Tru Love: The Film

When you finally meet your soulmate, rules and roles don't apply.

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Tru Love 

Let's be honest.  Beginnings and endings are always the hardest- in love or in making a film.

Our film Tru Love is an evocative love story involving three women whose lives intersect and are changed forever.  It has attracted a passionate team and is now nearing production (slated for late January 2013).

We have already raised a large portion of our Micro Budget....

Buuut (there is always a but!)… Tru Love is an independently financed Canadian production with big dreams, and it cannot be understated how much we need your support to make it a reality.  For many of the cast and crew, this film has truly become a labour of love.

Please read on and watch the video above to learn more about our film and the different ways you can help us make Tru Love possible!


The Story

A widow, recovering from the death of her husband, comes to the big city to spend time with her too busy professional daughter. Instead, she forges an unlikely relationship with a commitment phobic lesbian who has a past with her daughter.


Why Should You Help Us?

1. Help a group of talented artists take the next step in their careers.

2. Become a part of the magic behind making movies. Check out the perks on the right, aimed to include you each step of the way, as we make Tru Love

3. Champion a film about women and fueled by women, from the creators to the cast to the crew.

4. Support local Canadian talent.

5. Give a voice to an intimate but universal story within the LGBTQ community.


Where Do Your Donations Go? 

Directly towards the production and postproduction expenses of Tru Love, some of which include: 

  • Legal Fees & Insurance Coverage
  • Fees for Additional Background Performers for Crowd Scenes
  • Post Production Facilities and Labour
  • Marketing & Distribution


The Creators

Kate Johnston:  Writer Director & Producer           

Shauna MacDonald:  Writer & Producer

Matthew Gorman:  Producer


The Stars

Tru:  Shauna MacDonald                   

Alice:  Kate Trotter

Suzanne:  Christine Horne


The Team

 Chris Agoston:  Executive Producer

Chris Luckhardt:  Producer

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2308971
  • Last worked on: Silent Retreat: a silent retreat in the middle of the woods for rehabilitation, only to discover that you shouldnt be affraid of the men who run it  but more afraid of what lurks beyond the trees...

Kathleen Harquail:  Associate Producer

Jessica Adams:  Co-Producer / Production Manager                                             

Vanessa Chiara:  Co-Producer                                         

Maya Bankovic:  Cinematographer

  • http://mayabankovic.com/
  • Last worked on: Slip a BravoFact short film for which she won The Kodak Award for Best Cinematography at the CFC World Wide Short Film Festival.

Tiffany Beaudin:  Editor


We have an INCREDIBLE team behind Tru Love, who have each come on board because they believe in it.  Some productions we do for the rent, and others we do because we are PASSIONATE about them, as is the case for Tru Love.


Help Spread The Love: 

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