Track Your Running Shoe Miles to Prevent Injury with the MilestonePod

The MilestonePod attaches to your running and walking shoe to track mileage, so you can replace them before they wear down and add to injury risk.
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The MilestonePod attaches to your running shoe to track mileage so you can replace them before they wear down and add to injury risk.

The MilestonePod attaches to your running or walking shoes to track your shoe mileage so you can replace them before they wear down and add to injury risk.

Well... The Indiegogo campaign has ended.  THANK YOU to everyone who supported us, posted about us, Tweeted for us and everything else you did.

Though we did not hit our goal we are very pleased with the campaign.  We received orders on Indiegogo (and offline) for almost 2,000 Pods which includes orders from eight retailers, two races, three racing clubs, 13 countries, one national non-profit focused on wellness and many others.

We are now focused on delivering exceptional products to those who pre-ordered and to building a great company. Keep an eye on our web site, Facebook and Twitter for news. There may even be a surprise feature or two when the Pods are delivered.

You can still pre-order Pods at


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Studies show that the life of a running shoe is between 400 - 600 miles, after which the cushioning and support breaks down leading to many common injuries.  

Think for a minute about your current running shoes.  Do you know how many miles are on them?  Are you putting yourself at risk for injury? Don't you wish you could easily track those miles so you never have that dead-shoe feeling again?

Let the MilestonePod track your running shoe miles for you! No more cumbersome training logs, no more guessing and no more math.  Simple, easy to read digital display shows how many miles your shoes have gone.


For Runners, By Runners



Real World Runner "Buzz":

"I don't usually think about buying new shoes until my hip starts hurting. That's too late. I can't wait to automatically and continuously know the mileage on my shoes." Dr. Scott Laborwit, opthalmic surgeon,  Boston and Philly Marathon finisher, multiple half-Ironman finisher.

"My shoes are critical to my training and preparation. The MilestonePod will definitely help me remain fresh and injury free, not  to mention the data tag feature eases my mind as I have a serious bee allergy." David Anshen, ranked 18th nationally in the 40-44 age group for duathalons

"I am really excited to offer the MilestonePod to our customers. The device will help minimize injuries during running and the digital tag can be a life saver if there is ever an emergency. The low price makes it a no-brainer for the serious runner." Jeff Cohen, owner FeetFirst, Columbia, MD - serving runners for over 33 years.


The MilestonePod - for runners, by runners

The MilestonePod - for runners, by runners


The new MilestonePod (patent pending) allows you to passively track the mileage logged on your running shoes so they can be replaced at the correct time, not too soon (wasting valuable tread) and not too late (potentially causing injury). Although your shoes may continue to look new, the constant pounding from running causes the materials to wear down and stop providing support and protection. This reduction in shock absorption often leads to injury.

It sounds simple but let's face it, do you really track the mileage on your shoes? As runners ourselves, we have multiple GPS watches, devices and mobile applications that track individual runs and training.  Yet despite training for multiple marathons and Ironmans we have failed to accurately track shoe mileage. This inexpensive device (only $14.95 suggested retail) completely eliminates any worry about when to retire your shoes - your knees, hips and ankles are now much safer!

When you purchase your new pair of shoes just lace the MilestonePod to your sneakers and leave it alone.  Over the coming weeks and months it will track every mile you run and provide a constant read-out of the total miles. You can then replace your shoes at the mileage you desire (typically between 400-600) and move the MilestonePod to the new pair of shoes.  A USB connection allows you to wipe the mileage clean and start fresh with your next pair of shoes.

But that is not all... many runners have allergies, take medications and have other bits of information that might be critical for an emergency responder to know. The MilestonePod allows you to input emergency information (blood type, medical history and more) that can be accessed by simply plugging it in to any USB enabled computer or device. It is different from existing bracelet and anklet IDs because it is always attached to your shoe (ever forget your bracelet?), the information can be changed or augmented anytime and you can include much more information.

Suggested retail price of $14.95

Suggested retail price of $14.95


The Process

Our team has led design and development of complex hardware projects such as the Microsoft Kinect (the most successful consumer product launch ever) as well as high-end virtual reality goggles used by the military. We have completed many of the critical steps for bringing the MilestonePod to market including rigorously analyzing the bill of materials, completing manufacturing drawings, aligning design and manufacturing facilities and developing a comprehensive production plan. So how will we use the funds you contribute via Indiegogo? Below are the major steps:

Design and build an enclosure: As you can see from the pictures we have designed the device itself and have produced early models. We will use part of the funds we raise to develop mass production capabilities to ensure we minimize manufacturing costs.

Layout electronics: As we have done with past projects, our first step with the MilestonePod was to develope the requirements for the electronics and the build prototype units. We have completed the layout of the actual smaller electronics boards (PCBs) that will be used in the MilestonePod.  Our final step is to optimize the design and prepare for mass production. 

Algorithm development: We have already developed and tested advanced algorithms for capturing movement and accurately recording distance. The algorithms must be ported to the final electronics and optimized on the finished product. 

To summarize, the system has been fully designed, the core functionality has been built and tested, the industrial design is complete, manufacturing partners have been identified and algorithms have been developed. We are turning to you through Indiegogo to help fund some of the initial investment required to help make this vision come alive and provide runners a much needed product.

 What's on your shoe?



