TOUCH - The worlds most advanced drill

The Touch 909 12v drill is the worlds most advanced drill. Easy to use Touch speed control with up to 4x the power and runtime of average 12v drills.
Peter Hosking
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The latest most advanced power drill in the world today for the most advanced workshops.

A powerful, lightweight, professional power tool that changes the rules of power tools for ever.

For the last 24 years I've been inventing and creating power tools that have sold over 41 million units in over 45 countries and under brand names such as Craftsman, Ryobi, Ridgid, Mastercraft, Macallister, i-drill, 909, GMC and many more.

A couple of years ago I set out to build something I've wanted to build for the last 20 years.

A power tool that operates intuitively by TOUCH. 

Why TOUCH you may ask, products that operate intuitively feel right, they generate confidence, something you should always have when using a power tool. 

I wanted it to be a tool that’s powerful, lightweight, credible and a must have for your workshop. My design direction was how a drill should operate and feel on the outside, not the way the components fitted on the inside. 

I need your help to achieve the goal of raising funds to assist in making the launch of this product a giant success. 

Please read all about my new TOUCH drill and make a pledge. 

You wont be disappointed.

I needed some new technologies

New enabling technologies were created or sourced that would allow the product to meet the high expectations of the most demanding trades person, yet be comfortable enough for it to be the simplest tool in the world to operate.

I wanted to get rid of the old mechanical copper based power management system that’s been used in a power drill since they were invented 120 years ago.

The solution was in the very challenging field of quantum physics which is a very long way from working in a power tool R&D department. Quantum physics in a power tool sounds like we are in a movie. And the solution was the size of an ant. Goodbye copper switch, hello space age.

Fundamental to the project’s success was that the final products visual design had to generate enough desire that you would refuse to allow others to borrow it, that it operated flawlessly in every application you use it for. 

"No you can't borrow my TOUCH drill." 

Invention comes from an "idea" to make a product better not just because it has a famous name on the side

At the core of the new TOUCH 12v is the TOUCH enabling technology. 

Matching a perfect designed operating system we had to develop the shape of the TOUCH grip area for FORWARD and an area for REVERSE. Exactly the way our hand works.

This new grip would give us the control both intuitively and physically. The final handle shape end users love to hold. So good that you don't want to part with the product.

Getting rid of the cumbersome traditional copper switch inside the handle now means that every drill can now have the exact same “Perfect grip” size and shape.

Endless Lithium-Ion Power

An all new battery platform was invented using the most powerful 4Ah Lithium-Ion battery technology available. It is optimised to deliver up to 3X brute strength and 4X run time of our average 12v drill. 

The battery matched with a state of the art motor and purposely designed power curve would ensure optimum torque for drilling wood, steel or screw driving tasks.

To illustrate the performance gain we averaged a number of tasks versus our previous models built to show the new performance expectation.

Keeping the battery operating at its full capability is handled by a full electronic Diagnostic Charger. 
Charging the 4Ah in 60 minutes and 2Ah battery in 30 minutes. Wall mountable and for online retailers its multi-voltage. One product for all markets.

Total Flexibility in operation

The finely tuned power system delivered an added bonus, plenty of excess power. 

So we took a step into the unknown, and added a 1/2" (13mm) keyless chuck.

Providing increased accessory capacity in the variety of applications the drill would achieve from a spade bit to a hole saw accessory the TOUCH drill can handle and not deliver just one hole.

The professional grade keyless chuck is manufactured especially for me in France by my great friends at LFA.  

Finishing Touches

Some sweet finishing touches such as a bright LED Work Light, Belt Clip, 17 +1 Torque control, Carry Strap, and Power Consumption LED complete the TOUCH 12v.

And just when you think you're finished, You’re reminded of being humble

My son, who always has a lot to say, asked "Dad, why is the gearbox on top. I can’t reach it with my thumb?". Not knowing it could be, a reply of “it’s not Son”,  “I'm moving it to the side “ followed.

Design Lead, performance based

1 / Natural Intuitive Design

Using the product delivers a natural feel in operation, instantaneous forward and reverse, with an ergonomic shaped grip that when you grab the outdated traditional trigger designs, you scream for your TOUCH drill driver.

2 / Smart Performance

A combination of latest Lithium-Ion battery technology, great electronics design and over 10,000 hours of matching the motor to the battery to the gearbox ensures that there’s no power wasted in heat, under performance or wasted. The tool delivers what’s asked of it, power whenever you need it.

3 / Complete the tool for a complete workshop

No short cuts have been taken, a Keyless chuck, LED Work Light, Power Consumption LED, Side Action Gearbox, Carry Strap, and an impressive Diagnostic Charger rounds out the core minimum demand performance characteristics of the tool to make professional users happy.

Tech Spec’s

  • Intuitive Touch Variable Speed Control Instantly change from forward to reverse by applying pressure on the direction you desire. The amount of pressure determines the speed at which the tool will operate. Driving and reversing screws becomes up to 30% faster with a virtually infinite speed selection.
  • 12V Professional Hi Performance Grade Motor provides plenty of controlled speed to tackle a wide variety of applications with maximum torque and infinite variable speed.
  • 4Ah Hour Lithium-Ion battery technology for world leading longer drilling run times, increased battery life with no battery memory effect .
  • 2 Speed Side Action Gearbox allows one handed operation to change between high (0-1450 RPM) or low speed (0-440RPM).
  • 1 Hour Fast Charger 60 minutes for 4Ah and charges our 2Ah pack in 30 minutes.
  • Battery Charger LED diagnostic system visually informs power level of the battery pack and charging status.
  • ½” (13mm) keyless chuck  for fast, convenient bit changes with no need for a chuck key
  • 17 + 1 stage clutch allows 17 alternative precise torque selections for repetitive screw driving control and drilling mode for the heavy duty tasks.
  • Variable Speed Reversing  TOUCH permits the selection of the correct speed for the application including unjamming drill bits and removing screws.
  • Extensive rubber overmould on drill, drill handle and battery packs.
  • Belt Clip  Keep the TOUCH drill ready by your side on the job site.
  • Carry Strap allows the tool to securely be held at all times.
  • Super bright LED  Work Light illuminates the work area to ensure safe operation
  • Power Consumption LED   Indicates power consumption during operation, and after activation.

