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  • $5USD

    A personal email thanking you for your contribution+eternal gratitude. An email address is required.

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  • $10USD

    A portrait sketch of any photo you would like in black and white, in addition to a thank you email and eternal gratitude.

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  • $15USD

    A request anything art sketch, in addition to previous perks.

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  • $20USD

    A poem concerning any topic you would like, written and performed by means of a video posted online. This also includes all other perks.

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  • $50USD

    A book of varying genre and length, as well as all previous perks present.

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  • $100USD

    A beautiful tote bag, adorned with a design currently in progress, in addition to all previous perks

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  • $200USD

    A hand knit hat or scarf (will require measurements for headwear), as well as all perks previously mentioned

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  • $500USD

    A choice of one of three paintings of diverse renditions of the Creation of Adam, American Gothic, and the Mona Lisa. All previous perks included.

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  • $1,000USD
    You Are A Beautiful Person

    Wow. Monthly emails stating what I am doing and what I have learned at university, as well as all other perks, (excluding $500- Knowledge due to limited numbers.)

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