Trimmers - My Marijuana B.C. thriller!

A story about a man residing in British Columbia who is entrusted to grow outdoor fields of marijuana for a member of a certain motorcycle organization.
Fez McLeod
Vancouver, British Columbia
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Short Summary

Before I tell you about the story,

I first want to tell you that I am a strong believer in the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. As my biography states, I had testicular cancer and when I went through radio therapy, i had to forget the prescribed meds to help me through because they just did not work. They only made me sicker. I smoked weed after my radio therapy sessions and every time that was what helped me get through the nausea.

So being curious about the unregulated industry I went underground and joined this secret world by buying a trimming machine called the grim reaper and I worked for people who had grow shows. Here's some trivia for you. Who are the best trimmers? Ans. Women. Why? They have small hands and can manouver a pair of scissors/trimmers more often than not, better than a man can. The  way a bud is manicured is of great importance. The average wage of a trimmer? Between $20-$30 an hour and the hours worked are long and monotonous. Music, pizza and beer also play an important role. But just so you know, single mothers are employed a lot in this industry.

The story is a combination of truth and fiction. It is primarily about a man named Sean Pearson who earns the trust of a certain member of a motorcycle organization. He is entrusted with the help of an associate to find, make ready, plant and manage several outdoor grow locations. Once they are ready to harvest, he and a friend go to work taking it down, packing it out and trimming it up.

However, things don't go as planned for either Sean Pearson or his buddy. Sean finds ganja bandits stealing the weed from a certain location and confronts them - killing a few and being shot in the gut in return. Desperate for help, he manages to get himself back to his vehicle and makes the long drive out of the woods via the logging roads. His next step is to make a phone call to a person he has been instructed to only call in case of emergencies.

After suffering from an infected wound site, he is finally taken to hospital. The gunshot wound brings in the police but Sean keeps his mouth shut. He knows that he can't go back to work as a trimmer, so he asks the biker to allow him to spend his share of the summers take to attend nursing school. He explains that upon completion he will be able to open up a medical marijuana dispensary down in the states.

The biker weighs it all up and says yes. Now he has a place in the states where he can sell his weed if he can get it there...







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