Travel Tapes

A beginners guide to traveling.


Hello! I'm Chris Paz and I LOVE to travel. Ever since I was young my family was on the move and always taking me to new places. That spirit of traveling to new places always stuck with me and now it's become a much bigger goal in my life.

I’ve worked in the entertainment industry for 7 years doing graphic design, editing, and shooting. With this experience I want to make guerrilla style film making documentary that will be a basic guide to traveling. In these videos I will be:

  • Keeping record of expenses
  • Interviewing other travelers I meet
  • Talk to locals about there traditions, religions and history
  • Visit as many artisan districts, cathedrals, and ancient ruins 
  • Venture outside of the city limits and explore the countries natural surroundings
  • Get a good taste (literally) of the local food.
I will be recording everything on my Canon 5D and Rebel T3i, Editing on my iPad and posting videos as I travel from country to country.


So here is how you can help me achieve this dream. I am asking for a total of $5000 dollars for extra camera equipment, transportation, and permits that will help me get to more unique places and will open up more opportunities to explore lesser traveled places. I will be offering a variety of perks that will be personal and unique such as dedicated episodes to you, personal messages via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., postcards with personal messages sent to you from places I've traveled and some special posters that I will print and sign.


Believe me, I understand times are tough, and if you can’t donate you can help me out by sharing the this video in any social media platform you can! Whether it be Twitter, Facebook. YouTube, TubeFace, Twittogram, whatever it is, it will help. Also, make sure to 'like' us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and follow our blog!





Thanks and happy travels!

-Christopher Paz

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