Turn Around

One stalking man is enough to cause fear in a woman. But how many women are needed to cause fear in a man?

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My name is Aćim Vasić. I'm a short film director, aspiring to make short films that matter and that question various subjects. My last award winning short film was selected by more than 15 international film festivals in Spain, Germany, Peru, Switzerland, France, England, Italy, Belgium, and a Danny Lennon projection at the Cannes Film festival. Please feel free to watch it by following this link:



"Turn Around" will be my next short film... with your help.

It is the story of a creepy man who, on a quiet night on a Parisian street, starts following a lone woman. As he gets closer and closer, he notices that he himself is being followed - first by one woman, then two, then more and more women until it seems that an endless stream of women are pursuing him. For the first time he feels the fear of how it is to be hunted...


"Turn Around" is set in modern day Paris, France. It will be shot over two nights in several quiet streets and alleys of Paris. The genre of the film is a mix of noir, thriller and satire. There is no dialogue in the film, making it universally understandable. The sound design will focus on creating the atmosphere and enhancing the tense dramatic moments in the empty, windy streets, full of echoing high heels and a breathless, petrified man on the run.


The Impact

The main theme of this short film centers on the disrespect men show towards women, in looking at street harassment specifically - which leads us to consider wider issues, such as the perception of women as objects, and equality between the sexes.

The founder of the website www.stopstreetharassment.com conducted a survey in 2008, questioning 811 women. Of the many questions asked it was found that:

- Over 99% of the female respondents said they had experienced some form of street harassment (only three women said they had not)

- 75% of female respondents have been followed by an unknown stranger in public. More than 27% have been followed at least six times


These statistics are shocking. What can we all do about it?

"Turn Around" reflects on this problem in a metaphorical and hyperbolic way, trying to create awareness and consciousness in one man (the main character), and cause him to reconsider his attitude towards women as equal human beings and not sexual objects. And I hope that this film will help in creating this awareness in men all around the world


The funding strategy

In order to make a quality production, we need:  

- An Alexa camera - a fantastic camera, especially in low light conditions - and a quality stedi-cam which will aid the cinematographer to move with ease through the streets

- Additional camera equipment: lenses, filters, minimal lights, bounce boards, reflectors

- Makeup and costume for the main actors (who I can't announce until the project goes into pre-production)

- Catering

- Renting a van to transport the camera equipment and catering

- Editing and sound design

(We have a genius color corrector on our team who can do the colouring for free)

- Marketing and distribution (making DVDs and sending the film to many international festivals, from the prestigious to the small independent ones)


Other Ways You Can Help


If you can't help us financially, give your best to Please Spread the Word! of this project. Send the link of this page to anyone or any associations that might be interested in supporting this film and getting its important message out to the world.

If anyone is interested in being more deeply involved in the project or willing to know more information, don't hesitate to contact me.

Also, if you are a woman in Paris or know any women in Paris, they will be more than welcome to act as extras during the shoot. Please let me know.


Thank you all for your time,




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