Tricopter Camera for Film

Help us film in the air!

Our Story

We're a bunch of students from the UK, who are interested in film making.

Who we are:

  • Samuel Tarling - info
  • Jordn Bastian - info
  • William Drysdale
  • Kurtis Holland

What we've done + the design

We've spent the last couple of weeks looking into how this would work.
  • The Camera - We're going to be using a GoPro HD HERO (here) as these are suited to aviation models due to their small weight and size. The camera itself has a wide angle lens which is perfect for film production.
  • The Design - We've based our design off of the AeroQuad (here) which is an Open Source Open Hardware design. We will also be releasing our design under the Open Source Open Hardware licence, and hope that this will inspire more people to use this as a valid form of camera operation.
  • What we've done - We've looked into the weight to power ratios which the AeroQuad can offer us, as well as found out how stable helicopter cameras are.

The video above

We didn't take that video above (otherwise we wouldn't be asking you for support..) - it's there to show you what we *could* do with one, and how it will very obviously benefit our film making.

The Impact

I've personally had a real passion for 'flying stuff' most of my life, and to have the chance to combine that with my love of film making, the only thing holding us back is the money. We're not asking for much, just enough to cover the cost of materials for the copter.

By being able to complete this project, we will be able to expand our film making abilities tenfold. We do own a jib, but in this area of Cornwall, which is where we plan to do a lot of our filming, the sheer beauty cannot be demonstrated without something like a helicopter.

What We Need & What You Get

The $1000 (£608.735) will help to buy raw parts to build the copter, as well as putting a small amount towards the HD camera which will be on board the machine.

We're hoping by offering these rewards for your generous contributions, that you would be more inclined to help out.

Other Ways You Can Help

Don't feel like opening your wallet? You suuuuuure?

Okay, all we ask is that you link this somewhere, on facebook or something (heck, there are buttons you can click for it! :) ) or send the link to a techy friend, I'm sure they'll love it!

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