies of the film!  


We'll be updating and adding perks throughout the campaign...if you don't see what you want, keep coming back.  Check out our first wave of perks  MORE TO COME!...

In our test screenings, we've been gratified to learn that audiences find TURN IT UP! to be both informative and entertaining.   As more than one long-suffering spouse has said to us..."NOW, I understand where this obsession comes from...".  

We want you, the viewer, to be able to enjoy this film as well.  With your help, we can share our passion with you.  If you love the guitar, or love someone who does, PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PROJECT AND SPREAD THE WORD.   Thank you for being a part of TURN IT UP!




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