Standard Technical Specifications for Europe / Australia / USA:

  • Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Type & Charge time: Lithium-Ion 4Ah 1 Hour  Fast Charge
  • No Load Speed: 0-440 / 0-1450 RPM
  • Torque Settings: 17 Positions + 1 x drill
  • Chuck Capacity : 1/2" (13mm) Keyless
  • Charger : 230–240V ~ 50Hz / 120V ~ 60Hz

Also Available - TOUCH 12V Impact Driver

Service & Warranty

The TOUCH drill has modular design, is easily serviceable, plus the product is offered including a fault free 909 days of free Global service from the day the tool is delivered to your doorstep. 

If anything goes wrong anywhere, it’s an email or phone call away from being serviced. 

Your a founding contributor and will be respected by me as such. and will
 be looked after every step of the way via my personal email, this will be the least I can do for my first customers.

Where am I at

I have a completed pre-production samples, tooling is almost complete and my team is now focused on:

Finalize global patents

Finalizing the manufacturing line processes and assembly routines to ensure 100% perfect manufactured product from my tooling with production soon

Produce test batches for final life tests from production tooling

               And it’s time to start paying for all of the work for

Designing packaging, advertising and launch

Global Electrical product certifications

Final Tooling of Impact Driver and Brushless 20v models.

Materials procurement for manufacturing orders.

Why I need your support

I have been working on the TOUCH 12v drill and future models for the past 5 years and its come a long way. 

But now I need your help.

Your support will allow final tooling payments and start manufacturing product as soon as possible 

How much am I trying to raise?

I'm hoping to raise $25,000.  

So why should you support me?

I am an entrepreneur, and an inventor, its quantum physics in the real world . Its new start up technology , that delivers you a better product then what you have now.

Now it's time to get the technology to market.

I can only do that with the  help of the worlds best crowd funding platform here.

So come on be the first to get one, the very first production run, and the very first unit Serial number 001 signed by Mr Robbie "Maddo" Maddison.

Start the change, own one, and become a convert to TOUCH and start a revolution, one that my life and my families and team-mates, workmates and suppliers and partners all believe in as much as we do. Own a TOUCH 12v Drill or Impact Driver.

Standard Rewards

My perks are based around providing you the new TOUCH drill
 before any major retailer has it available.

I'm lucky enough to have fantastic support of the world's best brand ambassador Robbie "Maddo" Maddison , World Record holder,  a great inspiration who sets no limit to what can be achieved . Every-time someone said it couldn't be done I watched Robbie do this crazy yet innovative jump or I'd email it to the person who said something couldn't be done. 

Therefore the perks include the chance obtain a unit signed by Robbie, including  the very first production model to roll off the assembly line ,and the next 99 units as signed limited editions .

All crowd funding partners will enjoy free shipping globally .

Share the fun

What I would love is that once you receive your TOUCH perk that you post a selfie of you with your tool on 909's Facebook page, or a project you have completed using the tool and give us an endorsement for it.  At a minimum come "Like us" and follow the advancements in Quantum physics in power tools.

Great change comes from us all gathering to communicate what we love about our life experiences and products.

A signed limited edition model is the best perk !

Robbie "Maddo" Maddison, Daredevil Superstar

World Record Holder, @RobbieMaddison

Please support my great product

All my life I've been making and designing power tools and this one is the best. I'm so excited by the opportunity using Indiegogo in the quest to make TOUCH a real option in power tool technology.

And no matter where you are reach out to me, tell me your TOUCH power tool idea, maybe it's our next project. 

We are also seeking distributors and retailers who realise this is the hot ticket, ground breaking start to something very powerful for the future.

More videos and images will be posted every couple of days.

I'm excited !.

Peter J Hosking, Inventor and Entrepreneur
Ernst and Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2006

In addition are the factory engineers, co-workers etc who have all added their life’s experiences and valuable technical insight into assisting me deliver this product to market. Thanks to those spread out around the world who all had a role in the development of the product at some point;

Louis, Mack, Jian, Barry, Ivan, Sarah, Mark, Chen, Nicole, Tony, Steve, Janine, Lorna, Nigel, Joy, Chris, David, Bill, Dean, Barry, Grant, Nick, John, Neil. Special thank you to David & Chris the physics masters.

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    TOUCH 12v 4Ah Drill

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    TOUCH Drill & Driver

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    20v TOUCH Impact Driver

    20v Brushless motor powered 20v Impact Driver. Suitable for the toughest tasks. The tool that will re-write 20v history. Includes global postage

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    TOUCH Limited Edition 12v

    Limited Edition First 99 units batch produced, Each drill is signed by Robbie "Maddo " Maddison. Includes signed authenticity letter drill, charger and 4Ah Battery .

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  • $3,999USD
    Maddo Dinner Drill

    Serial Number 001 Own the very first production model off the assembly line. Signed by famous stunt man and movie star Robbie "Maddo" Maddison. Includes dinner with Robbie, Economy Class airfares and accommodation for one person, drill, charger and 4Ah battery.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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