Three Directors, Three Films, One Campaign

What is Trifecta?

Trifecta is more about whom than what.

We are Rowan Spiers-Floyd, Adam Halverson and Robert Bury, three film students at the Art Institute of Portland embarking together on our Senior Thesis films. Three uniquely different people, three different stories, and three different visions but one passion that ties us together, the love of making films.

We have been working together throughout the last three years of our college lives, supporting each others projects, whether crewing for each others films, giving feed back and critique, or simply lending a hand when needed. We know that film-making is not a one-man art form, and that�s why we have decided to join forces in a single campaign to bring our three thesis films to life.

The Films:


Nicholas, an elderly Russian man, is unable to keep pace with his wife, Edna’s zest for life in her golden years. Refusing to attend the local dances after embarrassing himself, Nicholas seeks a way to mend the rift that is growing between him self and his wife Edna, with the help of his workshop and imagination.

Director: Adam Halverson


Rufus and Fredrick, two fur-trappers are investigating a supernatural creature that haunts their frontier outpost. While in the woods Rufus decides to take this opportunity to remove Fredrick from his competition for the affections of the local beauty, Rose. But his victory is cut short when the murdered Fredrick returns from the woods. Now Rufus must decide whether to protect himself or Rose.

Director: Rowan Spiers-Floyd

Turn the Page

Jack appears to be your average businessman with a tendency to unnoticed kindness. One day he meets the eye-catching hipster Elyse at the library. Finding a connection the two seek to learn more about one another, but when the rules of the library and the other patrons get in the way, they find that sharing a connection is not as easy as they had hoped. 
Director:  Robert Bury

Where we are so far:

So where are these project at right now? Currently, as of the beginning of this fundraiser, we are in pre-production and development phase. Our scripts are nearing their final drafts, our crews have been formed (And what teams they are!) and our production design is just beginning. We are scheduled to film beginning of 2012 and now its time for us to raise money and awareness for these films to help bring them into the production phase.

We will be providing regular updates exploring the details of the films and highlighting each stage of each production. You can expect a lot of cool images and video blogs showing up soon, so stick around and check it out!


The Goal and where you come in:

It�s unfortunate but true that films take money to make and often a lot of it. That�s why we are here, to seek your help to make these films happen. Our goal is a moderate (in film terms!) $9,000 which will be evenly divided amongst our films to help us with the numerous costs involved in making these films leap from the page to the screen.  

Below we have broken down each film�s budget, listing out specifics of where our raised money will go for each film.


�Pelt� Budget Breakdown:

            Art Department:

                        Concept artist:  $300


                        Rifles: $300

                        Animal Pelts: $138


                        Instrument Rentals: $72

                        Art Department Supplies: $50

            Costume Department:

                        Costume designer: $400

                        Costume Materials (Fabrics, buttons, ect): $600


                        Cast: $1000

                        Insurance: $400

Pelt Fundraiser Total: $3,150


�Turn the Page� Budget Breakdown

            Art Department:

                        Concept artist: $300

                        Lights (Set dec): $125

                        Caf� Design Elements: $600


                        Location: $900

                        Cast: $975


            Keep The change Fundraiser total:$3,200


�LeadFoot� Budget Breakdown

            Art Department:

                        �Nicholas Project�: $300

                        Shop Set Dressing: $400

                        House Set dressing: $400


                        Craft Service:$300

                        Data Storage: $500

                        Location Fee: $450

                        Insurance: $300

LeadFoot Fundraiser Total: $2,650

$9,000 is not nearly enough to cover the cost of these three films in their entirety. So where will the rests of the funds come from?

Each of us will be holding our own individual fundraising campaigns. We will pull funds from our own savings. We will seek out scholarships and grants, These films will be made!  In these hard economic times asking for you to fund the entirety of our films is too much to ask, we simply are seeking a way to help fill the gaps of where our fundraising cannot.

What happens when we meet our goal? We keep going! Every dollar helps raises the production value of our films and makes us even closer to telling these stories in the ways they deserve!

Why donate and why now?

There are many reasons why one would donate!  First of all, your donations will be helping three hard working film students complete the final step in their academic education.  These films are our thesis projects, and we are on a deadline! We can�t wait until we find all the budget and needs for our films. We are required to shoot this winter, and that�s our chance to make our thesis, it�s all or nothing for us at this point!  All films take money, even student films (perhaps more so!) so every donation helps bring these projects to life!


Though its not just us your helping, you will also find that your donations are providing an opportunity for other students to hone their skills, and pay talented actors, designers, food services and businesses which are giving their time and labor to our projects. It�s very economical!


Alongside this, if you help support this campaign, your donation will not go to help a single project but as the name suggests three! One single donation not only supports all three projects for your donations you will find your self-rewarded by three projects! That�s like you decided to help three fundraisers, earned all the rewards, gratitude and cool information for the price of one!  Giving you three times more goodies for your generosity!




First of all, we would like to thank you for taking the time to check out our project. We hope that you are just as excited about these projects as we are. Showing your thorough support through donations are most warmly welcome. A little tight on budget, unable to donate right now, or simply want to help us reach our goal even more? Help us by spreading the word; share us with your friends. Know someone who might be interested or would like this idea, send him or her an email with a link! You would be surprised what emailing this link to three or five friends could do for a project.  Things like that will send us above and beyond our goals for this project!


Thank you for your time and donations! Keep an eye on the project for some juicy updates coming soon!


Team on This Campaign: