Tr!ckster champions creators and gives them a way to share their creator-owned works with the world. We'd love to make your acquaintance.



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"So what is Tr!ckster, anyway?"

Tr!ckster was founded by Eisner Award winner Scott Morse (http://scottmorse.blogspot.com/), Annie Award winner Ted Mathot (http://roseandisabel.blogspot.com/), and Anita Coulter in 2011. The object of Tr!ckster is to showcase artists from around the world, to inspire those artists to create, and to give them a outlet to show their creator-owned work to others.

We at TR!CKSTER create and control our own work, our own visions, and our own destinies. We do these things to share them with the world. We’d love to make your acquaintance.

"Why do you need funding this year?"

Putting on a show is expensive. For the amount of funds we're shooting for we'll be able pay for the Tr!ckster space, of course, but also the AV equipment; Symposia, life-drawing, digital art demos, the DJ...If we get the entire amount we should be able to break even. 


"That's a lot of money."

What Trickster represents is important. We facilitate a haven for creator-owned works of all kinds, a place where creators can relax and interact with fans without the limitations of booths and the burdens of having to sell their own work all week long. A quieter space where the folks who make art and the people who appreciate it can come together- to discover. In order to make Tr!ckster happen in 2011 we called in favors. We caught some good breaks. We were lucky and it all worked! We could try that again this year, but it's the law of diminishing returns. We'd get the same people doing the same things and that's not what we're here for. The entire purpose of a Tr!ckster event is to champion the smaller press. The CREATOR who makes and controls their art. In order to keep our promise we have to try to avoid getting too big. Too sponsored. So, we thought we'd try this.


"I love what you stand for, but I'm not a creative type. I'm just a fan."

YOU can be a CREATOR...A CREATOR of Tr!ckster.


"What if you don't reach your goal? Will Tr!ckster happen anyway?"

Never fear. Any donation you make will be a HUGE help to us. We'll still be in San Diego come July. Tr!ckster is GOING to happen THIS year, no matter what!


"Sounds awesome! I'd love to help. What do I get out of it?"

By supporting this venture, you're showing us that YOU believe in what we're trying to accomplish. You're telling us that YOU want us to be in San Diego this year, and perhaps someplace NEW next year (and the year after that...and the year after THAT...).


"I've pledged some cash to Tr!ckster. Is there anything else I can do to help?"

Now that you've read all the above and thrown your hat into the ring, pass it on. Tell a pal. Tell two. See you in San Diego, Trickster.

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