Try Kissinger as a War Criminal

Henry Kissinger has been a force of evil in the world for too long, having a very strong hand in everything from Pinoche to Pol Pot, he needs to stand trial!
lane arndt
Victoria, British Columbia
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I am just a single person in a world of 6 Billion and almost every single one of us has been touched by the disingenuous and treacherous operations he has conducted. It would not seem to be an exaggeration that at his hand millions upon millions of innocent civilians have been murdered or displaced. That the current state of the world is a byproduct of his hegemoniacal drive is beyond dispute and if the world does not act fast he could very likely die an old man without the judgment of a global population that really needs to start finding ways to stand up for itself and deny the oligarchy it's unfettered control over the lives of the general population of this fine planet!

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    a change in global corruption

    Shake things up and let this awful, criminal, despicable person know that the world population sees him for what he really is!

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