The Team

Our team is comprised of committed athletes, technologists and entrepreneurs. The mission of Milestone is to leverage the wide availability of sensors and other technologies to bring low cost, high value sensor-based products to the casual sports world. Our initial product is the MilestonePod and we will follow this first release with new versions of the MilestonePod and products for other sports.

During our training for various road races and triathlons we noticed that despite our GPS watches, mobile training apps and other running peripherals there were a few items we still could not easily track. So we built a device. 

Here we are:

Tzach has been in the endurance sport business for the last 16 years. He has completed a dozen marathons, two IronMans and has been a part of teams for adventure racing around the globe. He owns a chain of retail stores for endurance sports and therefore has tremendous knowledge of the needs of runners and other athletes. Tzach regularly responds to runners everyday questions including the big problem  - "When do I need to replace my running shoes?" Tzach brings to Milestone 20 years of experience in starting and growing businesses.
Meir has been enthusiastic about triathlons and running for more than 15 years. He is a four-time IronMan finisher and has completed many marathons - with a 2:48 PR. Until now, Meir feels he has been too lazy/busy to log the mileage of his shoes (though he owns every GPS watch ever made), and has just used one pair at a time for too long. Meir has managed technology projects for the last 15 years, holding executive R&D positions. He was the first R&D manager of the technology for the Microsoft Kinect sensor. As a serious runner and technology enthusiast, Meir is the perfect fit to bring this idea to reality.

Jason has been an avid runner for the past 12 years.  He has completed six marathons and numerous half marathons and other races. Jason always alternates shoes when training and has never been able to consistently count mileage on any given pair. Jason has been in executive management, sales, business development and marketing for technology start-up companies for the past 17 years. He has been a part of companies that have gone from  pre-revenue to IPO and some that did not succeed. He would like to think he has learned a thing or two about succesfully launching a company along the way.

Dotan has completed four marathons in the past two years (the last one was 40 minutes faster than the first one). During these two years he managed to replace more than 10 pair of shoes but usually not until his knees started aching.  In the past 18 years Dotan has managed technology projects in the field of web based applications and services and has managed development of web portal services and traffic management systems. Among the projects that Dotan has led are the NBA 50th Anniversary CD ROM, the official Olympic Committee CD ROM for the Atlanta Olympic Games and a series of real time 3D games.


The MilestonePod - for runners, by runners


"MilestonePod is just what my runners and I need. As a coach I feel responsible for the health of my team.  The MilestonePod will help eliminate one major source of injuries; worn shoes."  Ran Shilon, Head Coach “Endure”, the biggest triathlon team in Israel.

"If it already hurts, some damage has been done.  Unfortunately that seems to happen to me regularly.  Continuously seeing the MilestonePod display is going to be a great tool for me to avoid injuries and maintain my health." Adi Ohayon, BPT, Physical Therapist.

"Running is my favorite way of staying in shape because there is no hassle. I just go out and run. I run for 40 minutes 3 times a week, but have no idea how many miles are on my shoes." Einat Goren, Full time mom, Full time runner.

"I always fall in love with my running shoes and refuse to let them go. I need the reminder I will get from the MilestonePod to help push me to get new shoes before the old ones start causing pain." Rotem Levim, Industrial Designer, amateur runner.

"I just like to walk and my routes are never the same, I try to explore as much as possible and don’t care to track the distance every day. With the MilestonePod I will always know the miles on my shoes without having to do anything." Jacky Cohen, Retiree, Tai Chi instructor, walking for many years

The awesome Milestone tech shirt. Race ready, high quality, really cool.

The awesome Milestone tech shirt.  Race ready, high quality, really cool.


For full FAQ visit

Mileage Tracking:

1.      How does the MilestonePod connect to my shoe?

You know those helpful clips on pen caps? We have an industrial strength clip on the MilestonePod that clips onto your shoe laces and keeps the device securely and snugly fit to your shoes. You can remove the Pod easily if required or leave it attached for hundreds of miles.

2.      So how does the MilestonePod track my mileage?

We use high accuracy sensors/accelerometers to measure the position of the foot around 100 times a second. This measurement combined with an understanding of the motion of walking/running enables us to build a sophisticated but simple algorithms to give mileage measurements.

3.      Will I feel it when I run?

Nope! The MilestonePod weighs in at a measly 6 grams. We have run hundreds of miles with the pod on our shoe and did not feel a thing. You won’t either.

Digital Tag Use:

1.      How is this different than other running ID's I own?

Other than being digital, when most other ID products are bracelets or anklets,  the MilestonePod differs in two huge ways. First, the device is always on your shoe meaning you do not have to remember to wear it. Let’s face it, which one of you has forgotten to put on your ID bracelet?  The second major difference is that because it is digital it can store more information and  more detailed information. Allergic to antibiotics? Enter it.  Recently had a heart procedure? Enter it. Object to certain treatments? Enter that too. All of it can be on the device.

Oh yeah, one other difference... the data you enter on the Digital Tag on the MilestonePod can be changed or updated anytime.

2.     What data can I input?

It is completely up to you.  This could include allergies, prescription information, medical history, insurance information and emergency contact information.  Whatever data you woudl want an emergency responder to know. You do not need to input a social security number or any other personal identifier nor do you even need to input your name. Of course the device is on your shoe the whole time so there is some built in security as long as you don't lose your shoes.


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