Transplanting Traditions Community Farm

Help 60 refugee farmers achieve their goals of starting their own sustainable farms and decrease food insecurity in their communities.
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  • $10USD
    A big thank you to you!

    Also your name will go on our website under our list of awesome and generous sponsors.

    Estimated delivery: June 2013

    17 claimed

  • $25USD

    Transplanting Traditions Community Farm oval shaped bumper sticker featuring our very lovely logo: Water buffalo plowing a farm in Burma.

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

    42 out of 300 claimed


    Karen Burmese seeds

    Four packets of some of our most exciting Burmese seeds essential in Karen cuisine. 1) Hibiscus Roselle a beautiful plant and great for making tea from the flowers and cooking with the nutritious, tangy leaves; 2) “Karen Looking to the Sky” Peppers, some seriously spicy peppers that are also grown for their beauty. 3) A mix of Lemon, Thai and Holy Basil 4) Snake gourd looks like a long twisting snake and has some of the most beautiful white flowers that are pollinated at night by moths.

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    30 out of 30 claimed

  • $75USD
    Basket of Karen Burmese herbs

    A gift basket of fresh Burmese herbs in the peak of their summer season. Thai and Lemon Basil, Roselle, lemongrass, eryngo and more! Plus recipe ideas for using them

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    9 out of 10 claimed

  • $150USD
    Gorgeous framed farm photo

    Framed 8x10 photo of your choice. Documentary journalist Vanessa Patchett spent 6 months documenting the movements of Transplanting Traditions Farm. The result was a breathtaking body of photographic work. Choose from these pictures by copying and pasting this link or got to our website and click on IndieGoGo:

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    6 out of 15 claimed

  • $225USD
    Asian vegetable cooking kit

    Enjoy an array of Asian vegetables at the height of their season along with recipe cards to direct your cooking. Sample young luffa, water gourd, ginger, galangal, lemongrass, baby eggplants and Karen-Looking-to-the-sky peppers!

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    3 out of 5 claimed

  • $350USD
    Kids day at the farm

    Bring the whole family or friends for an afternoon on the farm. Learn about where food comes from with your family! Start seeds, learn how to build water-saving raised beds and come away with ideas for beginning a home garden that includes the whole family. Picnic snacks in the Demonstration Garden of Tropical Wonders included.

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    1 out of 5 claimed

  • $500USD
    Karen-Burmese cooking class

    A perfect opportunity to expand your cooking repertoire. Cooking is one of the cornerstones of Karen Burmese culture. Using tropical fruits and vegetables and exotic spices you will learn from our most talented Karen chefs and expand your repertoire by learning how to make a traditional Karen Burmese dish and dessert. As much food from the farm will be provided for this cooking demo as possible. At the end sit down and enjoy an amazing meal!

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    0 out of 10 claimed


    Lantern Restaurant Dinner

    A ticket to our private Lantern Restaurant fundraiser featuring a Karen Burmese themed dinner and a night of entertainment.

    Estimated delivery: July 2013

    1 out of 1 claimed

  • $1,000USD
    Farm to Fork dinner for 2

    Enjoy a 4-course Farm to Fork candlelit starry skied dinner for 2 at the farm under our open air pavilion. Come early for a tour of the farm and then sit back and relax to Karen music and a delectable Karen meal.

    2 out of 5 claimed

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