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Recognising Resilience-The Transition Awards will reward Irish Transition Initiatives that work to bring together community for the sake of the planet
Elaine Doyle
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The world is facing two major crises

Oh No What Are They?

Peak oil and climate change.

Are we doomed? Is there a hero who can save us?

Yes there is, it’s the members of Transition Towns. 


Transition Towns are community groups with an environmental heart. There are Transition Towns all over the world carrying out amazing initiatives to bring their community together and help the planet at the same time. This is what makes them superheroes. They want to make their communities more resilient and sustainable and to combat climate change and peak oil rather then contribute to it. Rob Hopkins the creator of the Transition Network believed that by regarding both issues in unison using grassroots initiatives real change could be made. There are thousands of Transition Initiatives being carried out on a daily basis, they range from community supported agriculture, community allotments, pedal power cinemas, reskilling festivals, and that’s just to name a few. They implement fun and creative ways to make their communities more resilient and thus lowering any negatives impact on the planet.


We know the world is facing an environmental crisis and this is affecting so many of us personally, professionally, financially and mentally. We have seen snow in May, houses and lives ruined to flooding, farm animals dying and this is just on our small island, never mind the catastrophes facing the world around us and the resultant climate change refugees that need to flee their homes and livlihoods. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are at a record high and this is causing changes to our weather patterns and climate, much of which is disastrous. Peak oil is another major issue, oil levels are dropping while oil demand is growing. We cannot continue on like this. While some of us panic and shout ‘what can be done?’ many people like transition town members are working on projects that have a positive impact on our local and global communities.


Our campaign is to create and run ‘Recognising Resilience – The Transition Awards’ an awards ceremony to recognise and reward transition initiatives in Ireland. Transition Towns bring together communities and work on resilient solutions. Many of these solutions and their impacts go unnoticed so we want to set up an awards ceremony to recognise the great work of these initiatives and show our appreciation and mobilise more Transition Initiatives to be carried out. The overall winner of the awards will have a documentary produced about their community and Transition Initiatives. The awards and ceremony will be used to spread the word about these community and environmental heroes. In these times of economic hardship we want to turn recession in to resilience and bring some joy and hope back to the Irish people.   


This campaign is being run by Elaine Doyle, Olwyn Roche and the facilitators of TINI (Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland). We are all passionate about community, resilience, sustainable development and believe that the power of people through collaboration can make real change in the world. Elaine is an engineer and Olwyn is an architect and while both these women have technical brains, they have green hearts and an entrepreneurial spirit. Both are really excited to run this campaign to raise money to run an awards show that will recognise the heroes of Transition Initiatives that often go unnoticed and to put their stories on film in the ‘Recognising Resilience Documentary’. Irish people are born and bred on stories and we want to bring the stories of the Transition members in Ireland to other Irish people and the world.


We are looking to raise €10,000. This money will be used to create and run the awards in Dublin, secure prizes for the winners including making a documentary to further promote and highlight their Transition Initiatives and community. As a small treat for you donors out there we have some fun perks. Our perks range from donations of €1 to €10,000. We aim to accommodate all pockets. Our perks vary from happy thoughts being sent out from our team, to handwritten cards, tree planting, an executive producer title on the documentary to having an award named after you for a year at the ‘Recognising Resilience – The Transition Awards’. We picked our perks to make you smile and make the planet smile. We are aiming to raise €10,000, splitting the money between creating and hosting the awards and making the documentary. In the case that we don’t reach our target we will alter the size of the awards and documentary to suit our budget.


We understand that not everyone has finances to donate to this campaign. We ask you to check all your pockets and under your couch for even €1 to donate (you will get a happy thought in return), if you find nothing there we still have a small job for you.  Transition Initiatives are all about stories, great positive stories, something we need as much of the world is consumed with economic crisis and the entire planet is in an environmental crisis. We want you to help us spread these stories, stories about this campaign, about the ‘Recognising Resilience awards’ and about Transition Initiatives and the Transition Network. Even better then spreading stories, we want you to take action, set up your own Transition Initiatives and make a difference to the planet both for your neighbours next door and on the other side of the world. We want you to become a better local and global citizen.


People power and resilience are the real assets we have to make changes at a local and global level for people, economy and the environment, all facets of sustainable development. Transition Initiatives are being carried out all over the world on a daily basis and we want to run the awards to let the superstars of the Irish initiatives have their day and allow them a platform for their amazing and contributory work to be recognised. Each of us is part of a local community and we all play a part as global citizens in the global community. The awards and documentary will not only recognise the great work being carried out by Transition Initiatives in Ireland at present but encourage others to set up their own initiatives and inspire Ireland to become a whole island of Transition Initiatives. From there we want to inspire the world to set up even more Transition Initiatives to become more resilient and therefore happier. We’re looking to put a smile on your face and on the face of the planet. 





Elaine & Olwyn 



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    Happy Thoughts

    For as little as €1 our team will send you happy thoughts to make your day just a little bit happier.

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    For €2 we will send a big 'Thank You' over Facebook and Twitter for all the world to see.

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    For €10 your name will appear on our 'Thank You' wall. All the attendees at the 'Recognising Resilience Awards' will see your name and know you helped to make the awards happen.

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    Name on DVD credits

    For €50 you will not only receive all of the above but you will have your name on the credits of our documentary. You will forever be a part of the Recognising Resilience documentary. Your name in the credits reminds everyone that you helped make the documentary happen.

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    A card & seed packet

    Your €100 donation will mean you'll receive a beautiful handmade card in the post with a small packet of seeds to keep you and the honeybee population happy. You will also receive all of the above perks.

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    A book by Rob Hopkins

    You will receive a book from the creator of Transition Towns, Rob Hopkins. An inspirational book to teach you about the power of Transition Towns, community and our role as global citizens. A prefect read with a cup of tea while you plan to join the transition revolution.

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    An invite to the Awards

    For €500 we will send you an invite to the awards ceremony. You will get to attend the awards in Dublin to help cheer on the amazing superstars of Transition initiatives in Ireland. An event not to be missed Note: Travel not included

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  • €500EUR
    A tree planted in your name

    A tree will be planted in your name for a €500 donation. You can rest easy knowing that in a wood in Ireland there is a tree that was planted because of you. You will be providing clean oxygen for the atmosphere, a home for squirrels and tree insects, a hiding place for children, a shelter for hikers. All that in one tree, thank you so much. You will be provided with a certificate as a memory of your great donation.

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    A commemerate plaque

    A €1000 donation will award you (or your company) your very own plaque. You can proudly display this to show all your family, friends & customers how you contributed to making ‘Recognising Resilience – The Transition Awards' and the documentary happen. We couldn’t do it without you and you will have the plaque to prove it.

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  • €5,000EUR
    An Executive Producer credit

    A €5,000 donation will prove that you are forever immortalised in film history. You will get your name on the credits of the Recognising Resilience documentary as Executive Producer. We will also send you a copy of the documentary that you helped fund.

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  • €10,000EUR
    Your name on an award

    For the very generous donation of €10,000 your name will be linked to ‘Recognising Resilience – The Transition Awards’. Your name will be on the winner’s award for one year only. Picture this – the lights are dimmed, the guest judge opens the envelope and states ‘the winner of the [insert your name here] award is.......’ Drum roll, you’ll be a star. We will also send you an invite to the awards ceremony to witness your name being associated with the top prize of the night. Wow, you are a star!

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