Turn chronic illness into Chronic Wellness

Help us build a mobile app that empowers people to fight back against chronic illness.
Lindsay Pera
San Luis Obispo, California
United States
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Our online health-tracking tool is already helping people take control of chronic illness. 

Now we want to put it into the hands of even more people by building a companion mobile app. 

To do that, we need your help.

Find out...

The web-based Chronic Wellness Tracker helps people take control of chronic illness.

Did you know that 50% of the adults in this country have a chronic illness? Chronic illness touches all of us in some way or another. And while chronic illness can take many forms, it often leaves people feeling isolated, powerless, and unsure what to do. But people don't have to feel powerless in the face of chronic illness! 

If you have a chronic illness, the more you know about your symptoms, diet, activities... about which treatments work and which do not... the quicker you'll get better.  To help people on their journey to wellness, we created an online tool that makes it easy to gather and analyze this important data. It's a powerful tracking tool that can foster healing through better self-awareness, knowledge, empowerment, and hope. It's called Chronic Wellness Tracker, and you can try it yourself at cwt.ChronicWellnessTools.com.

Now we are bringing the power of mobile technology to Chronic Wellness Tracker, and we need your help. 

Take a Brief Tour of the Web-based Wellness Tracker.

See how our online tracking tool is helping people on their journey back to health.

It’s working! Each day, more and more people are using our website and discovering the benefits of Chronic Wellness Tracker. Let's help even more people by taking it mobile.

With our mobile app, you will be able to take the benefits of Chronic Wellness Tracker with you wherever you go. 

Preliminary designs for the mobile App.

See more design images in our gallery.

What's the next step?

If we meet our $27,000 funding goal, we'll be able to create an iOS mobile companion app to our online tracking tool that will run on iPhones and iPads, and perform some valuable upgrades on the online tracker.  This will allow  us to bring tracking to more of the people who need it most. Tracking is more powerful when people can enter and access their information whenever they want and wherever they are.

If we fall short of our goal but raise at least $15,000, we will build a “lite” version of the app that we can later expand into the full version. If we exceed our goal, our plan is to integrate more of our users' "wish list" feature requests, including a practitioner version. If you help really knock our funding out of the park, we can roll out the app to Android too, thereby reaching even more people.

Chronic Wellness Tracker helps people with chronic illnesses to:

  • improve quality of care - communicate more effectively with healt caregivers

  • empower themselves - make decisions based on real information and take the guess work out of care management

  • save money - eliminate ineffective treatments and supplements and avoid unnecessary appointments

  • save energy - focus their limited resources on high-priority issues

  • save time - accelerate their healing journey

The Story of Lindsay's Journey to Chronic Wellness.

"For more than a decade, I experienced mysterious symptoms that forced me to make significant changes to my life. Without a good diagnosis or a treatment plan, I had no idea what was wrong with me, who could help me, or what I could do for myself. Then I discovered an easy-to-use, incredibly effective way to give myself the knowledge and control I needed to get healthy again.

It's called tracking.

Tracking is all about gathering information that helps us learn more about ourselves and our health. I realized that the more I knew about my illness — how my symptoms reacted to things... which treatments worked for me and which did not... the impacts of stress, diet, therapies, and my activities — the sooner I would get back a sense of control and start making real healing progress.

So I tracked -- religiously. But I quickly realized that a huge part of making tracking effective was having a powerful, easy, and convenient way to do it each day.  I tried everything: I journaled, built spreadsheets, used applications. And while I continued to benefit from tracking, I really wanted ONE powerful, easy-to-use tool. I just couldn't find it.

So I teamed up with some friends to design an online tool that would enable people like me to track their symptoms and other factors that affect their health.  And Chronic Wellness Tracker was born.

If you have a chronic illness, Chronic Wellness Tracker can take the power away from your disease and put you back in the driver's seat. It's helped me on my journey back to health. I know it can help you, too."

Our online tool is already helping:

How Can You Help?

Join the mission to spread Chronic Wellness to people struggling with chronic illnesses.

Please enable me to help others on their journey to Chronic Wellness by clicking on the "Contribute" button now.

Any amount will help, no matter how small.

Whether you are able to contribute or share, thank you so much for your time and support!

In Gratitude - Lindsay Pera

Pledge Gifts

Make the Chronic Wellness Tracker companion mobile app a reality by directly funding our project. Donors will receive recognition (and gifts!) — in addition to the satisfaction of knowing that you will be helping people live happier, healthier lives.


Our Team

Together we can spread the message of Chronic Wellness...

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    Thank You!

    Thank you for supporting our mission of spreading Chronic Wellness.

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    The Gift of Chronic Wellness

    Thank your for believing in the power of chronic wellness to change lives. You will receive the app for yourself or to gift to the person of your chosing.

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    Lindsay's Wellness Guide (pdf)

    Lindsay shares the core aspects of her wellness toolkit that she used to lift herself to being chronically well.

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    Occupy Your Health

    Your contribution helps get chronic wellness in the hands of those who need it most. In addition to gifting a copy of the app to the person of your chosing, you'll get this team 'chronic wellness' organic cotton t-shirt printed with the message "Occupy Your Health." Please let us know your t-shirt size.

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    "Be Well" Necklace

    Your contribution is helping to spread the core message of our mission: Wellness. In addition to receiving the app (or designating it for a friend or loved one) you will receive (or gift to someone else on your behalf) a beautiful silver charm with the hand-stamped message: "be well" A perfect uplifting gift for anyone one a healing journey - or anyone who is inspired by wellness.

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    Lindsay's Picks Wellness Box

    We can't wait to share this with you! Lindsay has pulled together her absolute favorite wellness products from companies that share our mission of health and quality. She has included a copy of her favorite book "The road to wellness" signed with a personalized message in addition to 10 other favorite products for each box, along with our "Occupy Your Health" t-shirt. We can send the box to you or to someone you designate.

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    Step Into Chronic Wellness

    Unpack your Wellness Box with Lindsay! For your generous pledge you will get Lindsay's gift box of wellness favorites (see above) in addition to a one-year subscription to our Chronic Wellness Tracker online app, plus a personal consultation with Lindsay.

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    A Guide for Your Journey

    We are blown away by your generosity and want to pull out all the stops on this one. We are thrilled to send you your Gift Box and schedule your 1 on 1 "unpack your gift box" session with Lindsay and a follow-up session on a topic of your choosing. In addition you will receive a Family Pack of 4 one-year subscriptions to Chronic Wellness Tracker (to keep or gift) in addition to a session with one of Lindsay's favorite health & wellness coaches.

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    Join Us on OUR Journey

    You are passionate about seeing Chronic Wellness take flight and we cannot thank enough. We hope you will consider accepting our invitation to you to join our advisory board. Will you share your expertise, insight and creative ideas for making the apps even more beneficial, help us reach more people with the tools that can put them in charge of their healing journey.

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    Chronic Wellness Sponsor

    You won't be deterred by the ugly "50% of US adults have a chronic illness" statistic and you are taking a stand by our side to help us spread tools that inspire hope and healing. In addition to an invitation to our Advisory Board please accept our recognition of your sponsorship on our website and trackers (if you so choose) and claim the name "Official Chronic Wellness Sponsor" (if you so desire).

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