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TransFocus is an independent 3-day film festival (29th Nov-1st Dec 2013) that addresses trans* and gender-variant communities, persons, and politics in Lebanon.
Ahmad Saleh
2 Team Members

Who We Are:

We are part of an independent, unaffiliated group (not really a group but just a bunch of friends and local organizers). Our event is non-profit, and we are carrying it out outside any institution, organization or collective; international or local, to the best of our abilities. 

What Is TransFocus:

TransFocus is an independent film festival that revolves around trans* and gender-variant topics, questions, persons, and politics in Lebanon. Through screening a few relevant movies and grounding them in our local Lebanese context as much as is possible, we're attempting to raise discussions, explore alliances, and create space for empowerment as well as for awareness. Stay tuned for our detailed program! 

Our event is open and free, and we're fundraising for it ourselves in effort to avoid institutional politics and restrictions to the best extent of our abilities (however, we will be using AUB's space and privilege to circumvent censorship laws for part of our festival). We'd like the event to offer a space, however small and temporary, for discussion, for knowledge production, but also for empowerment, resistance, learning, and organizing. Come and join us!

Program & Projects:

1. Movie Screenings:
We'd like to screen 4-5 movies that present questions about trans* and gender identities and behaviors. We believe this is one simple way to create a space, however temporary or preliminary, for both discussion and empowerment.

2. A Focused Discussion Panel:
To explore and raise issues of relevance to our local context and further ground the festival's topics and aims in our realities, we are inviting 3-4 speakers to share their knowledge and experience working on Trans* questions from legal, medical, communal and social points of view. The questions they will cover relate to immediate concerns such as: how does one change their ID? How can or should one begin hormonal therapy? How is sex-work organized and what are key concerns surrounding it? What are the options available in Beirut for social, psychological and medical support? How do we further expand these resources and build alliances? 

3. Resource Collection Project:

By the end of this festival, we will have compiled a basic reference document that will detail the different services, resources, networks of experts or social helpers, that are available for Trans* individuals, activists, and communities in Beirut, Lebanon. We hope that this effort could be the trigger or at least the start of a more dedicated advocacy work for and by trans* communities as per local needs.

4. Exhibition:
To acknowledge that discrimination and violence is also a part of Trans* and gender non-conforming people's lives, we'd like to set up a small exhibit in line with the international Transgender Day of Remembrance.


We are trying to keep the cost to a bare minimum and so far, we have budgeted the festival accordingly;

  1. Space rent for one day (AltCity): 150$
  2. Space rent for two days (AUB)*: 0$
  3. Movies' procurement: 200$
  4. Printing costs (posters/flyers/brochures): 150$
  5. Miscellanous (stationanry, exhibition materials, etc...): 100$

We are following a flexible funding plan and money raised will flow in the direction of priority (top-down in the list). That is to say that if we are not able to successfully raise the entire fund needed, we will use the money raised to cover costs in the order listed and see how much can we save up on the remaining costs.

*We are avoiding institutional politics, funding, and restrictions to the best of our abilities, however, we will be using AUB's space and privilege to circumvent censorship laws for one part of our festival. 

How Can You Help

Your contribution would bring us closer to our goal! If you can't directly contribute to the funding of the festival, you can still help us by sharing this campaign and spreading the word to your friends and contacts!  

Also, if there are any local resources you think we should check out, anything from legal cases to personal experiences to medical information about hormones or surgeries to social narratives then please drop us a line at transfocus.info@gmail.com!

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