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Business Type: A Delaware Tax Haven Corporation Turbine Cars; New Candy Bars Create Skin Disease Products; Houses; Water; electricity; etc.
Michael Ogden
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Small Business
Jefferson City, Missouri
United States
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Turbine EZ- Motor Corporation (TM)

TEZ-MC is Turbine car company; allowing one to pass the gas station forever. You will never need to refill with gasoline again. I am tired of going to the gas station. I am also tired of high heating bills too.  I have figured out a logical way to solve both problems. My Turbine Generator System will roll your cars across america non-stop.

It easy to do; for a wind turbine to run at top speed producing full capacity electricity is only 12 miles per hour. I can build a system with a 12 volt fan to put in front of the turbine and hide the turbine inside the body of the car. No one will ever know that your car is a Wind Turbine Electric Car.

I have Blueprints to show me how to make electric cars. I plan to modify the plans to my liking. Making the electric vehicle NO CHARGING REQUIRED; this is also a main feature of the vehicle. You will never need a CHARGING STATION for your Turbine EZ Motor Corporation vehicle.

Each vehicle will have two turbines; if one stops you can run the sub until I send a Technician to fix or replace the turbine. I have tested wind speeds with my Anemometer and 12 miles per hour can be applied easily to a turbine for efficiency performance. We will also install surplus energy so one can run his television, charge ipod, play games, shave, make hot water, cook, etc.; while inside the vehicle when travelling or parking at campgrounds.

Turbine EZ (TM) will perform like a dream car because I will make sure it meet all my standards for dream car performance. IT WILL BE THE NEW NON-STOP DREAM PERFORMANCE CAR THAT WE HAVE ALL DREAMED OF OWNING. For those who love to travel; this car will solve all your gasoline problems.

I will be building the car using 3D Printing manufacturing machines from STRAYASYS.COM and SOLIDWORKS SOFTWARE. I will hire engineers who specialize in 3D Professional Printing. I wil hire a Business Law Lawyer as well to keep things in business order. They both will be UNDER MY DIRECTION BECAUSE I WILL BE CHARIMAN OF THE BOARD & CEO.

I am also going to create some new healthier CANDY SNACK BARS. I plan to make some new flavors that should of been created years ago. THE MAIN plan is to create water without worrying about BENZENE. That means doing away with plastic bottle water for a better alternative...using my perfection water system you skin will clear up and begin to look young again.  I  plan to create skin care products that distroys mold, fungus, and virusus on the body.

Benzene has over  422 names; its in gasoline (the main reason for the electric car), plastics, can food goods, pharmacy, skin care products, hair care products, chairs, clothing, manufacturing, university labs. You name it it in there.  Benzene causees cancer in mice according to research. According to my studies it has not been proven to cause cancer in humans.

But it has been linked to lukemia, bone marrow disease, and cancer according to some lawyers law suits. I must conclude that benzene leaves the human body FAST; according to my research. This is good and probably a main reason that mankind is sill around while Benzene is in use today. They say it (Benzene) makes everything works correctly in the manufacturing chemical process this is the main reason for its use according to me research.

I Conclude by saying that I plan to make 3d printed homes that are efficient and priced lower for the poor. They will be able to buy the home without a loan from the BANK. I think america needs this type of housing. The truth is; everyone cannot afford a high price home. I will also make sure these houses are universal in design and so NICE that even the rich will want to buy one.

Who am I? I am just a common man who is fed up with simple daily problems that are COSTING ME MONEY. I have been working a full-time job for over 17 years and I know that people need help in america. And I am one of them too. I will show common people how to use generators to heat and cool their homes; even if they are hooked to a utility company and make a profit or reduce your bill so you can LAUGH INSTEAD OF COMPLAIN ABOUT THE BILL...I can help you live a life without the heavy load (BILLS).

Closing, my main goal is to help keep ME and AMERICA GREAT ...always remember; commons sense is KING.


Michael Ogden,

Founder of Turbine EZ Motor Corporation (TM)

A Delaware Tax Haven Corporation





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$10,000,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on August 13, 2014
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